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Sports and fitness enthusiasts trust in the Japanese performance brand, Asics, to manufacture and develop some of the best Asics road running shoes on the market, as proven by their inclusions in more than 150, 000 shoe reviews.  Being able to answer the needs of the running community is part of the brand’s dedication to running, which is why the best Asics shoes became favorites by casual and advanced runners.

Finding the best Asics road running shoes for daily running


Asics road running shoe offers a different level of cushioning and are designed for different running mechanisms. The level of cushioning in each shoe depends on different purpose or reasons. To know the perfect cushioning level for you, here are some guides:

  • Level 1 cushioning – It features a thin level of cushioning which offers a barefoot feel. Though it is thin and light, it still offers enough protection while running, walking, or training.
  • Level 2 cushioning – This cushioning is often found in shoes designed for competition. It is light, flexible and offers a minimalist feel. It allows runners to stay connected on the road.
  • Level 3 cushioning – Shoes with level 3 cushioning offers an average amount of underfoot padding. It delivers a good balance of ground contact, flexibility, and It is best for experienced runners and users looking for a quick-paced running shoe.
  • Level 4 cushioning – Classified as a high level of cushioning ideal for long and short-distance runs. This level of cushioning offers comfortable underfoot cushioning no matter the distance.
  • Level 5 cushioning – It offers maximum cushioning and a high level of protection ideal for long-distance runs. It is great for beginners and users with bigger frames.


Comfort is primary; the look is secondary. One must pick a shoe that offers superb comfort no matter what the running style is. When the shoe is comfortable, the injury is less likely to happen. Asics road running shoes are equipped with the necessary technologies and materials to give uses long-lasting comfort. Some shoes are comfortable enough even when used for gym workout and casual walking. Finding a stylish shoe that is comfortable is indeed a bonus.


It is important to know your arch type as it will tell you how much support you need to have a wonderful, stress-free running experience. Most of the Asics road running shoes is built for neutral runners, and a few are built for overpronation and severe pronation. Before purchasing an Asics shoe, check the guide (on the bottom content of the page) on how to determine the arch type and running gait.


Fit and comfort should go together. If the fit is too tight, then it will only give you discomfort. Some runners would go half-a-size larger to give the toes some wiggle room. The fit should be snug so that the foot can move slightly, side to side. If you are a newbie, here’s a small tip for you – do not buy a pair in the morning because the foot will swell or becomes bigger later in the day. If you have a wider foot, some Asics road running shoes are available in wide width options.


Durability is one of the features a reliable running shoe can offer. Either for road running or trail running, the shoe should be sturdy, from the upper to the outer sole. Luckily, Asics road running shoes offer the right amount of sturdiness. Aside from manufacturing high-performing shoes, Asics is also known for its quality. The materials they used to manufacture each shoe is of premium quality. Asics shoes are always ready to tackle the roads and trails.

Features of Asics road running shoes for competition

best asics road running shoes
Best Asics road running shoes - November 2019

They are light and fast.

The weight of the shoe may affect the speed and overall performance of the runners. The competition shoe should be light and feels fast. Thankfully, the best Asics competition shoes lesser than 200 grams. Though some shoes may feature a minimum level of cushioning, they still offer impact protection and enough energy return.

They are comfortable.

Both Asics shoes for men and women are created to deliver comfort for an excellent race day performance. The breathable material covers the upper for ventilation, and the soft linings were added to provide a smooth in-shoe feel. To achieve all-day comfort, one must also pick the right size and fit.

They are not pricey.

The best Asics road running shoes for the competition are not expensive. You can purchase a pair with an affordable price tag of $70. You can even buy an older version at an affordable price during the Asics running shoe clearance sale.

Asics compared to other big brands

Asics is one of the trusted brands when it comes to road running shoes. Newton, Brooks, New Balance, Saucony, and Salomon are some of the big brands in the market which produces remarkable shoes for road running.


Unlike Asics who manufactures a lot of road and trail running shoes, Newton has only a few models, and they are designed for road running. Some of the popular models include Newton Distance, Newton Gravity, Newton Fate and Newton Motion. Newton running shoes are a bit expensive which ranges from $130 to $175.

Some of the notable Newton technologies are the following:

  • Action/Reaction Technology – It offers responsive and bouncy cushioning for a faster running experience. It also aims to lessen the energy lost while running.
  • O.P Technology – The name stands for ‘Point of Power,’ a patented design that classifies the different lug system of each Newton running shoes. The P.O.P 1 delivers prominent and aggressive lugs with square corners while the P.O.P 2 features the beveled lugs for a smoother ride.


Just like Asics, Brooks manufactures both trail and road shoes. The price of the Brooks running shoes ranges from $100 to $160. Examples of expensive shoes from Brooks are the Transcend 5, Ghost 11 GTX, Beast 18 and Levitate 2.

Top performing Brooks road running shoes are the following:

  • Brooks Ghost – The latest version of the shoe, Ghost 11, is designed for neutral runners. This version aims to deliver responsiveness and high-energy return. The model is also available in waterproof version, which features the GTX membrane that prevents water from entering the shoe.
  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS – The Adrenaline GTS is on its 18th version (released in November 2017). It is an affordable option for runners who are looking for motion control shoes. Generally, this road shoe has received positive feedback from users.
  • Brooks Beast – This model is one of the beasts. Designed for overpronators, the shoe offers plenty of cushioning and a high level of support. The latest version, Brooks Beast 18, features the Super DNA midsole foam designed for a soft and bouncy ride. In the outsole of the shoe is the HPR Plus which is designed for durability and traction.

Aside from creating high-performing shoes, Brooks also pioneers the world's first biodegradable midsole – the BioMoGo midsole. This midsole biodegrades in 25 years, much faster compared to the usual midsole cushioning that will last up to 1,000 years.

New Balance

New Balance manufactures a lot of running shoes. A wide selection of trail and road running shoes is available for beginners and experienced runners. The most affordable New Balance running shoe can be as low as $60, and the most expensive can be as high as $175. Aside from athletic and lifestyle shoes, the brand is also a popular manufacturer of sports clothing and accessories.


Saucony is another brand comparable to Asics. The brand manufactures trail and road running shoes as well as sneakers and sports apparel. Examples of reliable Saucony road running shoes as of the second half of 2018 are the Ride 10, Kinvara 9, and Cohesion 11. Saucony is a trusted name one must consider when it comes to shoes for daily running or competition.


Asics manufactures more road running shoes than trail shoes, and Salomon is the opposite. Salomon is known for its durable, aggressive, and reliable trail running shoes. However, the brand’s road shoes are also well-received by most users.

Here are some of the notable features that made Salomon running shoes impressive:

  • Waterproof/Water-repellent coverage – Some Salomon shoes features waterproof/water-repellent upper. It makes running more comfortable and efficient, especially on rainy or wet running conditions. The brand uses GTX material and water-repellent coating to prevent water from entering the shoe.
  • Aggressive traction – The Wet Traction Contagrip is the famous outsole material used in most Salomon running shoes. This technology aims to deliver durability and aggressive traction on varied surfaces. May it be on muddy, snowy or rugged terrain, the grip remains superb.
  • Durable design – Salomon is known for its durable running shoes. The materials are of premium quality, making the shoe last longer. Along with its premium quality is the high price tag; prices range from $130 to $250.

Frequently-asked questions

Can I use my Asics road running shoes for walking?

Some running shoes are also reliable for walking. Since walking involves a lesser impact than running, you won’t need a high level of cushioning. What is important is it is comfortable and not heavy. If you need a walking shoe, you can also check out a good walking shoe from Asics.

Are Asics shoes better than other brands?

Only the user can determine which shoe is better and which is not. It depends on the runner’s preferences and experience. Some of the closest competitors of Asics in the running shoe area include Newton Running, Brooks, New Balance, and Saucony.

Which Asics footwear is best for road running?

As of the second half of 2018, the Asics Gel Kayano 25 is considered the best road running shoe for overpronators while the Asics Gel Cumulus 20 leads the list of best-rated shoe for runners with neutral pronation. Both are also classified as popular road shoe models from Asics.

I am a beginner, what is the right Asics road running shoe for me?

In choosing your first running shoe, there are a few things that you need to consider – pronation level, foot shape, and budget.

  • Know your pronation level. Pronation is the mechanism the foot rolls inward as it lands on the ground. Underpronation is when the foot does not roll inward while overpronation does the exact opposite. Neutral pronation is when the foot rolls inward sufficiently, enough for safe push-off.
  • Identify your foot shape. Are you a wide-footed, narrow-footed, or medium-footed runner? No matter what your foot shape is, you need to get a shoe that is roomy inside. Luckily for wide foot shapes, some Asics shoes are available in wide (2E and 4E) options.
  • Determine your budget. Asics road running shoe ranges from $70 to $250, and all are equipped with the necessary technologies to satisfy your running needs. For beginners, purchasing a more affordable shoe is not a problem at all. Remember, the price is not an indicator of performance as mentioned in this study.

What is the recommended shoe for experienced road runners?

Experienced runners, who run at least three times a week, should consider buying these shoes – Nimbus model (for neutral pronation), GT 2000 model (for overpronators) and Gel Fortitude model (for severe overpronation).

What is the best road running shoe for a neutral runner?

Neutral road runners should give the Asics Gel Cumulus 20 a try. The shoe features the notable Gel cushioning for responsive cushioning, Impact Guidance System for adaptive stability, and the Asics High Abrasion Rubber and the DuraSponge for outsole durability.

What is the best road shoe for overpronators?

The Kayano model is one of the reliable shoes for overpronators. It is a great option for both experienced and leisure runners. The shoe is a bit expensive compared to other running shoes in the market, but it also offers a high level of support for a more stable ride.

Is there an Asics shoe for runners with severe pronation?

Most of the Asics road running shoes are designed for neutral runners. However, runners with severe overpronation should consider the Asics Gel Foundation 13. The shoe is a bit heavy, but it is reasonably-priced and well-rated by many.