Our verdict


Based on the classic 1998 Ozweego 3, this new silhouette is streamlined but retains the innovative tech and loud aesthetic for which the Ozweegos are known. Though intensely retro, the Ozweego looks futuristic with its prominent heel wedge (reminiscent of the Yeezys) and translucent supportive piping. Labeled under Adidas Originals, the Ozweego is appreciatively affordable.


  • Unbelievably comfortable
  • Fashionably chunky
  • Affordable
  • Clean details
  • Insanely versatile
  • Compliment magnet
  • Lightweight
  • Great for all-day wear
  • Hugs the foot


  • Lack of quality materials
  • Tight toe box

Who should buy the Adidas Ozweego

Apart from sneaker fans who adore '90's fashioned sneakers, the Ozweego is also for buyers who are:

  • looking for sneakers that have all-day comfort
  • hunting for footwear that offers chunky style yet is light on the feet
  • considering purchasing neck-breaking yet affordable footwear

Adidas Ozweego Adidas logo on tongue

Who should NOT buy

If you have wide feet, you better check our wide sneaker selection as the Ozweego might feel tight, especially on your toe box. 

Adidas Ozweego top view of the insole

It screams '90s fashion

Its strangely chunky '90s silhouette has fascinated heaps of shoppers. While nodding at all its predecessor's mainstay features, the Ozweego looks sleeker and sharper with its futuristic design lines brought by its prominent heel wedge and translucent support piping. It's hailed as a perfect distillation of the Ozweego line.

Adidas Ozweego lateral back view

Powered with stunning cushioning

The Ozweego's intense level of comfort has suprised everyone. Thanks to the AdiPrene's targeted cushioning, excellent shock absorption and a smooth and effortless ride are what came out of the strategic placement of cushioning on the forefoot and heel areas.

Adidas Ozweego Adiprene cushioning

Adidas Ozweego: fashionably affordable

A couple of users have even recommended the Ozweego as an affordable alternative to the Yeezys

Adidas Ozweego rubber outsole

Intricate details

The level of detailing that goes into the Adidas Ozweego is impressive. According to some reviewers, it is easy to fall in love with the Ozweegos at first sight and touch. It bears striking details—the color blocking, stripes, piping, and eyestay. Its silhouette is primarily defined by its beastly midsole's sculpted muscles and lines. 

Adidas Ozweego back view lateral side

For its price, don't expect too much

A few customers observe that some parts of the shoe lack quality materials.

Adidas Ozweego front part

You can wear the Ozweegos with different outfits

This kick can't help popping out in any casual or sporty outfit. It works well with baggy styles and slim-fit, tapered-down outfits (jeans, joggers, sweatpants). 

Adidas Ozweego midfoot area

Get ready to get loads of compliments

Many wearers have shared about receiving unsolicited public admiration. Its strangeness and "ugliness" check and excel in all the dad shoe requirements. Instead of looking fat, as most dad shoes are, the Ozweego appears more slim, fit, and athletic. 

Adidas Ozweego toe box top view

It hugs the foot with a soft, lightweight feel

Though chunky, the Ozweego is, in fact, lightweight, based on a few reviews. This gives its wearers no dragging-down sensation at all. 

Adidas Ozweego intricate collar details