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  1. Mizuno Wave Rider 26 - Quiet Shade/Pink Glo (4114039I1Q)
    Any color
    Mizuno Wave Rider 26 - Quiet Shade/Pink Glo (4114039I1Q)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 26 - Provincial Blue/Nimbus Cloud (4113735B0A)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 26 - White (J1GC226301)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 26 - Blue (J1GC220305)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 26 - Ultimate Gray Neolime Ebony (J1GC220310)
    $140 $107 Save 24%
  2. Mizuno Wave Inspire 18 - Ultimate Grey/Silver (411355UG73)
  3. Mizuno Wave Rider 25 - Grey (J1GC210393)
    Any color
    Mizuno Wave Rider 25 - Grey (J1GC210393)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 25 - Grey (4113199LTU)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 25 - Neo Lime (J1GC210315)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 25 - Peacock Blue (4113205C5C)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 25 - Harbor Blue (411319HBHB)
    $135 $85 Save 37%
  4. Mizuno Wave Rider 24 - Green (J1GC200316)
  5. Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro - White (J1GC231701)
  6. Mizuno Wave Rebellion - Princess Blue Paradise Green Diva Pink (J1GC211783)
  7. Mizuno Wave Sky 5 - Trooper (411327TRTR)
  8. Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 - Smoke Blue Ebony (411351KBEY)
  9. Mizuno Wave Horizon 5 - 5R90 (J1GC212604)
  10. Mizuno Wave Sky 6 - Blue (411369TS00)
  11. Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 - Blue (4113065353)
  12. Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 - Steel Grey/Marshmallow (4111609M0C)
  13. Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 - Blue (J1GD234421)
  14. Mizuno Wave Creation 20 - Grey (4110604K9W)
  15. Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash - White (4113920073)
  16. Mizuno Wave Sky WaveKnit 3 - Campanula-silver (4111065G73)
  17. Mizuno Wave Horizon 4 - Navy Blazer - Silver (411166NL73)
  18. Mizuno Wave Sky - surf the web - silver (4109425E73)
  19. Mizuno Wave Sky 4 Waveknit - Nimbus Cloud (4112200A0A)
  20. Mizuno Wave Shadow - Grey (4109409A73)
  21. Mizuno Wave Rider 23 - Orange (411112280A)
  22. Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 - White (J1GD198301)
  23. Mizuno Wave Rider 20 - Black (4108650090)
  24. Mizuno Wave Horizon - Royal/Orange (4108735220)
  25. Mizuno Wave Sky 2 - Grey (4109959U9J)
  26. Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Waveknit - Blue (411170SD73)
  27. Mizuno Wave Shadow 3 - Grey (4111109HVB)
  28. Mizuno Wave Neo Ultra - White (4113650190)
  29. Mizuno Wave Horizon 3 - Grey (4110489U9G)
  30. Mizuno WaveKnit R2 - Multicolour Black White Ombre Blue 001 (J1GC182909)
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Mizuno running shoes

Mizuno is a Japanese brand that’s known for producing high-quality and innovative running shoes. That is why to this day, it remains a top choice among running fans and athletes. 

Latest releases from Mizuno

Mizuno has a wide range of offerings that cover different runners and running activities. From neutral racers to athletes with overpronation (inward rolling of the foot), Mizuno has all the corresponding shoes. 

When it comes to trail running, one of the popular and freshest collections from Mizuno is the Wave Daichi. It boasts of superior protection from the trails’ harshest elements and stabilizing grip on uneven and rugged terrains. Running on wet conditions is also not an issue as there are waterproof versions of these trail runners.

Runners who prefer to take on the roads can also choose among the many road running shoes from the brand. But, if you’re looking for the renowned and newest drop, the Wave Sky might be the best option as it displays high-strength qualities and lasting comfort, loaded in a featherlight platform.  

Meanwhile, daily running and jogging can easily be tackled with the help of the Mizuno Wave Paradox and Prodigy. These lineups have already established a reputation for form-fitting support and sticky traction. 

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