New Balance 57/40: A tweaked, tuned up NB574

New Balance 57/40 happens when the classic New Balance 574 gets spun of vivid and robust ‘80 colors - the kind you’ll find on the ‘90s Apple logo - plus modern cosmetics and retooling. It slightly inches away from the shadow of the NB 574s and the traditional stitching and looks of the NB classics. Nonetheless, it still hits the core of the dad shoe crowd and seekers of classic-rooted kicks. 

What’s in it?

  • Nothing's spectacular to expect about its EVA-made ENCAP cushioning. But it cradles the foot against shock, making it comfy all-day footwear.
  • True to the inscription on the inner tongue (The Intelligent Choice), this shoe is wrapped in an interplay of suede, nubuck, tumbled leather, and mesh, all done in premium grade. 
  • Heel clip offers backend support.
  • Its hard-wearing outsole comes with retooled lugs for grip, reminiscent of the 574’s trail heritage.

Must-have variations

Below are NB 57/40 colorways that serve well as collector's pieces. These come in much pricier tags than the standard 57/40.

Grey Day, named after a fictitious day in NB’s calendar, is more than the ordinary NB grey kick. Interestingly, the left and right foot come in mismatched suede and leather textures from smooth, long-haired to nappy suede and tumbled leather. 

Bricks & Wood is another collector’s piece dressed in forest green and a mix of premium leather. A soft and buttery suede runs around the forefoot, hairy suede on the forefoot and heel, nubuck tongue, and tumbled full-grain one below the ankle collar. Reflective hits are peppered all over, even on the laces. 


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