10 Best Salomon Hiking Shoes in 2021

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Are you looking for your next pair of Salomon hiking shoes? Make sure you choose from among our top picks.

There’s a lot to dig into here. After going through 30+ Salomon hiking shoes, we present you the best kicks in a variety of categories. Compelling alternatives are also featured here, giving you a breadth of options to choose from—whether you’re into speedy escapades, summer-time adventures, or daily excursions in and around water.

How we review Salomon hiking shoes

The best Salomon hiking shoes don’t spring up on their own. With that, we test every pair, committing both time and effort to come up with must-haves that cater to all sorts of hikers. Here is how we approach our reviews:

  • Buy all Salomon trail shoes with our own money to stay transparent.
  • We put every Salomon shoe through rigorous testing in different conditions—both weather and terrain. We spend hours across multiple days to check each shoe’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our system collects hundreds of reviews from experts and users who also reviewed Salomon shoes. This feedback helps to make our own reviews as comprehensive as they can be.

All these aspects contribute to our CoreScore, which we use to determine the best of the best from Salomon in various categories.

Best overall

Roll out the velvet carpet and make way for the king of Salomon hiking shoes. Yes, we’re head-over-heels about the X Ultra 4 GTX, and you should be too!

What? People say that the X Ultra 4 GTX is magically comfy? Well, they’re spot-on in that regard. But the more important conversation to be had here should be its ZERO break-in period. The second we got inside the X Ultra 4 GTX, we just had to give it 5 stars for comfort!

Now on to performance. Grip-wise, the Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX had us trampling on loose soil like we owned the place. Our confidence was also through the roof as we moved past muddy tracks and mossed-up roots just to get from point A to point B.

“Mighty stable” is how we’d describe the X Ultra 4 GTX, too. Those mossy roots we mentioned were also quite many where we did our tests. We negotiated our way across (not around them) without ever losing our balance. A stable ride in this shoe on every hike? You betcha!

And wow to the moon and back! This piece is definitely waterproof.

Get a pair now! You owe yourself this Salomon gem!

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Superb! The X Ultra 3 GTX is the all-rounder you’ve been longing for.

Do you have wobbly heels? Or maybe your arches give in at the slightest hint of unevenness underfoot? Well, consider those issues addressed in the X Ultra 3 GTX! Yes, we had a stellar time with this unbelievably supportive Salomon shoe.

Now, believe us when we say that total comfort awaits you in the X Ultra 3 GTX. Ooh, just slipping into it is quite the plush experience in and of itself. That said, our hearts were instantly smitten by its super-snug heel zone!

Moisture was completely non-existent in our time with the X Ultra 3 GTX, too. We took it to this creek, where the water was about two inches deep, and the shoe simply brushed off the wetness!

In the same area, the X Ultra 3 GTX also stuck like glue on mud and wet rocks. Its multi-directional lugs produced generous amounts of traction on slopes, too. This is one secure beast, we’re telling you!

One possible caveat: The X Ultra 3 GTX has a snug forefoot, so depending on the stoutness of your feet, you can either have the best toe experience in it or not-so.

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Best for speed hiking

Coming out on top of our speedy must-haves from Salomon is the OUTline GTX!

We felt oh so in control and greatly propelled while testing the Salomon OUTline GTX. On level terrain, our strides were unhindered, almost pushing us to run instead of hike. The springiness of its sole unit plus its generous toe rocker allowed us to move with swiftness like never before.

Of course, we can’t possibly talk about the shoe’s fast performance without giving its lightness a share of the spotlight. Yup, the OUTline GTX is one for the books with its 350-gram weight. Would we mistake it for a pair of sneakers weight-wise? Nope, but we’re very tempted to!

And then there’s comfort. Fresh from the box, the OUTline GTX was generously comfy. We got no hotspots nor rubbing in it. And both its collar and instep felt super-plush from the off.

We also want to discuss how the OUTline GTX barred out moisture during our testing. We encountered no leaks in it! And the cherry on top? It was also wicking out sweat the entire time. Insane, right!?

So, if you want to become a speedster come rain or shine, the OUTline GTX is the best there is!

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Do you want to show your travel-mates how agile you are on the trail? Then gear up with the Cross Hike GTX and let loose!

At 380 grams (not as light as our top pick, we know), the Cross Hike GTX gave us wings on level terrain. But its lightness is only half of the picture. Our boosted strides and leaps were also thanks to the shoe’s flexibility underfoot. We also need to give the hiker’s remarkable toe and heel rockers extra credit in this regard.

Did we get instant comfort in the Cross Hike GTX? You bet we did! Its confines were plush right from the box. We also didn’t get blisters or any of the foot pain associated with first-time use, as the shoe didn’t require a break-in period.

Our time with the Cross Hike GTX was also marked with great stability and grip. Trampling over rocks, whether wet or dry, felt secure. We also didn’t lose footing on gnarly roots and grassy hills in this Salomon hiker.

At $160 MSRP, however, the Cross Hike GTX is somewhat pricey.

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Best breathable

Out of the dozens of Salomon hiking shoes we’ve put to the test, we have no doubts that the X Ultra 4 is the king of breathability!

This 4th iteration in the non-GTX version of the X Ultra series afforded us freshness throughout our adventures. We had a solid idea as to what we were in for testing this hiker, but we weren’t prepared for its fantastic capability to push out stuffiness!

The X Ultra 4 is as breathable as it is light. At approximately 360 grams, the shoe allowed us to stay mobile, even right after getting it drenched through a stream.

But is the Salomon X Ultra 4 incredibly plush, you might ask? Yes, and without that lengthy break-in period you’d come to expect from most kicks, at that. We want to highlight its padded Achilles heel—it’s a plus to the already pampering confines of the shoe.

As for traction and stability? Let’s just say we didn’t slip nor lose our footing while in the X Ultra 4. Like our cream of the crop (its GTX counterpart), this hiker is oh so mighty underfoot, too!

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Got more room in your trove of breathable stuff? Then let the OUTline from Salomon fill in that void!

Mesh, mesh, and more mesh give the Salomon OUTline the bragging rights to be among the most well-ventilated kicks out there. Sweaty feet? Consider not ever having those again in this summer hiker.

“Light and brilliantly comfy” is what we said the moment we geared up with the OUTline. At 340 g a shoe, this maddeningly breathable Salomon offering allowed us to navigate tricky terrain at maximum speed. And while doing so, its sufficiently padded mesh upper was cozying up our tootsies non-stop!

Underfoot, the Salomon OUTline is a force to be reckoned with. Let’s talk about its midfoot cushioning first. Our arches experienced no pain on it, and its supply of support was incredible. Then, there’s the OUTline’s Contagrip outsole, which clawed into almost every surface we made contact with.

Now, if only it had a roomier toe box, we would recommend this to everybody (even those with stocky feet)!

Nevertheless, the Salomon OUTline is a must-have, especially at its humble 110-dollar asking price.

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Best for water hiking

Streams, creeks, and forest puddles, beware! You found a match in the Amphib Bold 2 from Salomon!

You might want to buckle up before you continue reading—the Amphib Bold 2 weighs a measly 210 g a shoe! This is true and not some form of sorcery; this hiker is even lighter than some of our top picks for the best climbing shoes!

We prefaced this section with a clear picture of the shoe’s lightness because the Amphib Bold 2’s performance in and around water is centered around it. Also, props to the shoe’s super-thin-yet-tough upper for never failing to drain every drop of moisture each time we emerged from the water.

In terms of comfort, we have no complaints concerning the Amphib Bold 2. We hiked in it with and without socks, and our feet got the pampering they deserved. Its immense breathability also played a big role in keeping our tootsies extremely happy!

And what is the best water hiking shoe without its capability to dry quickly? We’re happy to report that the Salomon Amphib Bold 2 shrugs off wetness without delay.

The Amphib Bold 2 is the aquatic traveling companion you need. Take out word for it!

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Best budget shoe

Do you want the best Salomon hiking shoe without getting sucked dry budget-wise? Then set your sights on the X Reveal GTX!

This affordable piece, which has a 110-dollar MSRP, has a monster of a grip. Its lugs gave us incredible multi-directional purchase on both dry and wet terrain (think rocky tracks and muddy slopes). Its sticking prowess was equally impressive on concrete steps and pavements, too!

The kind of comfort we got out of the X Reveal GTX was sock-like. Our feet slipped into it like butter and stayed inside it (for hours) without getting hotspots. We particularly adore its collar and tongue, which gave us a secure hug and immense pampering all at the same time.

Movement in the X Reveal GTX felt natural and fluid. The design of its sole unit and flexibility of its breathable mesh upper boosted our steps, giving us transitional agility even on bigger strides!

The Salomon X Reveal GTX is one stable bad boy, too. Uneven terrain and rocks of different sizes didn’t faze this affordable piece.

Overall, you won’t get disappointed with the X Reveal GTX. It’s just a rarity out there!

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Yes, the Outbound Prism GTX from Salomon is (yet another) another win for the budget-conscious! For no more than $100, you could be going from town to trail with remarkable performance underfoot.

During our short hike/test, the Outbound Prism GTX gave us resplendent foot pampering. We used it straight from the box and discovered its readily available comfiness. Yes, this versatile Salomon hiker will not trouble you with hot feet, nor will it give you blisters!

Speaking of versatility, the Outbound Prism GTX is fantastic for city explorations, too. While its Contagrip outsole provided us with surefootedness on trails, it was the way it kept us glued on pavements and such that impressed us more.

Another impressive thing about the Salomon Outbound Prism GTX is its lightness. At 300 g per shoe, this budget-friendly kick had us strolling on parks and traversing manicured trails quite speedily.

But will it last, you ask? During our testing, the Outbound Prism GTX stayed tough. After days of hikes both on and off the trail, we found no worrying scratches on its upper and no peeled rubber anywhere.

So, yeah, the Outbound Prism GTX is affordably good, although we’d recommend you use it mainly outside the summer.

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