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8 reasons to buy

  • The main model in the Stan Smith collection, these shoes are very comfortable, as reported by a large number of reviewers.
  • According to a substantial number of loyal fans, it really resembles the feel of the original sneaker that was released back in the 1970s.
  • It is quite light, others noted.
  • Owning this model of Adidas sneakers is like owning a piece of history.
  • Many of the reviewers are deeply appreciative of the simple, elegant, and classic looks of this sneaker.
  • The sneaker has been worn by many of the who’s who in the entertainment and fashion industries.
  • It is available in all black, white, and other color variations.
  • A handful of commenters observed that it is very easy to clean.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Some of the sneakers’ diehard fans have remarked that the leather upper is of lower quality than before.
  • A small number of purchasers were disappointed that the shoe is a little tight in the forefoot.
  • A few have noticed that the leather creases too quickly.

Bottom line

After Adidas brought back the Stan Smith about 3 years ago, it has seen a renaissance that few sneakers can match in history. Despite its ridiculous popularity and following, Adidas maintains the shoe’s affordable price tag.

The sneaker brings a classic and simple look that has made it a fan-favorite from the regular Joe to the most influential people. Having this shoe is getting a feel of the past without losing the timeless appeal that makes it such a hit throughout these years.

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Good to know

Most shoes under the Adidas Originals collection are generally tagged as unisex and in men’s sizing. The Adidas Stan Smith is no exception. It has been released many times in different materials but remains to have a very good hold. 

The Adidas Stan Smith has a full-grain leather upper with perforated 3-Stripes that provides sufficient foot breathability. It has a lace-up closure that efficiently locks down the foot while the EVA midsole gives lightweight cushioning.                                   

This iteration utilizes an Ortholite sockliner offering a healthy foot environment by preventing odor-causing bacteria. It also utilizes a rubber cupsole that gives support as well as a reliable grip. For all-day play, smooth synthetic lining and a fabric-lined footbed are installed.

The Adidas Stan Smith is easily a classic in almost every sense of the word. It has been around for decades and has mostly stayed the same since its introduction. However, the timeless appeal of the shoe has prompted fashion experts and casual observers to even call it chic and sleek enough to conquer the fancy of teens.

With a low-top silhouette, the Stan Smith has stitched lined lines on its upper that emits a retro yet classy look. The signature logo is found on the tongue as well as callout at heel.

Followers can grab this iteration in a variety of colorways according to their preferences. Whether they are Adidas Stan Smiths with navy blue accents or Adidas Stan Smith in all white among others, the brand covered them all for men and women.

Additionally, because of its elegant yet sporty look, the sneaker can be worn with almost any type of clothing. One can easily see celebrities rocking their own Stan Smiths in various attires. It is pretty much a do-it-all shoe that has already found its place in millions of closets the world over. Some of the suggested ways that men and women can style their Adidas Stan Smith shoes are:

Styling men’s Adidas Stan Smiths

      • Adidas Stan Smith in black looks perfect with white chinos and a black crew-neck shirt for an easy to wear and everyday look.
      • Black skinny jeans with a white and plain shirt under a navy denim long-sleeved shirt look great with a pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.
      • Adidas Stan Smith shoes look awesome with a combination of a grey and three-piece suit that not only oozes masculinity but also refined elegance.
      • For many style-conscious men, a pair of Adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers in black works perfectly with skinny charcoal jeans and a combination of a white shirt and light blue denim jacket.
      • Men can opt for a more comfortable attire by wearing black ripped skinny jeans and a black crew-neck shirt and match them with a pair of Adidas Stan Smith in black, perfect for a roasting hot summer afternoon.

Styling women’s Adidas Stan Smiths

      • Ladies can wear their Adidas Stan Smith sneakers with a black tank top and a black jacket.
      • To have a nice outfit on a cold and winter day, ladies can style and wear their Adidas Stan Smith shoes in black with white slim-fitted jeans and a black and white patterned loose sweater.
      • High school girls can look sassy when they wear their Stan Smiths in all white with black skin-tight jeans and a white blouse under a black sweater, providing comfort all day long.
      • The Adidas Stan Smith shoes are also great with outfits for both casual and formal gatherings. Ladies can match this sneaker with their long skirt and a jet blacktop.
      • Aside from being part of a winter outfit, the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers can go well with summer clothing. Girls can simply wear their denim shorts and any colored half sleeves with this shoe for comfortable wear on a hot day.

The most obvious feature of the tennis-inspired sneaker Adidas Stan Smith that immediately jumps out of the shoe is the caricature of the man whose fame is now eclipsed by the very shoe that is named after him. The man, Stan Smith’s face covers the tongue of this sneaker in a cheeky sort of way. From a single glance, sneaker fans can immediately recognize the shoe based on this feature alone.

Through the years, Adidas has been very creative in making the shoe more popular than ever. Some of its various iterations offer caricatures depicting the faces of famous celebrities. Ellen deGeneres, among others, was one of those faces featured in this very iconic shoe.

No one knows yet what will happen regarding the use of the tongue as a way of creating more publicity for this sneaker. This is a very big chance though that people will see more of celebrity faces on this massively popular shoe.

The original Stan Smith was a tennis shoe that was previously called the Adidas Robert Haillet, named after a 1960s French professional tennis player. He retired in 1965, and in 1971 Horst Dassler approached Stan Smith, an American and former tennis player, and offered him to become the official endorser of the brand’s flagship tennis shoe.

Smith endorsed the Adidas Robert Haillet for years. However, the Haillet’s name paired with an illustration of Smith’s face on the shoe drew confusion. Therefore, in 1978, Adidas officially rebranded the shoe, and since then it became known as the Adidas Stan Smith, complete with Smith’s portrait, name, and signature.

  The Adidas Stan Smith becomes an icon

Stan Smith by Adidas was initially born as a performance shoe, but as it has stood the test of time, it later became iconic lifestyle footwear that men and women around the globe fell in love with. Although this iteration now comes in countless styles and colors, it essentially remains straightforward in design with uncompromising comfort equipped with the same traits it had back in 1972 when the athlete Stan Smith wore it when he won in Wimbledon.

Aside from the design of the Adidas Stan Smith shoes, people love it because of its durability. With the iconic three dotted stripes, this clean and timeless sneaker has been integrated with different technologies to solidify its timelessness. The Stan Smith by Adidas has been released in Boost and Primeknit as well as in both Boost Primeknit iterations.

The continuing popularity of the Stan Smith collection

With a single silhouette, the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers have achieved the zenith of two functionalities. It was reinvented without being redesigned which is continued to be loved by everyone. The simplicity of the Stan Smith shoe of Adidas continues to be the main factor of its success. Simplicity is its strength in the face of extravagant designs among its competitors.

Although it is simple, like most Adidas Originals shoes, the Stan Smith also radiates class and effective styling without complicating its design. It has connected to generations to middle and working classes, subcultures, races, and multiple nationalities.

Adidas Superstar vs. Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas has had its share of iconic shoes, but none are as iconic as the Adidas Stan Smith and the Adidas Superstar. The two are considered classics and casual staples, worn by many individuals around the world. Although the two have different backgrounds, they also surprisingly have several similarities.

The Stan Smith was originally a tennis shoe, while the Superstar was introduced as basketball footwear. Both are made up of leather, featuring simple silhouettes in predominantly white colorways with darker accents. Years after they were first released, both models came to the fore of the lifestyle fashion world and have been time-tested since. They have never gone out of style.

Both shoes belong to roughly the same era. The Superstar was first released in 1969, before becoming popular with break dancers in New York. This model eventually became the footwear of choice for hip-hop group Run DMC. Likewise, the Stan Smith also entered the hip-hop scene.

When it comes to branding, the Superstar has a bold touch, featuring the Three Stripes logo on the sides with perforations in between. Meanwhile, the Stan Smith chose to keep it simple with just the perforated design. While the Superstar has the Trefoil logo on the tongue, the Stan Smith exhibits the eponymous tennis player’s face and signature on its tongue.

Lastly, the Superstar offers an edgy appeal with its unique shell-toe design. Choosing between the Adidas Superstar or the Stan Smith is often difficult for people, as they are both classics from a reliable brand. However, Adidas Superstar shoes are viewed as hip, having a more traditional look that’s specifically tied to hip-hop culture. Meanwhile, the Stan Smiths have a more laidback and simple charm.

  • Some of the famous people who wore the Adidas Stan Smith at one time or another were: Kendall Jenner, Gisele Bundchen, Bella Hadid, Phoebe Philo, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham, Julianne Moore, Raf Simons, and Karlie Kross.
  • The pimpled outsole provides a solid grip both indoors and outdoors, including grassy areas.
  • Adidas regularly updates this shoe with a few changes in the upper or a new design without completely changing the shoe's name.
  • A sustainable version of this classic is also available. Made of Primegreen, this Stan Smith iteration's upper consists of 50% recycled material.


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