Who should buy the Mizuno Wave Horizon 6

Because it's highly cushioned and protective, the sixth version of the Mizuno Wave Horizon deserves your attention if you want a: 

  • supportive running shoe for daily training and recovery runs
  • road shoe for easy, long runs
  • highly cushioned shoe that's equally stable but not harsh for both overpronators (feet roll inward) and neutral runners

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Who should NOT buy it

The Mizuno Wave Horizon is not perfect. One, it's a behemoth. And two, its break-in period is exhaustingly long. If you don't want any of these, then we highly suggest going for the Mizuno Wave Inspire 18 instead.

Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 forefoot

If you're a Wave Horizon fan but want to save a few bucks, instead of getting version six, stick with the Mizuno Wave Horizon 5. When there are new models available, older versions go on sale.

Mizuno Horizon 6 vs. 5

  • For a squishier and responsive ride, a new midsole is introduced. 
  • Out goes the old mesh upper and in comes the new eco-friendly stretch-woven upper, offering a better foothold while being more accommodating. 
  • It has better stability owed to its wider base. 

Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 stable ride

Less intrusive but more stable

"It appeared to be an approach more continuous and 'flowing'" is a statement given by a running expert who loves the shoe's unobtrusive support. Unlike other stability shoes, which another tester describes as "restrictive and jarring," the Horizon 6 is not harsh. 

Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 cushion

So how is stability attained? "There is plenty of cushion here that is never mushy soft or over firm," explains one runner. On top of this, the shoe has a wider base, encouraging planted steps. 

It's fun, not boring

"Euphoric" is how one road runner describes his experience with the shoe's midsole. Why so? Because it's noticeably more responsive and lively than the past version.

Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 ride

Another adds that it's "an incredible ride" because apart from the fun it offers, it also brings lots and lots of shock absorption, thanks to its generous cushion.

Break-in period is long

Despite all the good stuff about the shoe's midsole, one thing about it that critics have complained about is the lengthy adjustment period it requires.

Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 performance

This is all because of the rather stiff outsole that makes the ride slappy. But once past this, reviewers swear that the ride becomes "smoother flowing" as one of them would describe.

The Wave Horizon 6's upper crushes it! 

It's flexible, airy, and offers an awesome lockdown. And what's even greater is that it doesn't have a lot of fuss. As one tester would put it: the upper is "simple in construction, detailed in its design." 

Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 upper

Lockdown couldn't be more awesome

Speaking of lockdown, it's terrific! Complementing the non-squeezing upper is the non-gusseted tongue (not attached to the sides) that does a great job of keeping a movement-free hold. 

Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 lacing system

The weight just ain't it

The Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 is "a big shoe no less!" shares one expert reviewer. And at 318 grams/11.2 ounces, it's way too heavy for a stability shoe.

Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 weight

Just for context, stability running shoes, on average, weigh 297 grams/10.4 ounces. In the words of one runner: the Horizon 6 is definitely "a shoe of such 'magnitude.'"

It sticks

When cornering, this road shoe is like glue. "It's fairly tacky," states one commenter. Backing this up, another adds that the outsole "grips the road in all types of weather." 

Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 grip

The price is over the top

A Mizuno loyalist sums up the majority's take on the Wave Horizon 6's price. As he says, if you're looking for "an overpriced walking shoe, this is worth a look." Given its use and limitations, the shoe doesn't give its $170 price tag any justice.

Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 expensive

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 11.2oz
Drop: Men 8mm
Arch support: Stability
Forefoot height: Men 30mm
Heel height: Men 38mm
Collection: Mizuno Wave

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