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  1. Salomon Speedcross 5 - Duck Green Black Evening Primrose (L416096)
  2. Salomon XA Pro 3D - black (L392514)
    Any color
    Salomon XA Pro 3D - Light Onix/Dark Cloud/Softy Blue (L356811)
    Salomon XA Pro 3D - Spectrum Blue (L375928)
    Salomon XA Pro 3D - Grey (L409774)
    Salomon XA Pro 3D - black (L392514)
    Salomon XA Pro 3D - Grey (L409776)
    $130 $60 Save 54%
  3. Salomon Ultra Glide - Black (L414305)
    Any color
    Salomon Ultra Glide - Crystal Teal Barrier Reef Goji (L415791)
    Salomon Ultra Glide - Black (L414305)
    Salomon Ultra Glide - Blazing Orange Vibrant Orange White (L470712)
    Salomon Ultra Glide - Arctic Ice/Pacific Black (L417273)
    $140 $60 Save 57%
  4. Salomon Sense Ride 4 - Black (L413781)
  5. Salomon Speedcross 6 - Black/Black/Phantom (L417379)
  6. Salomon XT-6 - Black/Chocolate Plum/Vibrant Orange (L417509)
    $220 $150 Save 32%
  7. Salomon Speedcross 3 - Mystic Purple/Black/Fluorescent Yellow (L361917)
  8. Salomon XA Pro 3D V8 - Black (L416891)
  9. Salomon Pulsar Trail Pro - Estate Blue/Night Sky/Dazzling Blue (L415934)
  10. Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX - Biking Red White Black (L416125)
  11. Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX - black (L366796)
  12. Salomon Speedcross 4 - black (L383097)
  13. Salomon Pulsar Trail - Red (L416029)
  14. Salomon XT-Wings 2 - Autobahn/Black/Sprout Green (L106115)
  15. Salomon Phantasm - Trooper Lunar Rock White Pantone B (L416886)
  16. Salomon Ultra Glide 2 - Blue (L470425)
  17. Salomon X-Mission 3 - Blue Violet Sargasso Sea Bluestone Dark Purple (L408004)
  18. Salomon Predict 2 - Copen Blue/Dark Denim/Sulphur (L411252)
  19. Salomon Hypulse - Black Rainy Day Black (L416849)
  20. Salomon Alphacross 3 - Grey (L414426)
  21. Salomon Predict Soc 2 - Trooper/Night Sky/Red Orange (L414435)
  22. Salomon XA Pro 3D V8 GTX - Black Green Gecko Green Milieu (L414473)
  23. Salomon Sense Ride 5 - Cream (L472124)
  24. Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX - black (L383181)
  25. Salomon Glide Max - Black / White (L417644)
  26. Salomon Fellraiser - Blue (L370634)
  27. Salomon Sonic 4 Balance - Palace Blue/White/Evening Primrose (L412800)
  28. Salomon Supercross - black (L409297)
  29. Salomon Sense Ride - Bluebird/Deep Blue/Black (L404864)
  30. Salomon Alphacross - Black/White/Monument (L407319)
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Salomon running shoes

Salomon cemented its name in the running industry when it introduced a roster of trail running shoes that feature a tough, outdoor-ready construction. Expanding to on-road platforms, the brand has captured the trust and following of many runners as it continues to offer durable and dependable shoes. 

Salomon shoes for men and women

Whether you’re a professional marathoner or just an occasional jogger, you have several options here in RunRepeat. With different Salomon models, you can get your hands on the most comfortable and breathable running shoes in the market. 

The user’s build is also not a concern when getting a pair of Salomon platforms. This is because the brand also has a vast selection of shoes for heavy runners just as it has a couple of offerings for neutral racers and overpronators (whose foot rolls inward). 

If you’re seeking for athleisure footwear that can take you to greater distances, Salomon’s lineup of long-distance shoes can accompany you. Meanwhile, everyday running can be an effortless feat with Salomon’s series of daily running shoes that pronounce responsiveness, lockdown support, and grip. 

Salomon running shoes on sale

Usually retailing for more than $100, Salomon’s running shoes are more on the pricey side. This only makes sense as the makeup of the brand’s platform incorporates high-quality materials that are built for the coarse running environment. But, if you really want to save a few bucks, you can always purchase older models that are on sale especially when new releases come.