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My name is Jens Jakob Andersen. I founded RunRepeat.com to help you find your next pair of athletic shoes in a neutral, unbiased and transparent way.

Every month, millions of athletes visit RunRepeat.com. What sets RunRepeat apart is our 0-100 CoreScore which summarize opinions from experts around the internet as well as everyday users. 


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Meet the shoe fanatics

We are geeks, and work location independent from the US and 10 other countries. If you love athletic shoes and what we stand for, reach out to hear if we have a job opening.

Initially, we focused on running shoes - today we also collate reviews of hiking shoes, boots & sandals, sneakers, training shoes, football boots and basketball shoes.

Jens Jakob Andersen

Founder and CEO

Jens Jakob is a fan of short distances with a 5 km PR at 15:58 minutes. Based on 35 million race results, he's among the fastest 0.2% runners. Jens Jakob used to be a competitive runner, and he used to own a running store. Finally, Jens Jakob has a background in statistics and forecasting, and his studies have been covered in The New York Times, BBC, Washington Post among hundreds of other newspapers as well as peer-reviewed studies. He has also appeared on +30 podcasts on running.

Jesper Kenn Olsen


Jesper was the first ever to run around the world (did it twice). In addition, he finished a marathon in 2:27:57 (top 0.16%). He does not only have great endurance, he is also among the 0.25% fastest 10k runners. In 2014, Jesper published his book The Runner’s Guide to the Planet.

Christian Neergaard


Christian is a physiotherapist with a special interest in running shoes' impact on running form. He did 10 km in 31:54 (top 0.24%). Christian holds a master in sports science from Copenhagen University. Besides, he’s a lector in running form and ultrasound scanning. Finally, he’s often cited in major local newspapers and magazines for his in-depth expertise, and he’s co-author of Gyldendals running book (Danish).

Martin Schøber

Trail runner

Martin is a trail runner who finished Sellaronda and Mourne Skyline MTR.

Kristina Schou Madsen


Kristina is an ultra runner who finished Everest Marathon, Zugspitze Supertrail and Polar Circle Marathon.

Andreas Bueno

Short distance runner

Andreas is competing in The Olympic Games on the 1500m distance. His personal record is 3:38,44.

Ole Stougaard


Ole is a triathlete. He won the respected Norseman Ironman and OstseeManm and did a marathon in 2:30:30.

Christian Daniel Zagal


Christian is an ultrarunner who has finished Jungle Marathon (200 km), Atacama (250 km), Shara (250 km), Nepal (250 km).


Warning about RunRepeat.com

Most websites have surrendered to ads that promote products you don’t want or need. At RunRepeat.com we have refused to surrender. Thus, you will find no ads here. If you prefer websites with ads you are not in the right place.

We welcome any retailer to show their offers at RunRepeat.com - some of them give us a small commission if you buy through one of our links. 


Brands are dictators

We are tired of [insert brand name here] spending billions on promoting shitty athletic shoes (not all athletic shoes are shitty). The marketing budgets of brands increasingly dictate what products are popular. The power of such budgets is not rightfully put in our opinion. Share your opinion at RunRepeat.com and help other athletes cut through the manipulative marketing and noise that dominates purchase decisions today.


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Oh, and please remember… Don’t buy new shoes unless your current ones are worn out. Sports is more than a pair of new shoes.