7 Best Salomon Running Shoes in 2024

Jens Jakob Andersen
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7 Best Salomon Running Shoes in 2024
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After 20 years since the very first launch of its iconic trail shoe the Raid Rail, the Salomon brand has continued to expand and gain the trust of the off- and on-road runners and adventurers.

From amateur to pro trail runners, the Salomon running shoes offer some of the most innovative and forward-thinking designs in the market. We got a hold of running shoes from the Salomon brand and put them to the test to come up with our best picks in various categories.

If you are looking for the right fit for your training and races, we prepared our best selection of Salomon running shoes based on our rigorous testing and more in-depth reviews.

How we test running shoes

At RunRepeat we know exactly what we are looking for that makes the difference between a good and a great shoe. After years of on-the-road (or off-the-road) testing and research in the lab, we have developed a methodology to come up with our best selection of shoes for your browsing convenience.

We have set up an independent shoe testing lab, as well as used a meticulous approach to reviewing running shoes. Here’s how we approach it:

  • We buy all the running shoes with our own money to ensure the integrity of our reviews.
  • As a team of dedicated testers and runners, we log at least 30 to 50 miles a week to see the actual performance and durability of each shoe.
  • We slice the shoe into pieces and measure every little aspect of it using durometers, scales, calipers, and other tools to determine the quality of its cushioning, durability, traction, and many others.

Best Salomon running shoes overall

What makes it the best?

Speedcross 6 quenched our thirst for a fast-paced, agile, and protective trail shoe. It blends support and flexibility beautifully, making it our top Salomon running shoe. Equipped with a robust Contagrip rubber and deep lugs, it even excels in muddy conditions.

Speedcross shows unquestionable grip even on the slippiest surfaces. Lined with 5.8 mm deep and widely-spaced lugs, it clings to any surface and sheds off mud effectively. The Contagrip outsole proves its durability by protecting us from sharp rocks and roots. Our durometer confirms it’s a very tough 93.9 HC, one of the highest readings in our lab.

The ride feels very stable and firm on our test runs. Once again, our durometer confirms a dense 34.4 HA measurement. This is 28.8% tougher than average. The firm sensation heightens our ground feel and keeps us balanced on technical terrains. What also enhances stability is the curved insole that hugs our feet, so that we’re sitting inside the midsole and not on top of it.

Balancing the supportive midsole is its longitudinal flexibility. This makes it versatile and comfortable enough even for walking. In our bend test, Speedcross emerges 40.1% more flexible than average.

With a thin 22.4 mm cushion separating our forefoot from the ground, we find Speedcross 6 less ideal for forefoot strikers who seek more cushion and protection from landing impact.


  • Superior traction on wet, technical trails
  • Ideal for heel strikers
  • Impressive durability
  • Quick mud shedding ability
  • Lightest Speedcross yet
  • Secure lockdown with QuickLace system
  • Enhanced ground feel in the forefoot
  • Agile and responsive in fast corners


  • Midsole feels like concrete
  • Extremely poor breathability
  • Not suitable for midfoot and forefoot strikers
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Best Salomon shoes for running ultras

What makes it the best?

Salomon’s Ultra Glide 2 combines running fast and far seamlessly. It’s delightfully soft for long miles, easy to maneuver and has an airy upper that locks down well. It delivers all the right ingredients to conquer endurance runs comfortably — making it our top Salomon ultra running shoe.

UG2 houses a cushion that balances comfort and stability. Our durometer shows it's 34.3% softer than the average trail shoe, confirming the cushy and bouncy sensation in our runs. It prevents leg fatigue from repetitive landing impacts. Its below-average stack allows us to run fast without wobbling.

With a 7.2 mm drop, it promotes smooth forward rolls and efficient turnover. Its unopposing midsole adds comfort since we can move freely. Our flex test confirms it's 33.4% more flexible than its counterparts.

Topping it off is a light mesh upper that hugs our foot snugly in all the right places without feeling constricting. Its Sensifit system allows a secure fit that boosts our confidence because we have one less thing to worry about. Our breathability test confirms it’s a good place to be in for long hours, scoring 4/5 on our breathability test. Bye sweaty feet and blisters!

Its focus on light weight sacrificed the outsole’s durability. Measuring a mere 1.6 mm thin, it doesn’t have a lot of rubber to last long.


  • Breathable upper
  • One heck of a lockdown
  • Soft and protective cushioning
  • Good energy return
  • Very smooth, fun ride
  • Comfy for roads, good traction on moderately technical trails
  • Outstanding for daily miles and (very) long runs
  • Also works for faster efforts


  • Poor outsole durability
  • Using lace garage can get frustrating
  • Long tongue has a tendency to cause some rubbing
  • Maybe too narrow for some
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Salomon running shoes with the best durability

What makes it the best?

The Salomon XA Pro 3D V9 is a well-built, supportive, and grippy trail running shoe that can easily withstand any trail activity. Among Salomon running shoes, this pair is the most durable—tried in actual runs and proven by our lab tests.

The Contagrip outsole inspires surefooted strides as we remain steady on rocky surfaces and mixed trails. The lug height is slightly below average (2.8 mm vs 3.5 mm) but proves itself grippy enough on any surface we ran in due to its multi-directional pattern. Its average 83.1 HC toughness tells us this shoe can take at least 400 miles of outdoor adventures.

Its midsole is a healthy mix of cushioned heel and modest forefoot for a better sense of the ground and smoother toe-offs. Pushing our durometer against the foam revealed it’s 17.9% firmer than average. It feels comfy underfoot, yet we appreciate its stable and protective nature. Adding to our safety is the 3D chassis that prevents unwanted lateral movements.

The upper resisted impressively against our Dremel test, earning a well-deserved 5/5. It provides extra protection against rocks and roots. On top of that, we feel the breeze flow freely, making it comfortable for all-day explorations.

However, at 12.2 oz (346g), it is 1.8 oz (52g) more than the average trail running shoe and one of the heaviest shoes in our database.


  • Tank-like foot protection
  • Incredibly stable and supportive ride
  • Excellent traction on mixed or rocky trails
  • Great hiking/backpacking companion
  • Relatively flexible despite 3D chassis
  • Effectively dampens landings
  • Generously padded and comfortable
  • No chance of lace bite
  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Eye-catching design


  • A little heavy
  • Stiff upper needs breaking in
  • Cushioning on the firm side
  • Not nimble enough for technical trails
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Best Salomon running shoes with Gore-Tex

What makes it the best?

We fearlessly ran through river streams and puddles in our Salomon XA Pro 3D v9 GTX. This ultra-protective shoe is perfect for outdoor adventures because of its waterproof membrane, firm cushion, and stability system. It excelled in our lab tests and actual runs, making it our best Gore-Tex Salomon running shoe.

Composed of a Gore-Tex membrane, it effectively blocks water and debris out. It even blocked off light in our permeability test in the lab! In our runs, we remained dry and safe as we tackled puddles and streams of water. It even has a toe bumper to shield us from painful toe stubs.

The ride feels firm underfoot but not in a harsh way. It effectively dampens our landings while providing some rebound and exceptional stability. Our durometer reveals a 32.5 HA reading, 23.6% denser than average. 

Another element that keeps us centered is the 3D chassis technology that gives the shoe a high level of torsional rigidity. This means protection from unwanted rolling of our strides on uneven paths. We rated it a 5/5 on our subjective scale as it was extremely resistant to our manual twists.

Though the upper is securely waterproof, it only offers protection below the ankle. We recommend staying away from deeper water levels. Since water won’t get in, it won’t get out if it creeps inside the shoe.


  • Incredibly protective
  • Extremely stable and supportive
  • Great traction even on wet surfaces
  • Watertight Gore-Tex upper
  • Flexible and forgiving on the foot
  • Makes a great hiking companion
  • Effectively dampens landings
  • Generously padded from heel to tongue
  • No lace bite whatsoever
  • Durable, high-quality construction
  • Simple yet snazzy design


  • Could be lighter
  • Rather firm cushioning
  • Upper needs breaking in
  • Lacks the agility for technical trails
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Best Salomon road-to-trail running shoes

What makes it the best?

The Salomon Sense Ride 5 shows consistent performance from dry pavements to moderate trails with its reliable grip, unopposing midsole and soft cushion. It’s a no-fuss hybrid shoe that keeps us worry-free, making it our top road-to-trail Salomon running shoe.

Lined with 3.5 mm diamond-shaped lugs on its Contagrip rubber outsole, it has traction that works well even on wet surfaces and moderate terrains. Its outsole is hard enough to protect our feet from debris, as confirmed by our durometer when it measured slightly above average. The higher the number, the tougher the rubber is. 

It has a trail shoe’s ideal low profile that offers great ground feel and control. Its stack is below average but remains soft overall, measuring 20.5 HA on our durometer. This is 25.2% softer than the average trail shoe.

SR5 rises to the occasion when pushed to faster paces. Its adequately flexible midsole follows our lead, allowing us to stay in control. Our flex test confirms it's at par with the average of other trail shoes.

We do not recommend this pair to midfoot-to-forefoot strikers as the 18.5 mm forefoot stack (vs. the 24.2 mm average) might lack the landing support needed.


  • Immaculate lockdown
  • Good responsiveness
  • Plenty of ground feel
  • Confident on moderate trails and steep downhills
  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Can hold its own for speedwork
  • Comfy and breathable upper
  • Best for daily miles, longer efforts, and even road runs!


  • Forget about hard trails
  • Thin under forefoot
  • Runs a little bit narrow
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Best Salomon road running shoes

What makes it the best?

After conducting street runs and in-depth lab tests, we found the Aero Glide to be Salomon’s best road running shoe. Light and breezy on foot, it’s a reliable daily trainer that can handle long mileage—in terms of comfort and outsole wear, making the ride feel more effortless with its subtle rocker ride and good energy return.

Despite its robust stack and rubber coverage, Aero Glide is only 9.3 oz (264g), at par with the average road running shoe. Adding to its weightlessness is the airy upper that earned a remarkable 4/5 in our breathability tests. The upper is paper-thin throughout for even ventilation and is well-padded in critical areas for extra comfort.

Our runs with the Aero Glide felt smooth thanks to its subtle rocker that offered seamless forward transitions, while the balanced cushioning delivered some responsiveness. It also holds a healthy stack, notably the 35.2 mm heel, that protects our legs from repeated impact.

Underfoot, the CONTAGRIP rubber received a high 91.9 HC score on our durometer, 14.4% harder than average, indicating a long lifespan. This aligned with our experience as we barely wore out the outsole after extensive running.

However, the biggest downside has got to be its lack of forefoot cushioning for heavier mid-to-forefoot strikers, leading to a steep 11.0 mm drop. We only find this pair suitable for heel-strikers.


  • Versatile
  • Excellent outsole rubber coverage
  • Cushioned for heel strikers
  • Wider than other Salomons
  • Efficiently designed rocker
  • Lightweight despite broad size
  • Comfortable upper


  • Somewhat overpriced
  • Forefoot cushioning insufficient
  • Non-gusseted tongue
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Best Salomon shoes for daily running

What makes it the best?

The Salomon Pulsar Trail is a do-it-all type of trail running shoe that helped us conquer multiple trails and various terrains. Plus, it's a fast and light trail running shoe that’s also durable and grippy—making it our choice for the best Salomon shoes for daily running.

The Pulsar Trail is a daily trainer that we fell in love with quite easily. It's fast and it's very responsive. Running fast felt easy and we could really feel the rocker assisting us for faster turnovers.

It is also significantly lighter than the average weight of trail running shoes at 296g (10.44 oz). During our easy runs, tempo runs, and even long runs, we could really feel the lightness of these shoes.

With its Contagrip outsole, the Pulsar Trail is extremely grippy and downright durable. Even when running on challenging trails, the outsole still grips most surfaces. In fact, we experience little to no signs of premature damage even when running long miles in these shoes.

One downside, however, is that it lacks ventilation and breathability. It is recommended that runners in areas with hotter conditions add more breathable shoes in their rotation.


  • Stable and protective ride
  • Versatile for occasional road use
  • Enhanced heel lockdown
  • Robust durability
  • Suitable for all footstrikes
  • Good breathability in the toebox
  • Fairly priced at $130


  • Not suitable for wet terrain
  • Slightly on the heavier side
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