Terrain: Road
Arch support: Neutral
Use: Jogging
Weight: Men: 11.1oz | Women: 9.5oz
Heel to toe drop: Men: 7mm | Women: 7mm
Pronation: Neutral Pronation
Arch type: High arch
Material: Vegan
Strike Pattern: Midfoot strike
Distance: Daily running | Long distance | Marathon
Heel height: Men: 25mm | Women: 25mm
Forefoot height: Men: 18mm | Women: 18mm
Brand: On
Type: Heavy | Big guy | Low drop
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Price: $149
Small True to size Large
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  • The Cloud-Tec Cushioning System has been greatly enhanced for all models in the On roster. It is also true for the Cloudrunner 2. Featuring 15 ‘clouds’ that act as cushioning platforms, this shoe delivers all-around comfort that’s felt throughout the gait cycle. The strong nature of these clouds also makes it a solid outsole unit for protection and traction.
  • A thin yet plush EVA layer has been added above the ‘cloud’ system to provide more underfoot cushioning to the wearer. This material lasts long and it’s known to attenuate shock and keep the foot well-supported.
  • The low profile height and low-cut design allows runners to achieve a more succinct freedom of movement. Flexibility is a distinction for On Cloudrunner 2 and this lower profile helps when it comes to achieving more natural movement of the foot.
  • A Speedboard structure that runs along the length of the shoe helps runners transition more naturally from the heel to the toe by giving more energy feedback. It balances performance without sacrificing the natural feel of running.

The On Cloudrunner 2 has a standard running shoe length. It comes in a variety of sizes that anyone can choose for their preference. It has a medium fit, which means that those with medium-sized feet can acclimate well to the widths of its heel, mid-foot and forefoot areas. The restrictive overlay system & close-knit upper system won’t be able to adapt to those with wider feet.

The Cloud-Tec is a set of external pods or clouds that provides durable support and protection. It acts as a cushioning system, but it’s also the one that’s exposed to the ground. Its high level of durability ensures that it can shield the sole unit from wear and abrasion. It’s also capable of providing traction against roads and trails. This CloudTec element is also used in On Cloud shoes and all shoes from ON Running.

Lightweight EVA is a low-profile cushioning system of this running shoe. It lies above the ‘clouds’ of the Cloud-Tec system. It reinforces the overall underfoot support by handling shock, providing additional springiness and keeping the platform more even. It’s durable, efficient and responsive as a cushioning foam.

The Cloud-Tec has 15 ‘clouds’ on the surface. It can be clearly seen and be mistaken as cleats. They are actually part of the cushioning system. When pressure is applied to them, they shrink and contract; and when pressure is released, they spring back to their original shape. It’s a solid system that delivers more bounce during toe-offs, and support during landings.

An Integrated Speedboard assists the runner through the gait cycle by making each step smoother and more manageable. Impact from landing doesn’t become uncomfortable and every toe-off is well-supported and energized with the help of this unit.

The sandwich mesh is a material that’s been lauded for its durability, supportive capability and overall comfort. It’s featured in this running shoe and though it looks like it’s a bit close-knit, it can actually provide breathable coverage that’s reliable and consistent.

The Reinforced Overlays are made from high quality polyurethane material. Directly connected to the lacing system, these overlays affect the snugness or the looseness of the upper fabric in relation to the fit preference of the wearer. They also add more durability to the upper unit.