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Salomon trail running shoes

When it comes to creating quality trail running shoes, Salomon has only one goal: to bring the runners closer to nature. Salomon takes pride in producing highly durable and comfortable shoes that cater to a variety of running needs. 

RunRepeat offers various selections of Salomon trail shoes at great prices. With the help of our customizable filters, you will be able to find the right pair of shoes that meet your preference. 

Popular Salomon trail running shoes for men and women

Whether you’re looking for trail shoes for jogging, daily runs, or marathon, we have it all for you. RunRepeat partners with over 200 online shops to help you find the best deals that you deserve. 

Among the favorite choices are the Salomon Sense Ride and Salomon Sense Pro lines. Runners seeking cushioned and affordable trail shoes favor the Sense Ride, while athletes who want lightweight and breathable footwear prefer Sense Pro. 

Other popular options are the Salomon Speedcross and Salomon S-Lab Speed collections. These shoes are suitable for various terrain including soft ground. 

The brand is also known for providing supportive shoes for runners who overpronate (when the foot rolls inward). One good option is the Salomon XA Pro 3D shoe lines. These shoes are built with supportive features that help prevent injuries and other running-related issues. 

Notable elements of Salomon trail running shoes

Each pair of Salomon trail running shoes is equipped with top-quality materials to empower the users to run faster and farther, no matter the terrain. Here are some of the notable features of Salomon shoes:

  • trail-specific outsole for excellent traction and exceptional durability
  • mudguard that staves of mud and liquid from getting absorb and staining the upper
  • breathable upper material to keep the foot dry and cool throughout the day, or
  • Gore-tex membrane to prevent water or liquid from getting inside the shoe during wet conditions