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Asics overpronation running shoes

Commonly known as flat feet, overpronation is when the arches of the foot collapse excessively. It can be a painful foot condition that may result in injuries or improper leg and back posture. 

Asics is among the leading brands that offer specialized footwear for overpronators. Asics overpronation running shoes are equipped with excellent stability and motion control features, which help promote a more natural running form. 

70+ Asics overpronation running shoes for men and women

We spent hours researching and updating our list of quality Asics overpronation running shoes. From a comfortable Asics trainer for jogging to a long-distance running companion, we can help you find the suitable footwear that fits your needs and style. 

For over two decades, the Asics Gel Kayano series has been one of the go-to shoes for runners who need pronation support. Over the past years, these stability running shoes have gone through a lot of changes to continuously meet the high standards of athletes. 

Another well-received Asics running shoe line is the GT 2000 collection. These overpronation shoes offer a balance of cushioning and support that is ideal for high mileage training. 

Runners who exhibit mild overpronation can also rely on Asics GT 1000 lineup. Those who pronate severely, on the other hand, favor the Asics GT 3000 line.  

Other popular overpronation running shoe series include the Asics Gel DS Trainer, Asics Ge Nimbus, and many more!

Other brands that offer overpronation running shoes 

Aside from Asics, other popular sportswear brands offer high-end overpronation running shoes. This includes Adidas, Nike, and New Balance. These manufacturers offer functional running shoes with a more casual style. 

Brooks also offers a variety of motion control and stability running shoes that help prevent overpronation. Other trusted running shoe brands are Mizuno, Salomon, Saucony, Newton, and many more!