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Asics Gel Kayano

The Kayano is a flagship shoe line from Asics that has stood the test of time (decades, to be specific). Started way back in 1993, the Kayanos have been around for nearly 30 years. And thousands of reviews prove that it only gets better with every update.

It is a stability shoe that is best suited for people with mild to moderate overpronation, or inward foot rolling. See our guide on stability running shoes to learn more.

Who should buy a Gel Kayano

The series focuses on daily training at easy and moderate paces. These shoes are sufficiently cushioned for any distance up to a marathon and are just as excellent for all-day wear.

Beginners, competitive athletes, and heavier runners will all appreciate its supportive design.

Nice to know

  • The Asics Gel Kayano line has a good reputation for running true to size.
  • Each model comes in Wide and Extra Wide options.
  • Some models have editions that offer extra perks, like ‘MK’ (mesh knit) has a more breathable and flexible upper, and ‘Lite-Show’ comes with reflective detailing

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Other shoes to consider

  • The Kayano Lite offers all stability perks of a regular Kayano at a much lighter weight: 9 oz (255 g) in men’s size 9
  • The GT 2000 line is a lighter, more budget-friendly stability line from Asics that’s better for shorter distances

If you do not experience overpronation, check out these neutral shoe series: