On Cloud X review

For many years, I ran mostly with minimalist shoes or racing shoes for longer and tempo runs. This year, I finally decided to train for a marathon requiring longer runs.

However, minimalist shoes and longer runs was not a great combination. It puts tension in my calves and pain in my Achilles' tendons.

Thus, I went to a specialized running store, relayed my running story, and asked for help in finding the perfect shoes for my longer runs.

The guy in the store told me that I just needed something neutral with a bit of cushion and asked me to try different shoes. When he showed me the On Cloud X, I was a bit skeptical.

I was somehow anchored to the idea that the simpler the shoe, the better. And, that these cloud things on the bottom of the shoes are only for snobbish people who do not know how to run.

In my opinion, these people only like to invest a lot of money in their gear.

Anyway, I still tried them on, and the first impression is that they felt really comfortable and lightweight. I ran and sprinted a few meters with them, and it felt ok.

I did not feel the clouds. It felt as if I was wearing regular shoes.

Among all the shoes that I tried that day, the On Cloud X were the ones that felt the best, so I bought a pair.

Design of the Cloud X

The pair that I bought are black. It has a neutral design with a lot of little details, such as the tiny Swiss flag on their side. This flag makes them look good if you pay close attention to them.

I am still not a big fan of how the “Clouds” on the sole of the shoes look like, but I’m getting used to them.


They fit perfectly. It is really nice to wear them. The only thing I miss is feeling the different textures of the floor that I can do with minimalist shoes. I can’t feel those textures with these ones.


Easy runs

Easy runs with these shoes are even easier, running easily with these shoes is super comfortable.

Even when I am tired and sore from previous days, I always feel like doing some small sprints with these during easy runs.

Long runs

I ran on these shoes for my longest run ever so far, which was of 33km. It was an easy long run. I changed my pace a few times during the run, and I felt very comfortable the whole time.

I completely forgot about the shoes, which I think is one of the best indications of a good running shoe.

Tempo runs and fartlek

Even with extra cushion, it still feels pretty responsive and fast. It is easy to switch gears with it and stay running at a hard pace for a while. These are not the fastest shoes on the market.

However, it is fun to sprint with these shoes.


I have run with them on the pavement, track, and a bit of cross country, and they seem to work pretty well.

The Cloud X feels new after 150km

It is still too soon to judge these when it comes to durability. But, after 150km, they still look and feel like new.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 8.1oz / Women 6.6oz
Drop: 6mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: On Cloud X 3
Forefoot height: 22mm
Heel height: 28mm

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Jan Schneider
Jan Schneider

At the end of 2001, I decided to explore what is it like to be a runner. One year later, I joined the track and field team from my university and ran for my university until my graduation. My best marks at that time were 4:24 in 1500m, 16:52 in 5000m, 35:18 in 10000m and 1:26.28 in half marathon. On 2013, I finally started seeing tangible improvements in my running. Currently, my PBs are 16:08 for the 5000m, 34:25 for 10km, 50:22 for 15km and 1:15:00 for the half marathon.