183,911 running shoe prices analyzed

We have spend weeks analyzing price patterns of running shoes. First, you will be presented to an infographic with the most important conclusions. Secondly, we dig deeper into the numbers. Feel free to use content and graphics as long as you refer to this original source. For interviews, please reach out at jens@runrepeat.com or +45 29 29 […]

Marathon World Record Over Time (Infographic)

We have compiled information about the marathon world record over time, which is illustrated in the infographic below. As you see, we have done great improvements. In the graphic you will find 1) the progress in the world record for men and women, 2) what nations has had the marathon world record the most times […]

Research: Women Are Better Runners Than Men

Danish research have revealed intriguing results from the most exhaustive study of marathon results in history. The study included 1.815.091 marathon results from 131 marathons. The new research concludes that women are 18.61% better than men at running with a controlled and consistent pace when comparing results for the first and the last part of the marathon. […]

Research: Marathon Performance Across Nations

In this study, we compared the marathon performance across nations. With a database of 2,195,588 marathon results, this analysis is the largest in history. Below you will find infographics, tables, and interactive maps. Feel free to use any information on this page as long as you refer to the source. Growth in Popularity of Marathon Running […]