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Flat-footed individuals typically put up with a foot stance that that is anatomically straining, largely because the center of gravity falls at the medial/inner side. Whereas a neutral pronator’s foot has a regular arch structure, the one with flat feet doesn’t exhibit a slightly raised midfoot. A way to visually represent one’s foot pronation is to do a footprint test which involves dipping the foot in water and taking a step on a readable surface. If a midfoot curve isn’t present in the outline of the wet footprint, then a flat foot is likely.

There are many road running shoes in the market that are specifically meant for those with flat feet. In fact, many medical professionals and foot specialists recommend a particular kind of shoe, the motion control variant, to alleviate the concerns associated with having flat feet (e.g. tendency to trip, ankle strain, underfoot strain, knee strain, overworked leg, etc).

Motion-control shoes can significantly better the quality of the step and the perception of comfort. Brands like ASICS have running shoes for flat feet, and they seek to be reliable choices.

Fundamental aspects of ASICS running shoes for flat feet

Best ASICS flat feet running shoes - June 2020

Stability features integrated with the underfoot platform

Midfoot stability is a fundamental trait of any ASICS flat feet running shoe. Having the elements that contribute to a stable ride is, after all, the lifeblood of these products. Features that offer midfoot support include steadying sidewalls, generous midsole foams, and even medial posts that are normally found in stability running shoes for mild-to-moderate overpronators. Motion controlling shoes are meant to be the high bar of in-shoe steadiness and anatomical correctness.

A predominantly firm midsole design

Running shoes are usually associated with natural motion and acceptable levels of flexibility. But ASICS running shoes for flat feet and their other-brand counterparts are meant to fully stabilize the foot. Putting importance on a mostly stiff underfoot platform allows the foot to remain supported, thus neutralizing the gait and potentially improving the quality of the step. The reason behind a focus on full-length firmness is because, on top of midfoot instability, severe overpronation usually involves the heel and part of the forefoot, as well.

A multilayered upper

While the midsole is the part of the motion control shoe that has the bulk of the responsibility, the upper unit also does a lot to hold the foot in place naturally. A helping of overlays is usually necessary to assist the fabrics in maintaining foot-security. Some overlays are stitched onto the silhouette, their prominent pieces making the shoe look extra bulky. Other, more modern, kinds are hot-melded onto strategic sections, their thin configurations seemingly only serve as decorations. Most of the best options actually use a mix of printed and stitch-on overlays to maximize in-shoe security.

ASICS running shoe series for flat feet and their other-brand counterparts

ASICS Gel Foundation

The Gel Foundation series is one of the long-running series of motion control shoes in the market. With over ten iterations, this line has proven time and again that it is a formidable option that overpronators can trust. Constant steadiness and support are afforded by a bevy of cushioning and stability technologies which include the Dynamic DuoMax® midfoot support wedge and the reinforcing Guidance Trusstic System™. Another well-established alternative for motion control is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS.

ASICS Gel Fortify

Employing a classic performance shoe-design, the ASICS Gel Fortify boasts all the bells and whistles of a reliable flat foot running shoe, including an upper that is bolstered by an excess of stitch-on overlays. Those who are desiring heightened support and consistency to the performance can rest, assured of this product’s confident construction. Another option, the Brooks Beast, also emphasizes upper unit support through the use of both printed and woven-in layers.


Can ASICS running shoes for flat feet be used by neutral pronators?

While those with regular foot pronation can definitely use any shoe, opting for an almost too-stiff variant won’t help them achieve the potential of their natural performance. Stability can definitely be achieved because of the highly supportive technologies, but the relative heaviness of these shoes and the limiting configurations can better serve those who need it.

Are ASICS running shoes for flat feet the only choices for overpronators?

No. Motion control running shoes are mostly meant for those who have severe overpronation and other foot-and-leg issues that need immediate and constant attention. Those who slightly pronate and those who desire optional stability can receive such benefits from other stability variants that don’t have the hefty forms, stiff construction, and heaviness of their equivalents for severe overpronation.