7 Best ASICS Running Shoes in 2023

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7 Best ASICS Running Shoes in 2023
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ASICS is a big name in the world of running shoes.

With such an extensive collection of ASICS shoes to choose from, there are options for all types of runners. Whether you need a comfortable cruiser for long miles, a carbon-plated racer for new PBs, or a stability shoe for overpronation, ASICS has got them all.

And we are here to help you find the best. We have tested over 100 ASICS shoes in our lab. Not only that but we wear test each of them to completely immerse ourselves in what they offer! Here are our top picks in different categories.

Best ASICS running shoes overall

ASICS Novablast 3

What makes it the best?

A combination of extensive lab tests and actual outdoor runs have cemented our pick for the best overall ASICS running shoe—which is none other than the ASICS Novablast 3. Superior comfort, merged with exceptional versatility and durability make it the perfect all-rounder.

During long runs, our feet felt great from mile 1 up to mile 13, and beyond. Checking the softness of the foam using a durometer in our lab, we found that it is 52% softer than the average of all road running shoes we’ve tested. Our lab flexibility test also showed that the Novablast 3 has a moderate level of stiffness which contributes to its responsiveness. We definitely felt its propulsive feel during easy runs and fartlek sessions.

We also loved how versatile this shoe is for different types of runs on both cold days and warm days. To test its breathability, we pumped smoke inside the shoe and saw that the smoke easily passed through the upper and the tongue—which means great ventilation for hot days. We also put the shoe in the freezer for 20 minutes to simulate cold weather and found that the midsole was still much softer than most running shoes at room temperature—making the Novablast 3 absolutely perfect for training runs even on cold days. 

Finally, what seals the deal is its reliable durability. Even after running 100 miles on paved surfaces, dirt roads, and even wet and loose gravel, the outsole showed minimal wear and the midsole only had minor visual creasing. The comfort and the pop were all still there.

However, we measured the heel-to-toe drop to be 6.8mm, even though the advertised is 8mm. Runners who are very specific about this will want to look elsewhere.


  • Super bouncy
  • Cushy feel for miles
  • Breathable
  • Light AF
  • Ready for cornering
  • Locks you in
  • Tongue stays in place
  • Grippy outsole
  • Mad durable
  • Sets the bar for a do-it-all shoe


  • For narrow-to-medium feet only
  • Stack heights higher than advertised
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Best stability ASICS running shoes

What makes it the best?

A combination of outdoor runs and lab tests have concluded that the ASICS Gel Kayano 29 is the best stability shoe from the ASICS lineup. Its unmatched stability features, top-notch cushion, and durability provide a reliable support system for pronators.

The midsole material combined with the dual-density foam system gives much-needed stability for overpronators. During our long runs, we experienced how these shoes offered some help with overpronation — giving us a confidence boost like no other.

Our runs were much more enjoyable with the Flytefoam Blast+. Upon checking the foam's softness with a durometer, we found it to be 26% softer than the average of running shoes tested in our lab. Additionally, we measured the heel stack height to be 33.1mm, which is above average among our lab-tested running shoes. This superior combination of the midsole’s softness and above-average stack height gave us plenty of comfort as we racked up those miles.

The shoe also displayed excellent durability. We experienced minimal wear on the outsole after our numerous runs. In the lab, the outsole rubber was measured to be 4.1 mm, 15% thicker than the average, cementing the ASICS Gel Kayano 29 as a stability shoe built for miles.

However, the ASICS Gel Kayano 29 felt toasty on our feet during runs. The smoke test in our lab also showed the lack of ventilation in these shoes. Runners looking for more breathable options should look elsewhere.


  • Exceptionally cushioned
  • Impressively stable with 4D Guidance System
  • Lighter than it seems
  • Top-notch breathability
  • Effective maximalist design
  • Superior durability and comfort
  • Ideal for high-mileage runners
  • Ultra-plush FF Blast+ foam
  • Amazing build quality


  • Actual drop exceeds stated measurement
  • Midsole might require a break-in period
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Best ASICS running shoes for 5K/10K racing

What makes it the best?

After a series of interval sessions and uptempo runs, the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ gets the medal for the best 5k/10k racing shoe in the ASICS range. Extremely light, exceptionally lively, and insanely breathable. After running in these shoes and testing them in the lab, no other ASICS shoe comes close.

The ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ is so much lighter than the average road running shoe (208 grams/7.3 ounces vs. 265 grams/9.3 ounces). It is also lighter than other plated shoes (246 grams/8.68 ounces). During our stride practices and interval sessions, we felt like we were running unburdened. Truly, the Edge+ is an enticing option for racing the 5k or 10k—a beast that destroys records.

The shoe also has an exceptionally responsive ride. The repositioned carbon-fiber plate creates a stiffer shoe and produces a snappier toe-off. In the lab, we tested its flexibility and found that the Edge+ needed more than twice the average force (63N vs 31.8N) to bend it. It also has a very smooth heel-to-toe transition thanks to the rocker design—every step and stride we took was crazy smooth.

The Edge+’s mesh upper is soft and breathable. During the breathability test, the smoke passed through the mesh upper in a quick and easy manner—a perfect race shoe even for hotter days.

Its main letdown is the price. At $250, it is much more expensive than most  “super” shoes which cost $212 a pair on average. 


  • Speedy all the way!
  • More cushioned for long miles
  • Buttery smooth transitions
  • Protective underfoot
  • Hell of a snappy toe-off
  • Super light
  • Very breathable
  • Nails the race-ready fit
  • Slip-free lockdown
  • More durable than most racers
  • Grips on dirt roads


  • Scratchy upper
  • Not for short runs
  • Expensive
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Best ASICS running shoes for marathon

What makes it the best?

After spending numerous hours in our lab and running various distances outdoors, we’ve chosen the best ASICS marathon shoe: the ASICS Metaspeed Sky+! Immensely comfortable, almost weightless, and exceptionally responsive—this shoe is the shoe to obliterate 26.2 miles.

The comfort we felt all throughout our marathon training blocks is almost indescribable. The liner over the padding felt buttery-smooth. The heel stack, which we measured at 33.5 mm, puts the Sky+ into the max-cushioned range. Every step and stride felt like we were soaring.

The Metaspeed Sky+ only weighs 6.8 oz (193g), which makes it way lighter than the average race shoe (7.3 oz or 207g). When we conducted our smoke test to test its breathability, we pumped smoke inside the shoe. The ease and speed at which the smoke passed through the shoe's mesh upper was amazing—smoke almost enveloped the shoe.

Finally, the ASICS Metaspeed Sky+ was exceptionally responsive during our marathon training. While the carbon plate definitely helped, our lab test results also gave the shoe a score of 5/5 for stiffness. This was extremely helpful, especially on the last two miles of a long run. We felt like it helped us move forward, crushing those double-digit miles along the way.  

However, the rubber outsole is a mere 2.0 mm thick. This is significantly less than the average of 3.5 mm. Thus, the ASICS Metaspeed Sky+ is best reserved for the actual marathon and a few marathon pace runs. 



  • Fast as hell
  • Buttery smooth transitions
  • Protective cushion
  • Comfy for long miles
  • Stable when cornering
  • Very very breathable
  • Heel lockdown is awesome
  • No more heel rubs
  • Fits just right!
  • Grippy on wet roads


  • Stiffer than before
  • Outsole lacks durability
  • Expensive
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Best ASICS running shoes for triathlon

ASICS Noosa Tri 14

What makes it the best?

The ASICS Noosa Tri 14 is as exceptional as it is flashy. Immensely comfortable and versatile, and durable, it is our best pick for triathlons in the ASICS range. On our runs and in the lab, these shoes definitely had the last say. 

Our off-the-bike runs were comfortable and enjoyable. The upper’s mesh construction is seamless, which enabled us to easily slip the shoes on (with and without socks) during the transition from the bike leg to the run leg. We also tried running sockless in these shoes just like many triathletes. Even after double-digit miles, we were still ready to keep going. Our lab’s breathability test also showed that smoke pumped in the shoe effortlessly passed through its upper and tongue.

We love how versatile the Noosa Tri 14 is. It felt light and responsive on our uptempo runs but had enough cushion for slow and steady runs. Our lab measurements backed this up—the heel stack is at 30.2 mm, just a little lower than the average of 33.2 mm and the midsole foam is a whopping 57% softer than most running shoes. 

Lastly, the outsole rubber is 4.1 mm thick, while the average is only at 3.4 mm. It is also 5.6% denser than average running shoe rubber outsoles, which contributes to its readiness for triathlon training and racing.

Its downside is its grip and traction. We’ve experienced slipping on wet surfaces and dirt roads, so the Noosa Tri 14 is not recommended for racing along mixed terrains.


  • Do-it-all shoe
  • Superior comfort
  • Light and nimble
  • Responsive and lively
  • Versatile for slow and fast runs
  • No need for socks
  • Great stability
  • Efficient lockdown
  • Eye-catching


  • Firm at first
  • Not as grippy on wet and dirt
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Best budget ASICS running shoes

ASICS GT 2000 10

What makes it the best?

The ASICS GT 2000 10 is comfort, durability, and stability all wrapped up in a shoe that won’t break the bank. Based on its performance on our runs and the awesome results from lab tests, it is the best budget shoe in the entire ASICS running shoe range.

At $100, the GT 2000 10 is a great value proposition for its price—given that the average price of ASICS running shoes we've tested is $120. It's definitely a bang for one's buck.

On its 10th iteration, the GT 2000 is a very plush shoe that oozes next-level comfort. Its tongue is 12.8 mm thick, way above than the 5.8 mm average for road running shoes. The dual-density midsole foam system makes the GT 2000 flexible and insanely soft. The Gel material also makes an appearance on the heel of the shoe—making it an absolute joy to run in. 

The rubber outsoles on the GT 2000 10 are notably durable. We’ve yet to see any signs of wear and tear even after a decent amount of runs. At the lab, we measured the outsole to be at 3.5 mm (on par with the average) and 7% denser than the average of road running shoes. This makes the shoe definitely worth way more than its price. 

However, as a result of the ASICS GT 2000 10 focusing on its plushness and cushion, it sacrifices its breathability. Runners will want to explore other options if breathability is a priority.


  • Lightweight stability shoe
  • Responsive ride
  • Comfortable
  • Wide toe box
  • Good lockdown
  • Durable outsole
  • Price


  • Overly padded tongue
  • Thick ankle collar
  • Runs warm
  • Feels a touch long
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ASICS running shoes with best cushioning

What makes it the best?

The Asics Gel Nimbus 25 provides an unmatched level of foot euphoria due to its uber-soft midsole, plush upper, and surprisingly solid landings. Among the ASICS stable, this is the shoe with the best plush cushioning. There's absolutely no doubt about it, and our outdoor runs and lab tests solidified this. 

The comfort level on the Gel Nimbus 25 is off the charts! Based on our measurements, the shoe’s midsole foam is 25% softer than the average road running shoe and softer than 80% of road running shoes we’ve ever tested in our lab. This top-tier softness—combined with a cushioned heel collar and padding around the ankle—kept our feet comfortable all throughout easy runs and even long runs. 

The Gel Nimbus 25 is a stable shoe despite its above-average stack height. Its wide base is 9.3 mm wider than average on the heel, and 6.9 mm wider on the forefoot. This gave us stable and planted landings across twists and turns on the road. 

As a side effect of the plushness, the midsole felt too spongy. While the Gel Nimbus 25 is fantastic for easy runs, there are more responsive shoes for runs that require faster paces.


  • Beyond comfortable
  • Like running on marshmallows
  • Surprisingly stable
  • Feels light on feet
  • True to size
  • Sustainable materials
  • Looks great as a casual shoe


  • Not a very responsive ride
  • An oven for the feet
  • Pricey
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Comparison of the 7 best ASICS running shoes

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4 factors to consider when buying the best ASICS running shoe

  • Terrain: Will you be running on paved roads or trails?
  • Arch support: Do you need one in running shoes?
  • Distance: How long your runs are going to be?
  • Cushioning: How much cushion will benefit you the most?

The sections below will help you answer these questions and pick the right ASICS shoe.

Terrain: road or trail ASICS shoes?

ASICS’ road and trail running shoes are designed differently. They offer various levels of durability, traction, and foot protection depending on the running surface. Trail running shoes can provide safety and performance that road shoes cannot but they may come with extra weight. Here’s the comparison:

Road vs trail (1).png

Consider arch support and your pronation type

Your arch type and foot mechanism will help you determine the right shoe for you. If you are unsure about yours, here’s a quick guide:

The foot arch wet test

  • Wet the feet, one at a time
  • Stand onto a piece of paper or cardboard (make sure to put your weight on it)
  • Step off and compare the footprint to the ones shown below

Wet test results.png

ASICS classifies their running shoes according to users’ pronation:

  • neutral
  • overpronation
  • underpronation.

Recommended road running shoe according to arch type.png

Distance: how far will you go in your ASICS shoes?

Consider the average distance you run in a week and if you are participating in a race or just doing it for leisure. These things are important to determine if you need a light and fast shoe or a cushioned pair. 

Depending on your goals, here are the things you need to consider when buying a pair of ASICS running shoes:

Daily Training/ Easy Jogs

5K/10K Race 

Half Marathon


- Cushioned 

- Snug in the heel and midfoot

- Roomy toe-box

- Durable rubber outsole

- Lightweight 

- Snug fit

- Fast

- Cushioned 

- Durable solid rubber outsole

- Forefoot striker: look for added forefoot support

- Heel striker: look for extra heel padding

- Breathable

- Durable solid rubber outsole

- Trail: look for a grippy outsole and extra foot protection

See: list of ASICS daily running shoes

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See: list of ASICS marathon running shoes


ASICS Cumulus (daily trainer), ASICS Magic Speed (5K/10K race flat), ASICS MetaSpeed Sky (marathon race shoe)

Cushioning level in ASICS running shoes

ASICS classified their running shoes based on the level of cushioning - regular, extra, and maximum. Here’s how the cushioning level differs:




  • Characterized as traditional running shoes
  • Cushioning is not too thick nor too thin
  • Average impact protection and flexibility
  • Most often features an 8-12mm drop
  • Added cushioning for comfort and impact protection
  • Ideal for short and long-distance daily running
  • Thickly cushioned for maximum impact protection and plush feel
  • Helpful in reducing fatigue on high-mileage runs
  • Heel height above 30mm; forefoot height above 25mm

See: list of ASICS daily running shoes

See: list of ASICS cushioned running shoes

See: list of ASICS maximalist running shoes

Example of a regular-cushioned ASICS shoe (Cumulus):


Example of a max-cushioned ASICS shoe (MetaSpeed Sky):


ASICS running shoe technologies

Here are some proprietary running shoe technologies from ASICS that help them stand out:





The ASICS High Abrasion Rubber is a durable outsole material with an abrasion resistance feature. It also delivers the necessary grip.

Wet Grip Rubber

A durable outsole material that delivers excellent grip on wet and slippery surfaces.


These are irregular-shaped grooves added in the heel area of the sole that encourages stable and natural foot movement.

Guidance Line

It is a vertical groove that runs through the outsole, from heel to toe. It is meant to deliver gait efficiency from heel strike to toe-off.


AHAR is ASICS’s most durable rubber compound that’s used on premium trainers. See all ASICS shoes with AHAR.


Gel Technology

A soft midsole material that provides shock absorption and protection. It is placed in the rearfoot, forefoot, and sometimes in both areas. 


Made from organic super fibers, this cushioning technology delivers responsiveness and bounce without adding too much weight.


A two-layer foam that is designed to deliver rebound and shock absorption while keeping the shoe light.


Set at a 35-degree angle, this dual-density foam is added in the midsole to give added support and reduce the stress on the foot due to overpronation. 


It is placed in the midsole to prevent the shoe from twisting, delivering a more stable and comfortable foot movement.

Gel Cushioning: ASICS best-known innovation

The Gel Cushioning is the brand's best-known midsole technology that has been used in most ASICS running shoes since 1986. The soft Gel material is inserted into the midsole to give users shock-absorbing cushioning for a comfortable, smoother ride.


Premium shoes like ASICS Kayano use a combination of Gel and other technologies for maximized cushioning and support.

Also used in some ASICS sneakers, the performance and function of the Gel Cushioning are often compared to Nike's Air Zoom technology.

FlyteFoam cushioning


FlyteFoam Blast is the lightest and most responsive edition of the foam. It's used on the brand's high-end speed shoes like the Novablast.


Asymmetrical lacing

An asymmetric arrangement of eyelets designed to improve the fit of the upper. 

Discrete Eyelet 

The eyelets are arranged separately to efficiently transmits lacing tension evenly across the foot and deliver a more comfortable, natural fit. 

Kayano, Cumulus, Nimbus: Legendary ASICS running shoes

The Kayano, Cumulus, and Nimbus are the three flagship running shoes from ASICS. The ASICS Kayano is the brand's all-time favorite stability shoes while the other two models are considered the best for the neutral shoe category. The ASICS Nimbus is the premium counterpart of the Cumulus series.

ASICS Kayano (left), ASICS Cumulus (center), ASICS Nimbus (right)


All three models have been on the market for more than two decades and ASICS continues to release new versions each year.

How we test running shoes

With nearly 200 ASICS running shoes on the market, our mission is to help you find the best one. We purchase all ASICS shoes with our own funds to keep the reviews honest.

Spending at least 7 hours on each shoe, we are dedicated testers that put it through the wringer in our shoe testing lab:

  • First, we run 30-50 miles on average to test the pair in real-life conditions and provide comprehensive feedback.
  • Second, every ASICS shoe is sliced into pieces in our lab. Ever wondered what a Kayano looks like from the inside?
  • We use scales, durometers, calipers, and even a custom smoke machine to measure 30+ parameters. It helps us translate what "durable" and "breathable" look like in concrete data.

Finally, we list the cream of the crop right here.

Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

Jens Jakob is a fan of short distances with a 5K PR at 15:58 minutes. Based on 35 million race results, he's among the fastest 0.2% runners. Jens Jakob previously owned a running store, when he was also a competitive runner. His work is regularly featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC and the likes as well as peer-reviewed journals. Finally, he has been a guest on +30 podcasts on running.