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Adidas is one of the global shoe brands that already proved their worth in terms of athletic performance and state-of-the-art shoe innovations, so it is expected that Adidas shoes have found a place in 100, 000+ shoe reviews made by professional and casual runners. If you are into road shoes, look at some of the best Adidas road shoes available on the market.

Why do Adidas road shoes make the best pavement partners?


best adidas road running shoes
Best Adidas road running shoes - November 2019

  • Impact forces cannot be avoided when running on hard and even grounds. The best Adidas road shoes have more cushioning in their midsole, allowing the shoe to attenuate shock even before the pressure reaches the foot. This reduces the discomfort or pain when conquering miles on the road.
  • The best Adidas road shoes have flat undersurfaces with non-aggressive treading pattern. These features are optimal for even surfaces without sacrificing grip and traction. There are also road shoes featuring aggressive lugs for a versatile performance.
  • If you are fond of mixed trail and track runs, road shoes can offer the versatility you crave for. Its flat undersurface would handle the gravel and nature trails as well. Furthermore, the midsole is cushioned enough to provide decent debris protection and shock attenuation.
  • Some of the best Adidas road shoes have waterproof properties, but it is only limited in the upper. The waterproof feature would be helpful for locations with long rainy or winter season.
  • Responsiveness is a crucial element in road shoes, given that runners sometimes rely on energy-return properties to push their mileage. Most of the best Adidas road shoes can offer better responsiveness than other models.
  • The best Adidas road shoes are pretty useful for fitness activities. Aside from speed training and casual running, you can also use it for cross training, sports and casual wear.

What should you consider in picking among the best Adidas road shoes?

  • Weight. Improving your speed record is possible with a lighter pair of shoe. The weights of the best Adidas road shoes vary, so you can pick the best one for your needs. If you want to prepare for a casual road race, you can look for shoes lesser than 250 grams. If you want something lighter and race-specific, there are Adidas racing shoes that will do the trick. For casual training and daily running, an average weight would do.
  • Heel to Toe Drop. The differential can affect the road performance of the runner. Regular road shoes have 9-18 mm heel to toe drops, while those that facilitate a natural running movement have 6-10 mm drops. If you opt for a minimalist or barefoot-like experience, there are road shoes that feature zero drop profiles.
  • Arch Support. The arch support in road shoes varies, as well. Under pronators and neutral pronators would likely run well with neutral shoes, while over pronators can choose between motion control and stability shoes. The best Adidas road shoes have various arch support features, such as the Adidas Torsion System.