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On Cloud running shoes

Featuring On's renowned CloudTec technology, the Cloud running shoe series makes you (literally) feel like running on clouds. So, what does this mean, and how does this lineup do just that? The CloudTec delivers soft landings and powerful push-offs, creating a light running sensation.

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Cloud running shoes for men and women

The On Cloud collection consists of neutral road running shoes designed for both men and women. In this roster, you can find lightweight and comfortable models, created for your daily training and upcoming competitions

Because these shoes offer enduring comfort, support, and traction, you can rely on them for your long-distance endeavors including marathons. And since these shoes are created to serve versatile utility, they are just as good jogging pairs as they are stylish and matchable in your more laid-back activities. 

These running shoes come in different colorways, and with the help of our filters, you can easily check which ones are available. Among the popular selections from athletes and runners alike are the black, white, and blue versions