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  1. Salomon X Ultra 4 - Black / Grey (L413856)
    Any color
    Salomon X Ultra 4 - Black / Grey (L413856)
    Salomon X Ultra 4 - Bungee Cloud/Black/Khaki (L413859)
    Salomon X Ultra 4 - Blue (L414530)
    $120 $90 Save 25%
  2. Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX - Black (L412892)
    Any color
    Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX - Green (L413853)
    Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX - Black (L412892)
    Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX - Blue (L416230)
    Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX - Black / Grey (L416229)
    $150 $113 Save 25%
  3. Salomon Outpulse GTX - Sand (L415881)
  4. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX - Urban Chic Shadow Lunar Rock (L411684)
  5. Salomon Outbound Prism - Ebony/White/Black (L412678)
  6. Salomon Outpulse - Black/Leek Green/Poppy Red (L415849)
  7. Salomon X Ultra Pioneer - Toffee/Quiet Shade/Mallard Blue (L416698)
  8. Salomon OUTline GTX - Green (L409968)
  9. Salomon X Crest - Bungee Cord/Black/Peat (L414059)
  10. Salomon Outbound Prism GTX - Legion Blue/Mallard Blue/Monument (L415910)
  11. Salomon X Crest GTX - Brown (L414061)
  12. Salomon Amphib Bold 2 - Sky Diver Quarry Estate Blu (L416008)
  13. Salomon Patrol - Magnet/Pearl Blue/Tobacco Brown (L415832)
  14. Salomon X Ultra 3 - Gelb (L398666)
  15. Salomon X Ultra - Grey (L402862)
  16. Salomon Cross Hike GTX - Grey (L412933)
  17. Salomon Tech Amphib 4 - Black (L409925)
  18. Salomon OUTline - Magnet Black Monument (L413839)
  19. Salomon Crossamphibian Swift 2 - Aqua Gray/Urban Chic/Vanilla Ice (L412983)
  20. Salomon X Reveal GTX - Black (L409691)
  21. Salomon Odyssey GTX - Black/Shale/High Risk Red (L411449)
  22. Salomon OUTward GTX - Brown (L410423)
  23. Salomon X Raise - Black Grape Leaf Phantom (L410412)
  24. Salomon X Raise GTX - Brown (L410416)
  25. Salomon Outline Prism GTX - Blue (L412333)
  26. Salomon X Reveal - Phantom/Balsam Green/Black (L409729)
  27. Salomon Tech Lite - Black (L409857)
  28. Salomon Odyssey Advanced - Kelp/Desert Palm/Vanilla Ice (L416411)
  29. Salomon OUTbound GTX - Black (L407917)
  30. Salomon Pathfinder - Vetiver/Olive Night/Peat (L414063)
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Salomon hiking shoes: Durable, lightweight shoes for hikes

When you’re ready to tackle the off the beaten path, you need a rugged pair of hiking shoes that won’t let you down. “It’s time to play!" Check out the best of Salomon shoes on RunRepeat today.

20+ Salomon hiking shoes for men and women to choose from

Wondering what sets Salomon apart from other brands? Founded in the heart of the French Alps in the 1940s, Salomon has gained a solid reputation in the outdoor gear industry. 

They are currently a global leader in outdoor sports and have produced a wide range of footwear products, from ski boots to trail runners, winter shoes, backpacking footwear, and hiking shoes.

Over the years, Salomon has made different types of day hiking shoes to cater to the growing market. Whether you’re on the lookout for waterproof hikers, breathable trail shoes, or leather hiking shoes, they have them. 

This world-famous brand also makes sturdy shoes for speed hiking. Looking for city-friendly hikers? Yes, they make them too! Furthermore, Salomon is known for making lightweight hiking shoes.

More reasons to buy Salomon hiking shoes

The wide-ranging selection of quality hikers is one major factor for the popularity of Salomon. But there are more reasons to love their shoes!

  • Wide sizes available. Cursed with wide feet? No problem! Certain models of Salomon hiking shoes are designed with a larger toe box.
  • Different styles. Salomon also makes synthetic hiking shoes that are much lighter than traditional leather hikers.
  • Budget-friendly. Salomon is a premium brand. But they also have offerings in our cheap hiking shoe collection.

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