Our verdict

Better than ever, the Metaspeed Edge+ from ASICS dazzled us as it now has become a full-fledged race-day shoe for 5k runs all the way to marathons. With more cushion, it offered more rebound and protection for the miles that came our way. And if you're looking to level up your speed, we trust the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ to pop you from one step to another.


  • Speedy all the way!
  • More cushioned for long miles
  • Buttery smooth transitions
  • Protective underfoot
  • Hell of a snappy toe-off
  • Super light
  • Very breathable
  • Nails the race-ready fit
  • Slip-free lockdown
  • More durable than most racers
  • Grips on dirt roads


  • Scratchy upper
  • Not for short runs
  • Expensive

Audience verdict


Who should buy the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+

The Metaspeed Edge+ from ASICS is a great buy for runners who want a: 

  • carbon-plated running shoe that can eat up marathon distances
  • responsive and lightweight racing flat that's ready for tempo training and competitions 


Who should NOT buy it

To trim down weight as much as possible, the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+'s upper is very very thin, which makes it scratchy. If you want comfort to the max without added weight, you might want to look into the OG ASICS Metaspeed Sky

And with its $250 price tag, there's no denying that the Metaspeed Edge+ is on the pricier side. If you want to save a few more bucks, we advise you to stick with the older version—the Metaspeed Edge.

Metaspeed Edge+ vs. Metaspeed Edge

Still suitable for cadence runners (or runners who take more steps), the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ features some minor yet very critical changes: 

  • having more foam for a springier and more cushioned ride, especially for marathons
  • a wider platform that flares out in the heel and forefoot for enhanced stability 
  • a repositioned carbon-fiber plate for a snappier toe-off 
  • (spoiler) it's heavier because of the added foam, going from 190 grams/6.7 ounces to 210 grams/7.4 ounces 


Moving forward fast with the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+

If you want a shoe that embodies speed, the Metaspeed Edge+ is what you need.

The addition of more Flyte Foam Turbo midsole makes the shoe feel even faster than the original Edge. It's almost as if the shoe wanted us to keep going. 

High energy return aside, the shoe also has a snappy toe spring. The shoe actually bounced back on our sprints! 

Velvety smooth transitions 

The shoe has a rocker design that makes the heel-to-toe transitions smooth and seamless.

Gains weight but it doesn't show on the run

Although it gains some grams, the Metaspeed Edge+ from ASICS at 210 grams/7.4 ounces in US men's 9 remains a lightweight shoe. For reference, here are the average weights of the following in a US men's size 9: 

  • Race shoes - 214 grams/7.5 ounces 
  • Carbon-plated shoes - 228 grams/8 ounces
  • Super shoes (a.k.a highly cushioned + plated racers) - 210 grams/7.4 ounces 


Now ready for the marathons

Although the shoe gains a few more grams, we see it as a welcome change. That's because it actually addresses the past version's lack of cushioning which prevented it from becoming a full-on marathon shoe.

Compared to the original Edge, the Edge+ gains a few millimeters of cushion in both the heel (+1.7 mm) and the forefoot (+1.6 mm).


This helped the Metaspeed Edge+ become a true super shoe. Not only does it run faster, it also keeps our legs and feet better protected on longer efforts.

Steady and ready with the Metaspeed Edge+

To give you a clear picture, the Edge+ feels like a more stable version of the Vaporfly Next%. And this is thanks to its wider platform and flaring in the heel and forefoot.

Measuring the sole width of both shoes, the Edge+ clearly has a wider base than the Nike Vaporfly Next%: 3.1 mm wider in the forefoot and 2.4 mm in the heel.


It's also complemented by the stiffness of the carbon plate and firmness of the midsole, keeping the foot supported from mile one to the last. 

However, this also poses an issue for short runs because it's rather uncomfortable. On top of this, the midfoot has a narrowed-down design. So if you go slow or switch to heel striking, there is a risk of your foot arch feeling like it hangs off the side.

Race-ready wrap 

There's no doubt; the upper is 11/10 secure. The mesh upper is not excessively stretchy; it just hugs the foot nicely and snugly. However, you might not want to go sockless in this shoe. Because the upper is very thin; it feels scratchy.


The thin nature of this shoe's mesh keeps the feet nice and fresh, no matter how warm it gets.  

No slips in this shoe

The lockdown is solid AF because the tongue and lacing system work really well together. We never had to lace lock the shoe because it holds onto the foot with utmost security as is!


Runs long, lasts long

The outsole appears to be quite durable on the ASICS Edge+. After 30 hard miles in the shoe, there's still no significant wear!

It stands out from the rest of the race shoes in that regard.


Traction action

Durability aside, the outsole is also ready to bite. Even on dirt roads, it provides a confidence-inspiring grip. 


It's a splurge 

On average, super shoes cost $212 a pair. And although plated racers are going in the direction of the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ ($250) in terms of price, we still find it a tad expensive.