20 best Lacoste sneakers

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          Lacoste Lerond Leather - White
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          Lacoste Court-Master - White
          Lacoste Court-Master - Black/Brown Leather
          Lacoste Court-Master - Navy Brown Leather
          €130 €54 Save 58%
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        Lacoste’s shoe line, which includes a rich collection of sneakers, may not be as famous as its polo shirts, but it’s been creating footprints since the 1950s. Lacoste, a French label founded in 1933, has transformed into a symbol of comfortable elegance, and become a household name for elite wear and preppy styling before turning into a streetwear staple that it is today.

        Spanning over 80 years since its entry into the world of tennis, Lacoste has become a specialist in producing high-quality clothing and footwear products on a global scale without sacrificing style. Added to its growing list of products are sporting and leather goods, accessories, and fragrances.

        Currently, Lacoste is owned by Swiss group Maus Freres SA and focuses on modifying its footwear collection, which is one of its top two categories aside from apparel.

        Factors to weigh up when choosing Lacoste sneakers 

        Best Lacoste Sneakers
        Best Lacoste Sneakers - May 2019

        The biggest selling point of Lacoste’s designs lies on the brand’s continual pursuit of excellence. Here is a quick rundown of the factors that make Lacoste sneakers a cut above other signature lifestyle shoes.   


        Canvas or Textile

        Canvas is one of the miracle materials commonly used in making the upper of sneakers. The strong threads used in weaving twill pattern to come up with canvas material make this sneaker long-lasting. Lacoste sneakers that utilize canvas are naturally tough yet comfortable and can hold colored dyes satisfactorily.              

        Ideally, Lacoste sneakers fabricated with canvas tend to be lightweight and breathable than the leather versions. The versatility of this material makes it appropriate to wear in the gym for light exercises, running daily errands, hobbies, and trips.  


        A Lacoste sneaker made of entirely premium grade leather breathes and expands as it wears which is why it becomes comfortable the longer one uses it.  

        Another advantage of having a leather covered sneaker is the fact that it generally keeps the feet protected under the chilly weather, especially those with higher collar designs.

        Given these plus factors, it isn’t surprising why others prefer to include leather-made Lacoste designs into their sneaker rotation for its stylish and functional appeal.

        Although leather-made kicks have pleasing qualities, it does have some setbacks too as it can be weighty, warm, and inclined to damage mainly if not sprayed with water-repellant treatments or proofing. It can also get a bit pricey than those made of fabric or textile. 


        Most suede-covered Lacoste sneakers are buffed to make them appear woolly, and porous since it doesn’t have any layer of protective finish to it. Brands like Lacoste uses textured and rough out leather as it adds style and character to Lacoste sneakers. 


        Lacoste has been using pique cotton for its clothing line before the brand employed such woven fabric with a ribbed pattern in the construction of sneakers. What makes this performance-inspired knit concept by Rene Lacoste appealing is its lightweight yet breathable characteristics.  

        Type of Cut 

        Low-top sneakers   

        Heaps of Lacoste sneakers are structured with a low top, low-cut, low-rise, or low profile silhouette that have collars that rest below the ankle. Low-tops allow the feet to move laterally unrestrained and are typically the most preferred style of sneakers as they are easy to blend with an assortment of clothing.  

        Lacoste sneakers that are in this group are usually lightweight and cheaper than high-top and mid-top ones since these are made of fewer materials.  

        Examples: Novas CT Leather  and Lacoste L.12.12 Textile Trainer 

        Mid-top sneakers

        Apart from low-top, the mid-top sneaker structure is the next highly sought out style of Lacoste sneakers. Those shoes that fall into this category have collars that extend around the ankle which are customarily more padded and supportive than the low-tops.  

        Examples: Ampthill Canvas Chukka Trainers, Explorateur Classic Mid Leather, and Lacoste Straightset Chukka Leather   

        High-top sneakers 

        Lacoste sneakers have limited high-top versions. Styles that fall within this range have collars that stretch above the ankle. These models are also regarded as sneaker boots that weigh more substantial than other cuts of shoes.  

        The collar height of these shoes kept the feet well wrapped and secured which makes these Lacoste sneakers suitable during the cold months.  

        Examples: High-top Leather and Suedette Corlu Trainers, Ampthill High-top Derbies in Color Block Canvas, and Tamora High-Top  


        Plimsolls and Canvas 

        Two of the most timeless and essentially earliest forms of sneakers are low-top plimsolls and canvas. These types of footwear are constructed with a light rubber sole, canvas upper, and ordinarily worn since the 1920s particularly for sports.  

        Today, this footwear are considered classic fashion staples. Lacoste sneakers made of plimsolls and canvas are among its most versatile designs that practically go well with strings of clothing, ideal for summer, fall, and spring.  

        Examples: Ziane Chunky Canvas, and Ziane Low-Rise Sneakers in Canvas with Piping   


        Commonly made of suede or leather upper, chukkas are mid-rise or ankle high sneakers with a lace-up closure comprising few pairs of eyelets. Lacoste chukkas are popular designs of footwear for men that instantly elevate ordinary and casual type of wardrobes such as denim and straight pants. This variety offers a relaxed vibe to any tailored fitting pair of suit and trouser.  

        Examples: Straighset Chukkas and Espere Chukka 317 1   

        Sports sneakers

        Lacoste sports sneakers are mostly composed of leather upper while a couple of others are built with textile or a mixture of other materials. Apart from having versatile styling, this kind of footwear is liberally padded for comfort. Consumers are attracted to this style as it keeps the feet supported when worn for prolonged hours or used for a light workout.  

        Examples: Straightset Low-Rise Sneakers with Contrast Collar, and Nylon and High-Tech Mesh Light Trainers   


        One of the most convenient and possibly the best-selling type of Lacoste sneakers is slip-on. This modest looking, laceless shoe is a closed-toe alternative to sandals. Lacoste slip-on is a practical and stylish choice to pair with almost any casual street wear.  

        The sport-luxe façade of Lacoste slip-on makes it suitable for casual business functions, going around town, and leisure trips without getting all tangled with long shoelaces. 

        Example: Marice Canvas Slip-On and Lacoste Gazon Leather Slip-On  

        Based on inspiration 

        Tennis-inspired Lacoste sneakers  

        Lacoste is directly influenced by tennis as the brand is rooted from such sport established by a French tennis superstar Rene Lacoste. Along with Andre Gillier, Lacoste produced a revolutionary white shirt for tennis using pique cotton back in the day. Such innovative step led the brand to come up with tennis-influenced Lacoste sneakers since the 1980s. 

        To keep up with the times, Lacoste refashioned its retro rubber-soled, on-court shoes into appropriate modern-day footwear. Since these designs are rooted in tennis, it maintains the same framework of performance shoes utilized for such sport, mainly the usage of the low-top collar.  

        Examples: Court-Master, Straightset Lace 317 3, and Carnaby EVO

        Running-inspired Lacoste sneakers 

        Some designs of Lacoste sneakers are influenced by training shoes for running that it bears some of the common attributes needed by the feet for such sport such as cushioning, protection, comfort, and traction.  

        The same type of sneakers became in demand among fitness aficionados and to those who prefer durable sneakers for daily use. Running-influenced Lacoste sneakers are composed of a variety of upper structure, such as fine and breathable mesh, hard-wearing suede, and leather.   

        Examples: Menerva Leather Trainers, LT Fit Sport Mesh and Leather Trainers, and Joggeur Suede Trainers   

        Closure system

        Traditional lace-up front 

        Majority of Lacoste sneakers are assembled with a lace-up front that offers wearers the freedom to adjust the shoelaces according to their preferred fit. The laces are made of cotton, leather, with some incorporating synthetic fibers.  

        Typical shoestrings come in square cross-section made of flat cotton filaments, while there are specific models with rope type of cords which can be tied and loosened up by modifying the fit.   

        Adjustable Velcro straps 

        A couple of leather Lacoste sneakers replaced the commonly used lace-up front with an adjustable Velcro strap fastener that grants wearers the convenience of slipping on and off their shoes. Some designs either added such adjustable belt on the forefoot or heel for a secure and locked down fit.  

        Apart from giving these kinds of sneakers a stylish twist, the strapped Lacoste sneakers offer wearers the versatility to switch from different footwear without getting tangled with shoelaces.   

        Examples: Rey Strap Leather, Carnaby Strap Leather, and Missouri Leather Sneaker   

        What are the prominent Lacoste shoes and ways to style these? 


        This evolution sneaker is inspired by classic tennis shoe counterparts from the 1930s. The bottom part of the sneaker cradles the foot from impact with the use of cupsole construction.  

        The upper which is either covered with premium or Nubuck leather weds timeless elegance with a sporty vibe. Perforations appear on the sides for added ventilation and styling. On the flipside is a court-inspired tread pattern that keeps the feet stable on smooth surfaces. 


        Retro leather low-top sneakers are one of the forms that continue to thrive regardless the season and trend. Lacoste’s Carnaby models exude high-end street styling that immediately elevates any casual wear with its well-crafted and crisp form. Although the bottom part of the shoe is made with sporty sole, its timeless façade pairs exceptionally well with dressy pants and tailored fitting polos and suits.


        Considered a streetwear staple, the Lacoste Espere sneakers offer style versatility with its minimally structured clean-toe upper that’s finished off with few pairs of eyelets. The toned down look of this shoe is attributed to its slim width, refined upper form, and low-slung vulcanized rubber sole.  

        The added cushioning property at the heel offers reinforced comfort that’s complemented with lightly padded collar and antibacterial OrthoLite insole.  


        The modesty of the Lacoste Espere cannot be underestimated as it’s brimming with sophistication. The rear lateral side displays accentuated by a metal Crocodile branding which represents Lacoste’s seal of excellence.  

        Its comfortable form draped with leather implies that this sneaker can be worn with practically any slim-fitting or straight-cut pants. For a more fashionable styling, this can be combined with cuffed denim and a polo shirt.


        This seemingly coded Lacoste sneaker drew its name from the heritage polo shirt Lacoste introduced in the 1920s. Giving the nod to the colorful past of Lacoste, the L.12.12 sneaker captures classic tennis fashion dressed in various ways. 

        This includes Nappa leather, lightweight textile, pique canvas, unlined leather, and the combination of some of these materials.  

        Except for the deconstructed unlined leather, all other variations of the L.12.12 showcase moderate interior padding, while the leather renditions feature perforations on the vamp.  


        The Lacoste L.12.12 sneaker is one of the models of the brand that’s available in several monochromatic upper colors. This widely produced Lacoste model offers a relaxed feel available in an array of designs that are easy to match up with a broad selection of casual clothing. It’s a type of sneaker appropriate for an off-duty garb.


        Like several silhouettes introduced by Lacoste, the lace-up Lerond sneaker draws inspiration from vintage tennis kicks. The refashioned versions come in classic hues that display the trademark lines across the heel and quarter.  

        The low-top Lerond Lacoste shoes are obtainable in designs using combined upper materials such as twill emboss leather and felt heel feature, denim canvas upper and leather heel detailing.  


        The toned-down colors of Lerond sneakers allow you to achieve a fashionable preppy look. You can obtain a smart mien and carry it with confidence by merely fusing polo shirt with tailored pants and pairing them with a trendy Lacoste’s Lerond sneaker. For added pizzazz and dimension, you may also slip this on with a buttoned-up corporate suit for a confidently smart casual look.


        The Straightset is another tennis-influenced sneaker executed in leather, suede, and mesh body or a blend of these materials. This model is presented in low-top, lace-up feature or laceless form utilizing thick Velcro straps. Giving off an edgier appearance are Lacoste Straightset mid-top versions designed with Chukka leather. 


        Lacoste Straightset sneakers grant wearers a glimpse of the past as it echoes the refined silhouettes of tennis shoes from the olden days. Using contemporary styling, the modified cuts smarten up crisp white tops with denim, relaxed tees with boat shorts, stripe shirts with chinos, plain colored polo with tartan bottoms.  

        Pants paired with low-top variations may be rolled up revealing the ankle to attain a more youthful vibe, while straight pants are more suitable for the mid-top designs.


        Lacoste Gazon models are easy-to-wear slip-on footwear which is a convenient alternative to lace-up sneakers. These low-top kicks are made of soft Nappa leather or premium perforated leather available in neutral tones. The elastic gusset on the upper offers a locked down fit while some designs with lightly padded collar promote comfort. On the flipside, the synthetic outsole provides flexibility and traction. 


        The Lacoste Gazon slip-on is a perfect accompaniment to any thinkable casual wear. The perforated iteration promotes ventilation which makes this style even more suitable for summer months. The grippy bottom allows users to swing through multiple tasks and errands in a day while staying comfortable and stylish. 


        Lacoste is one of the familiar luxury brands known globally for the sizeable quantity of footwear it sells through global outlets and online channels. In spite of its popularity, Lacoste collaborates with top-ranking labels in establishing a strong presence among young consumers.  

        This is the same approach it did with its clothing line when it teamed up with pro athletes. Some of the famous names that found their way into the Lacoste tennis team are Novak Djokovic, Roberto Bautista-Agut, Dominika Cibulkova, Pablo Cuevas, Benoit Paire, Pierre-Hugues Herbert, among others.  

        The brand is also intertwined with the game of golf since Lacoste’s inventor married a 13-time French International titlist, Simone Thion de la Chaume, while their daughter has an enduring desire for the same sport. Through the years, the brand has been nurturing its solid ties with its golf team members like Daniel Berger, Cristie Kerr, Benjamin Herbert, Celine Boutier, Gregory Havret, to name a few.  

        During the early 2000s, this relevant brand joined forces with New York’s Kidrobot in coming up with fresh and hip sneaker models. This was followed by an atypical link up with award-winning London-based architect Zaha Hadid which led to the creation of a vibrant and futuristic rubber-made footwear model. A low-profile interpretation was constructed for the male consumers while a calf-high version was built for the female purchasers.    

        Among the recent collaborative ventures by Lacoste are the following: 

        Sneaker Freaker x Lacoste Missouri Friends and Family  

        A decade after the first link up between Lacoste and the Australian sneaker publication Sneaker Freaker (SF), two collaborative Missouri tennis silhouettes were launched in 2017. The 2006 version boasted a reinterpretation of the classic tennis shoe model made with a mixture of black, grey, and white using leather, suede, and mesh.  

        One of the two modified SF editions which were released in limited volume exhibited three-colored façade utilizing premium Nubuck leather. This vibrant rendition is covered with an earthy beige heel, Royal Navy midfoot, and Cool Grey toe. The other smartened SF version is covered with the same material in Cornflower Blue and Cool Grey with hints of pink.  

        Lacoste x BAIT  

        This French label allowed the West Coast-based streetwear shop to refashion the nautical-inspired Inca released two decades earlier. The reimagined incarnation which comes in 500 pairs flaunted a new color and material composition that links to sailing.  

        It used oiled mambo leather so it can repel water and incorporated urban street-ready elements like a heated and textured crocodile scaling on the side panel, heightened collar, reflective 3M hits, and sailing- inspired flag branding on the tongue. A hook-and-loop Velcro strap wraps the heel to tighten the fit.                             

        Lacoste x Footpatrol  

        Lacoste teamed up with London-established sneaker store Footpatrol in 2015 to deliver a three-piece sneaker and clothing capsule that highlights the retailer’s sporting lineage using modern-day styling. This Halfcourt sneaker rendition teeming with well-thought details is made of black and white monochromatic treatment, a perfect backdrop for the Lacoste crocodile emblem.  

        Majority of the upper is draped with suede while Nubuck leather details are placed on the heel and tongue. The collar lining is covered with premium leather matched with debossed dual brand logos on the heel and crocodile graphic design on the entire footbed. The tongue also features the same graphic detail in embroidered format, while crisscrossing along the throat is a cotton rope lace with Footpatrol detailing on the metal aglets.  

        Aside from the Crocodile labeling on the side panels, the Footpatrol Gasmask branding is placed on the heel, footbed, and outsole. Around 500 pairs of this collaborative design are released worldwide.   

        What are the usual colors of Lacoste sneakers? 

        If athletic shoes are defined by its potential to protect the feet from impact, lifestyle sneakers heavily rely on style and comfort. Besides the type of materials used in sneakers, color is another determinant in purchasing casual shoes.  

        Here are the typical hues of classic to contemporary styles of Lacoste sneakers.  


        While flashy and vibrant shades are prevalent in the athleisure world, the shade of black persistently falls within the spectrum of elegant aesthetics. Lacoste did not underestimate the strength of this superior tone which has the power to tap different style preferences of consumers. Thus, this shade is one of the domineering colors in the Lacoste sneaker selections, next to blue and followed by white.  

        Some of the black Lacoste sneakers that either deliver fierce, condescending, bold, or sophisticated appeal are the completely carbon-shaded Avantor, Lerond Leather, and Evara Leather.

        Partly mixed with other materials and colors yet exuding classy impression are the Explorateur Craft Leather, Chaymon Nappa Leather, LT Fit Textile Trainer, and Avenir Textile, to name a few.  


        The varying degrees of black over white create different tones of the neutral shade of grey. It pairs well with cool colors such as violet, green, and blue. In Lacoste’s sneaker collection, this hue creates an exciting contrast to the highly noticeable Crocodile logo as seen in models like the Carnaby Evo Leather Trainer with Graphic Croc, Avenir Leather Trainer, and Graduate Leather. 


        The elemental and purest shade of sneaker that remains classic is white. Tennis is instrumental in the proliferation of timeless white sneakers. Players since the creation of British Wimbledon Open in 1877 were required to strictly follow the all-white dress code which includes low-top tennis shoes.                                       

        Lacoste is among the luxury brands that produced the appropriate on-court sneakers when it entered the tennis scene in the 1980s. The immaculate white tennis shoes were eventually embraced by aficionados of such sport until it became a fad in hip-hop communities.  

        The fervor over white sneakers migrates to this age as it is now considered a style staple. Among the vintage cuts of white low-tops in Lacoste’s collection are the L.12.12 Pique Canvas Trainer, Espere Leather Trainer, Court-Master Pique Knit Trainer, Avantor Textile Trainer, and Lerond Leather Trainer plus more.  


        Aside from grey, beige is another favorable shade of Lacoste shoes that’s not difficult to match with pastel or light-colored fabrics. This dressier alternative to the classic white hue instantly creates a sophisticated allure when paired with jeans, chinos, khakis, cargos, sweatpants, and joggers.  The beige-pigmented Lacoste sneakers that offer an edgy look when paired with typical streetwear wardrobe are Joggeur Suede Trainer, and LT Dual Elite Textile Trainer.  


        Although the Crocodile is perennially associated with Lacoste, green is the least utilized colors seen on Lacoste shoes. The intensity of green shade used in some of Lacoste sneakers is close to the minty tone. It isn’t as glaring as the psychedelic green colors on the Reebok Instapump Fury or the strong shades on the original Adidas EQT. The coded green colors on the Helaine Runner Trainer in Canvas with lace-up closure and Gazon Slip-On in Openworked Suedette offer a calming tone which makes these Lacoste sneakers pleasing to the eye. 


        If green is the least popular shade in the color spectrum of Lacoste shoes, blue takes the most number of designs produced by the brand.  

        Some of Lacoste sneakers that display navy blue, blue, and light blue colorways are L.12.12 Nappa Leather Trainer, Missouri Nubuck Trainer, and L.12.12 85th Anniversary Leather Sneakers, among others.  


        Purple which is regarded as the new black and the color of royalty is one of the pigments frequently seen on fashionable lifestyle sneakers by brands like Adidas and Nike, but for signature labels such as Lacoste, this shade is one of the least used.   

        Among the few Lacoste sneakers that come in light purple, which almost resembles a dark shade of grey are LT Fit Technical Mesh Trainer and L.12.12. Unlined Leather Trainer with Crafted Gum Outsole.  


        One of the intense and eye-catching colors of Lacoste sneakers is red. Any casual attire paired with Lacoste sneakers with this bold color that’s associated with fire and blood tends to stand out. Among the models splashed with this flashy shade are Light Textile Trainers and L.12.12. Unlined Leather Trainer with Crafted Gum Outsole.  

        What are the standout characteristics of Lacoste shoes? 

        Focus on detail 

        Rene Lacoste’s keenness to detail was the very reason that led him to the creation of this French brand that’s almost nearing its centenarian mark. Back in the early 1930s, he was particularly riveted in replacing the customary long-sleeved shirts used in tennis games with a more comfortable short-sleeved version.  

        His first merchandise was a short-sleeved polo shirt made of a meticulously chosen pique cotton fabric which for the first time displayed the Crocodile branding.  Lacoste’s discerning eye for detail was carried through the years and is evident in almost every item that flew off the company’s doors. This includes the signature Lacoste sneakers which go through high standards of construction.  

        This commitment to excellent craftsmanship is displayed in specific shoes like the L.12.12 as it exhibits meticulous detailing and construction through the use of premium leather covering, pique lining, and cushioned cupsole. 


        Natural elegance and refinement are the key styles of Lacoste sneaker. This brand is one of the luxurious fashion labels that capitalize on classic beauty through its use of modest designs, clean block palettes or monochromatic hues. 

        Its timeless silhouettes with touches of vintage appeal give the nod to the simplicity of its heritage shoes that debuted as far back as the 1930s.  


        Although Lacoste actively embraces its roots by coming up with classic sneaker models, this brand is keen on introducing designs that adopt new technologies. Among its present-day appropriate rubber-soled footwear employed breathable mesh, cushioned sole for a pleasurable heel to toe stride, and use of anti-microbial OrthoLite open cell foam insole.  

        Iconic Lacoste Crocodile branding 

        Lacoste’s Crocodile logo is one of the instantly recognizable brand symbols worldwide which has been the trademark image of this French label since it was established in 1933. Through the years, this green aquatic reptile has been synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship and classy styling.  

        Fun facts on Lacoste as a brand and as a personality 

        • Lacoste’s revenue in 2016 alone reached nearly $2.35 billion with around 10 to 20 percent credited to its footwear category.  
        • To further strengthen the market appeal of its footwear segment, Lacoste inked a deal with a London-based footwear manufacturer Pentland. This is the same British brand that holds UK footwear license for Kickers and owns premium and casual, active wear apparels such as Speedo, Berghaus, Endura, Ellesse, SeaVees, among others.  
        • Rene was an avid tennis player before he turned into an extraordinary entrepreneur. He won his first tourney when he was 17-year-old, and merited his first French Open title at the age of 20. As a young athlete, Rene is known for his discipline, strategy, and refined style of playing tennis.  
        • Before founding the clothing brand, Rene Lacoste was focused on his on-court games. He obtained strings of Grand Slam victories from mid- to late-1920s. He reaped five wins at the French Open; three victories at Wimbledon; and two triumphs at the US Open at Forest Hills.  
        • Rene was called the Crocodile as this scaly skinned animal is an apt representation of his tenacity in playing tennis.  
        • The artist behind the creation of the Crocodile logo is Robert George who made this brand representation in 1927. 
        • The standard tennis attire during the 1920s was composed of buttoned-up, long-sleeved shirt, a tie, and long white pants. Since the required tennis clothing back then was too restrictive, it prompted Rene Lacoste to come up with a comfortable short-sleeved clothing alternative which eventually became the foundation of this multi-billion apparel and footwear brand.  
        • Lacoste officially became a clothing brand in 1933. Rene was joined by Andre Gillier, a proprietor of an established French knitwear company in forming the foundation of this French label.   
        • Lacoste’s first foray into apparel business started with the launch of the very first pique cotton polo shirt that revealed the easily identifiable Crocodile logo.  

        Commonly Asked Questions on Lacoste Lifestyle Sneakers  

        How to stretch the leather upper of Lacoste shoes? 

        Some leather-made Lacoste sneakers are not too stiff to become unwearable but have little resistance when worn straight from the box. To loosen up the form of these kinds of sneakers, wear the shoe as often around the house or during short trips to nearby areas until it naturally conforms to your feet.  

        On the other hand, you may hasten the stretching process of sneakers assembled with leather coverage by using thick socks as often as possible.  

        What are the price ranges of Lacoste sneakers? 

        From the number of luxurious sneaker labels available in the market, Lacoste sneakers are comparatively more affordable. A low-top made of pique cotton upper with smooth Nappa leather, rubber outsole, and lightly cushioned inner sole such as the Lacoste L.12.12. 217 1 can be obtained for as low as $45.                                                                                              

        Most of Lacoste lifestyle sneakers are constructed with a low-top form using different fabrics and leather elements. Its low-profile Seforra and Hydez models, built with leather coverage, textile lining, lightly padded insole, lace-up closure, and synthetic outsole, are priced at $55. 

        Some of Lacoste’s casual sneakers with uppers covered with canvas and other materials are valued between $70 to $80, like the Esparre Canvas Trainer and the Ziane BL Canvas.   

        The deconstructed silhouettes constructed with unpadded tongue including Eyyla Leather Trainers and L.12.12 Unlined Leather are available in prices ranging from $110 to around $125.  

        Among the expensive casual silhouettes produced by Lacoste are its mid-top versions which are valued from $140 to $160. One of these is the Explorateur, structured with a premium leather upper, tonal overlays, padded high top collar, and generously padded interior. Another mid-rise version is the L.12.12 Mid.    

        How to detect a fake from an authentic Lacoste product? 

        The ubiquitous Crocodile logo spawned plenty of imitators around the world. Price is a determinant in spotting counterfeit Lacoste sneakers. If the rates are exceedingly low, it should already give you a warning.  

        The serial number typically found on the sizing label should match the set of digits on the shoe box. 

        Typically, the Crocodile logo is displayed on the side panels with elaborately done embroidery or intricately embedded or carved using leather or metal. The intricacy in detailing is presented by clean stitches on the teeth and tail. If the embroidery is done haphazardly and come with loose threads, it’s an imitation sneaker.   

        Insoles that display Lacoste’s branding are made with good quality graphic print, and the fonts are precisely spaced. The most recent models of Lacoste sneakers have the Crocodile image or Lacoste label debossed on the outsole.  

        I am a woman and meaning to buy a pair of Lacoste sneakers available in men’s sizes, how do I get a suitable size? 

        Women consumers who are planning to obtain a pair of Lacoste sneaker that’s obtainable in sizes for men may purchase an equivalent men’s size that’s 1.5 lesser than their female shoe length. This means if your female shoe size is 8, the corresponding men’s size is 6.5.  

        How do I clean my Lacoste shoes? 

        Cleaning different sneaker coverages requires specific types of shoe brushes. Use a synthetic bristle brush when cleaning sneakers made of leather and foam soles and a softer bristle for mesh and premium textile uppers.  

        1. Remove the shoelaces and soak in warm water with liquid detergent. 
        2. Prepare another container with liquid detergent dissolved in warm water. For textile upper, you may want to put a soft fabric or paper towels inside the shoe before brushing the top part of the shoe.  
        3. Dip the appropriate shoe brush in the liquid solution and begin brushing the midsole. Using a non-abrasive cloth, wipe off suds. Do the same process on the upper and outsole.  
        4. Rinse the shoelaces and hang to dry. 
        5. Air dry your sneaker after you’re done removing the dirt and grime. You may put paper towels inside to hasten the drying process. 
        6. Put a shoe tree and apply water-repellant spray on your leather Lacoste sneaker before stowing them. 

        What’s the story behind the Crocodile branding? 

        Rene Lacoste earned his Crocodile nickname after he initiated a bet with his coach Alan Muhr before the start of the 1923 Davis Cup held in Boston. Rene became spell bounded by a suitcase made of crocodile scaling which he saw in a store window on the street of Boston. His coach agreed to buy the luxurious bag for Rene if the latter aces the said tourney.  

        Although Rene fought hard during the match with impressive fierce moves, unfortunately, he lost the game as well as the chance to own the elegant reptile skinned suitcase. However, this story earned him a title “Crocodile” more famous than the recognition he could have received had he defeated Australia’s top seeder James Anderson at the said tennis cup.

        4 best Lacoste sneakers

        1. Lacoste Europa
        2. Lacoste Lerond Leather
        3. Lacoste Court-Master
        4. Lacoste Bayliss Vulc PRM
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