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Icebug is a brand that focuses on the creation of trail running shoes. This industry way-maker, inaugurated in the Swedish city of Gothenburg in 2001, aims to deliver slip-resistant off-road shoes that can last for a long time. In fact, the products that are doled out by the brand-innovators are intricately made to withstand general wear-and-tear. The design philosophy revolves around long-lasting shoes that steer clear from the world’s rubbish for as long as possible.

Icebug running shoes, while employing modern and uncluttered designs, highlight the various technologies that have risen from the brain-centers of the brand’s creative hubs. Outsole technologies that deliver heightened traction on various terrains are the brainchildren of Icebug, but the shoes are also open to licensed features that can ultimately help the performance of the wearer.

Highlighted elements of Icebug running shoes

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The technologies that grace the outsole units of Icebug shoes are constructed to enable confident execution of movement on the unpredictable terrains. And since traction is the name of the game when it comes to this brand, the outsole technologies that the Icebug innovators have unleashed to the world are many. Even the names of the shoes feature the moniker of the outsole technology that is featured.

Here are the highlighted elements of Icebug running shoes:


If a runner is exposed to an environment that employs rough and smooth surfaces, then the BUGrip® technology is what they need. The ingredients of this technology include a grippy rubber compound and steel studs that dynamically adapt to the kind of surface to which they are exposed. Mud and ice are surfaces that can easily shift, so the studs add to the height and sinking capacity of the trail-optimized rubber gripping lugs. But on rough surfaces like rocky paths and the asphalt, the studs push into their rubber-lug housing, permitting the compound to hit the ground and deliver the appropriate level of traction needed for flat/hard surfaces.


Optimized for obstacle course racing, orienteering, and soft-ground trail running, the OLX® technology aims to deliver consistent and well-defined grip on the ground. Rubber and gripping lugs are still present in the OLX® design, but the standout ingredient is the set of carbide steel studs that grace the ends of some of the lugs. These metal tips don’t sink into the rubber to accommodate flat-surface transitions, thus turning them into specialized features for muddy environments.


Rubber 9 Extreme or RB9X® is a compound that Icebug touts as more grippy than that of the competition. This full-length cover for the external pad is meant to function well on rocky topography and groomed off-road paths. The running shoes that exhibit this technology are the most versatile of the brand as they are meant to handle all the year’s seasons. Durability is also a trait that is boasted by RB9X® because it is constructed to withstand wear-and-tear, as well as the potentially debilitating effects of constant use.

Trail running brands similar to Icebug


Salomon is a company that takes pride in delivering products that can blaze through the irregular terrains with ease. The products that are within this banner have consistently enabled runners to stay confident because of the features that permit improved performance. Some Salomon running shoes even feature the same licensed technologies used in Icebug’s offerings (e.g. waterproof GORE-TEX® upper technology).


One of the most well-known brands is Adidas. Many within the running shoe industry are still shaken by the existence of the Ultra Boost line, a juggernaut of innovation and ‘athleisure’ mechanics. But the three-stripe brand is also an entity that values trail running. Some Adidas trail running shoes even accommodate the BOA® Fit System (as seen in the Adidas Terrex Agravic Boa), a quick-lace technology that also graces a number of Icebug running shoes.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the trail-optimized Icebug running shoes on the roads?

While trail running shoes are traditionally less efficient on flat surfaces like the asphalt, the perception of quality performance is mostly dependent on the runner’s sense of balance and movement control. Trail shoes can, of course, still be used on the roads, but the off-road intended gripping lugs are wasted if they’re not used in their natural habitat. Furthermore, there is a bevy of road running shoes out there that you can swap with your Icebug trail running shoes once you’re done with your outdoor adventures.

What are the differences between the outsole technologies that are featured in Icebug running shoes?

The proprietary outsole features that grace Icebug’s roster are individually unique and they become more useful when exposed to their areas of expertise. The BUGrip® can handle both hard-packed, muddy, and icy terrains; the OLX® works best on soft ground; the RB9X® is an all-rounder that handles any type of surface. The specialized designs permit off-road runners to enjoy their activities with the help of the appropriate tech.