10 Best Asics Running Shoes (Buyer's Guide)

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Asics is a popular name in the running industry known for its durable, comfortable, and high-performing road and trail running shoes. This buying guide will help you find the right Asics running shoes for you.

How we review our Asics running shoes

RunRepeat aims to help runners find the right pair of Asics running shoes through our extensive review database. We review each shoe based on thousands of user and expert reviews online. Here's an overview of how we review our Asics running shoes:

  • We gathered more than 200 Asics running shoes in one list
  • We spent 7 hours doing research for each shoe and reading reviews around the internet
  • We read and analyzed more than 700 expert reviews and 200,000 user reviews

Based on the user and expert reviews, we give each shoe a CoreScore, which is a rating of 0 to 100. The score reflects how liked the shoe is.

Popular running shoes aren't the better rated ones

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3 expert tips in buying the best Asics running shoes

Wearing the right pair of Asics running shoes will surely make your feet happy. Buying a new pair? Here are 3 things to remember:

1. Know the terrain

In order to get the right pair, you need to determine the running surface you will be running in. Asics road running shoes are generally responsive and flexible. Asics trail running shoes, on the other hand, focused more on providing better traction, durable design, and foot protection. They are also generally heavier than road shoes.

2. Know your running needs

You need to evaluate your running needs, to be able to find the right pair. Asics offers a wide range of running shoes for neutral, and overpronators.  Here are some recommendations:

  • Asics motion control running shoes are designed to offer maximum support and reduce excessive pronation. They are equipped with Asics Duomax technology for maximum stability. Motion control running shoes are best for runners with flat feet.
  • Asics stability running shoes offer a good blend of cushioning and support. They are typically built on semi-curved or straight lasts for stability and ground contact.
  • Neutral running shoes from Asics are typically lighter than the other shoe types and offer no motion control features. They are best for runners with high arches.

3. Get the right size

Wearing a shoe that's either too small or too big could lead to foot pain or injuries. A smaller shoe could bruise your toes or you could get blisters and calluses. Wearing running shoes that are too big may also cause problems on the knees, feet, and hips.

In getting the right size, remember that your foot expands when you run. According to some experts, it is better to go half-size up than the normal size, but it can vary among brands. It is then 

What to expect from Asics running shoes

Here are a few things to expect in buying the best Asics running shoes:



- Asics shoes for long-distance runs offer extra cushioning for comfort

- Competition shoes are more responsive and lightweight


- Some Asics running shoes are available in waterproof versions

- Some shoes are available in Lite-Show versions, which have reflective elements


- Expensive Asics running shoes range from $150 to $250

- More affordable options range from $60 to $100


- Some shoes are available in three options - standard, wide and extra-wide fit

The best Asics running shoes in every category

Now, are you ready to buy asics running shoes?

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