10 Best Low Top Sneakers in 2022

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Low-top sneakers are among the most common type of kicks. So common, you can expect every brand (60+ of them) to carry tens or even hundreds of this in their line-up. Given the numerous choices, it's easy to find yourself in a pickle. But, don't worry. RunRepeat is here to make shoe shopping a lot easier.

Besides giving you a few handy tips on how to find the best sneakers, we're also here to help narrow down your options. Using our filtering system does the trick, but you might just find the shoes you want in our top picks.

Our top picks, after all, feature tried-and-tested shoes that have proven their worth. The list includes the most stylish, the most value for money shoes, and the best overall.

How we select the best men's and women's low-top sneakers

Marketing campaigns and hype don't matter to us when picking the best low-top shoes. To know which sneaker performs, our team ensures to dive deep into the nitty-gritty details of each one - the good and bad included. And we do this by doing the following:

  • Gather and analyze reviews from users from around the globe
  • Get the sneakers checked and tested by our in-house experts
  • Weigh, dissect, and compare the shoes in our private lab


Best low top sneakers overall

If retro sneakers float your boat, the New Balance 550 will surely tickle your fancy. From the hardwood to the playground, this kick boasts its clean and straightforward style that amplifies its adaptable vibe. However, since this sneaker is a vintage pair from the archives, don't expect any innovative feeling. It offers basic comfort on your feet that you can wear all day, every day.
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The New Balance 327 overall is a lightweight and comfortable NB Classics shoe that has a snug fit you can use for everyday work. It comes in multiple colorways ranging from vibrant colors to tonal hues. The EVA midsole and rubber outsole provide good support and grip. It’s an affordable New Balance pair to add to your collection.
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Best Nike low top sneakers

Building up a sneaker stack that's as steal as the Sacai's without spending much? Scoring Nike Waffle One that's obtainable in multiple color choices could be a good starting point. This fresh recast to the Waffle racer is almost hard-to-resist, from its see-through mesh webbing to its tasteful color blocking. A caveat though, its comfort level isn't in any way squishy soft as most Nike React kicks.
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Best Adidas low top sneakers

The Adidas Busentiz has been around for a while. It stands on its own against modern skate shoes because of its durability and versatility. More than anything it's a really clean-looking sneaker that works just as well on a night out as it does in a skatepark. It helps that the shoe is easy to clean, sturdy and has loads of cushioning to keep you comfy and supported.
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If you’ve been dreaming of strutting Yeezy sneakers but can’t afford its sky-high tag, the Three Stripes finally releases the next best thing - the Adidas Ozelia. Displaying a style stirred from the past and premium, this kick offers pillowy strides while rocking a look with cool confidence. With Ozelia, you don’t need to choose between comfort and style, as you can quickly enjoy both for less price.
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Best nike blazer low top sneakers

Strut the streets confidently while wearing the low-key Nike Blazer Low 77. This retro-inspired kick features an ageless design, parallel with the looks of Stan Smith and the versatility of Superstar. It takes pride in its all-day cozy and sound strides, found in a price range that will make your pockets smile.
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Update your usual garb with a sporty and comfy sneak that offers a boost of height. Nike Blazer Low Platform doesn’t come with outrageous chunky bottoms but the right amount of elevation to give you the confidence to strut in style. Its timeless cut goes handy with queues of casual summer wear, making it one of the affordable finds from Nike.
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Best budget low top sneakers

Do you want to ace a courtside vibe on the city streets? Don a pair of Nike Court Legacy, and you're far from having qualms. It has a street-worthy style that displays a minimalist and modern flair perfect when updating your look. Moreover, it proudly offers comfort and durability that further smashes its opponents in the daily street-style game.
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Marathon-inspired Nike DBreak reappears in fresh and bold color schemes while keeping a strong throwback charm. Apart from a blast-from-the-past aesthetic, this kick offers tons of comfort with its amply foamed underside. It’s one of the lightest and cheapest vintage runners you can get from the Swoosh brand.
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What are the cheapest low top sneakers in 2022?

  1. New Balance All Coasts 425 - from $19
  2. SeaVees Westwood - from $20
  3. Reebok Royal Turbo Impulse - from $22
  4. Puma R78 - from $22
  5. Saucony Jazz 81 - from $22
  6. Reebok Dual Court - from $24
  7. Etnies RLS - from $24
  8. DC Lynx Zero - from $24
  9. Reebok Royal Pervader - from $24
  10. Puma Caracal - from $24
  11. Vans Leopard Classic Slip-On - from $25
  12. Etnies Vanguard - from $26
  13. Saucony Jazz Court - from $26
  14. Saucony Hornet - from $26
  15. Adidas Haiwee - from $27

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