How do you measure up? The runners percentile calculator

The following calculator allows you to compare your running time to the time of your fellow Americans. This calculator is based on almost 35 million results collected in the last 20 years. We used over 28 thousand races with more than 2,000 participants each to minimize outliers.  Using this calculator you can see how many people, in general, are slower t... […]

71 benefits of running backed by science

20 - 25 minutes of running can transform your mind, body, and soul.This is not hyperbole. All these benefits are backed by various scientific studies. When you read about just one or two benefits, it is easy to overlook and continue with your sedentary routine. We wanted to create something more powerful. Something that is hard to ignore. So, we reviewed and co... […]

How much is Global Warming slowing down runners

We’ve analyzed 4,307,567 marathon results from 1,727 marathons. In our previous article, we concluded that American runners have never been slower. In this article, we look at the how much of the slow down is caused by increasing temperatures.  Global temperature increaseWe used the data from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration t... […]

This Map Shows the Most Health Conscious Countries in the World

Google gets more than 100 billion searches in a month.People search for everything that's on their minds. This makes Google Trends a great source to see people's interest. We have used Google Trends to find the most health conscious countries and turned our findings into a world map.  If there’s a growing trend for searches like turmeric, it shows tha... […]

50 shades of Plantar Fasciitis (Ultimate Guide)

 Your feet are marvelous. Each one has 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles. Needless to say, the design by Mother Nature is complicated but perfect. Every part is crucial as it is.That is why when this single element of the structure - Plantar fascia - fails, you feel excruciating pain growing gradually or breaking out at once. 150+ websites I'v... […]

American Runners Have Never Been Slower (Mega Study)

For this Mega Study, we have analyzed 34,680,750 results from 28,732 different races.American race runners are steadily getting slower across all four major race distances - 5 Kilometer, 10 Kilometer, Half Marathon, and Marathon.In this study, we analyze how Americans’ health influences their running performance.Feel free to use any material from this page, as... […]

The truth about arch support - A meta analysis of 150 studies

Want to know the truth about arch support? Let’s settle this once and for all. This research article took more than 185 hours and we've gone through 150+ studies and resources about arch support to assess its effect on performance, balance, and injury risk in running. We offer you nothing but facts backed up by scientific... […]

183,911 running shoe prices analyzed

We have spend weeks analyzing price patterns of running shoes. First, you will be presented to an infographic with the most important conclusions. Secondly, we dig deeper into the numbers.Feel free to use content and graphics as long as you refer to this original source. For interviews, please reach out at or +45 29 29 29 58.  Selec... […]