10 Best High Top Sneakers in 2021

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10 Best High Top Sneakers in 2021

There are a few things to consider when buying high-top sneakers. Not only should they be stylish, but they must be comfy and supportive as well. 

For this reason, we meticulously put through more than 100 pairs of high-top sneakers under a series of tests and comparisons. We came up with a curated list of our top picks for various categories and provided A to Z details to help you pick which one suits your penchant.

How we pick the best high top sneakers

  • To avoid any biased feedback, we purchased our high-top shoes with our own funds. 
  • We put these sneakers thoroughly under various courses of indoor and outdoor tests.
  • To make our rankings even more comprehensive, we have gathered reviews from other users.

We call our scoring system CoreScore. Each model is graded from 1-100 using test results and user reviews. The higher the score, the better the overall feedback.

Best overall

Over a century since it premiered, we ran out of words to express our astonishment on the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Top’s longevity. After a series of tests and comparisons, this sneaker quickly bagged the top spot in our high-top models. It amazingly beat the other 200+ high-top models!

Its lasting appeal has been proven countless times as it was spotted worn by the James Dean generation to the Britney Spears epoch. Up until now, the Ariana Grande wannabes still don this for their street adventures. 

Apart from looks, this sneaker is the epitome of street comfort. We love how it kept our feet comfortable and secured throughout our city strolls without any issues—a perfect all-rounder for its coziness, versatility, and durability. 

Its lightness is another merit that should be celebrated. It did not drag our feet down as we enjoyed walking around the town, skating, or working out in it. 

Although it is a high-top, we are amazed how it kept our feet ventilated and kept it from being sweaty. Sure thing, this is a summer ensemble staple. 

This iconic sneaker is here to stay! Grab a pair and enjoy its immortal flair.

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Surpassing 200+ sneakers, the Adidas Pro Model deserves its spot as one of the best high-top models to date. From the hard courts to the street walks, there are countless reasons why this model is a must in your wardrobe.

Bragging its post as one of the all-time best Adidas models, the Pro Model is a perfect accessory when you want to don bold streetwear. We dig its style, almost identical to the iconic Adidas Superstar, which quickly makes it more eye-catching. 

Like most Adidas models, we enjoyed roaming around in this as it provided comfortable strides. It hugged our feet comfortably and supported our ankles amply without any restrictive feel.

We also get to enjoy using this longer than expected. It is so robust that we did not see any worn-out sign after wearing it a few times. This kick is a true gem if you’re looking for an all-rounder sneaker. 

When it comes to quality, this pair is top-notch! Although it creases easily, the leather upper is exceptionally premium and offers added comfort. You don’t need to fret about its upkeep as it will make your lives easier. Just wipe the dirt off; it is that quick and simple.

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Best skate shoe

Vans Sk8-Hi easily hailed as the best high-top skate shoes on the market. It has been known to be one of the most comfortable skate sneakers ever since its launch forty years ago. 

For the current market, this model got an update to make it more comfortable! Lo and behold, it truly is extremely cozy! We were astonished as we walked along the streets feeling no pain at all - zero, null, nadah!

We can’t get enough of how this sneaker was built to last. Skaters can do their heelflips, ollies, and shuvits without worrying if this will rip apart in the middle of the tricks! Non-skaters, too, can definitely enjoy wearing this whenever, wherever. 

We are over the moon on its style that never looked more modern. It is so simple yet iconic, a perfect pair when you want an instant spotlight. It simply demands attention that every sneakerhead must add to their lives. 

Did we mention that it is one of the most affordable pairs on the market? Yes, you read that right. For just $65, you get to enjoy a fully loaded sneaker both in grand style and unmatched comfort.

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After several tests and comparisons, the Supra Skytop quickly secures as one of the best high-top skate sneakers on our list.

True to its name, this sneaker offers a sky-high amount of features that make our street cruising and skate sessions fun and exciting. It displays a vibe that fuses style and sport, making it a skate sneaker worth checking out.

It is jam-packed with elements that make our feet cozy throughout the day. We enjoyed its well-padded areas that kept our feet secured as we rode our skateboards. 

Although this sneaker is a bit stout, its weight was not sacrificed. It is so lightweight that ollie and shuvits feel so easy with this skate shoe.

We adore its tall collar height that offers an outstanding amount of support. It snugly clutched our ankles as we jumped or walked the streets.

When it comes to style, this kick is remarkable! We admire its ruggedly stylish vibe that can seamlessly blend into various ensembles. We can throw on our fave jeans or even sweat pants; this sneaker will still look snazzy.

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Best platform

For innumerable reasons, we have included the Converse Run Star Hike as our top pick in our best platform high-top list, overthrowing over 200 high-top sneakers.

After countless tests and comparisons, we have concluded that this sneaker offers an outstanding level of comfort. We walked through the city all day long, and amazingly, we did not feel any pain at all. It kept us cozy all the time. 

We are also over the moon by its unique and neck-breaking style. The classic high-top Converse sneaker was modified with a chunky sole and aggressive rubber outsole. It quickly turned our usual attire look cool and one-of-a-kind. 

Not your run-of-a-mill style, this kick begs attention from onlookers. Our usual daily attire looked extra sassy as soon as we slipped our foot into this. We felt a bit taller; thus, we had more confidence as we walked along the streets.

We fancy showcasing its two-toned outsole. This eye-catching feature made our steps more grippy the moments we stride along slippery surfaces.

With its futuristic look and classic comfort, the Converse Run Star Hike deserves its top spot in our list of chunky models.

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The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Lugged High Top surpassed our tests and comparisons and deserves a space in our best platform high-top models list. 

The classic basketball-inspired sneaker now has a chunky outsole with aggressive tread for that utilitarian vibe. Classically unique, we adore its exceptional style that quickly makes our everyday attire look extra snazzy. 

We admire how its style can be paired up with numerous attires. This kick is a versatile pair to bring for our unplanned urban adventures. 

It is a real neck-breaker! Onlookers could not get their eyes off our feet. It is so chic, as if it begs compliments from everyone!

This sneaker offers a tremendous amount of comfort. We get to experience its coziness and soft cushioning that make our steps more bearable.

As we walked in it, we felt its excellent ankle support. Walking all day felt so secure, and we did not worry about spraining our ankles despite its chunky sole. 

If you’re looking for a bit of lift, get a pair of the Converse CTAS Lugged High Top. Pair this with your favorite jeans, and you’re good to go for all-day city exploration.

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Best retro

Nike Air Force 1 High
Nike Air Force 1 High Nike Air Force 1 High

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Top pick

After putting it through several comparisons and tests, the Nike Air Force 1 High lands as our top pick in our best retro high-top sneakers. 

This sneaker suits buyers who are into the Air Force 1 series. Garb with more striking hues, this kick revamped our looks effortlessly. It added a fresh and exciting appeal to our regular wardrobe. 

When it comes to comfort, this sneaker is a beast! We did not encounter any issues after wearing it all day. We savored every moment of coziness as we pound the city pavements. 

Its ankle support is to die for! It has ample cushioning on the collar, plus the added strap that completely protects our ankles from sprains. It was such a fantastic experience.

We also had no dilemmas with its durability. We enjoyed this longer than expected, just like all its Nike Air Force 1 siblings. 

With regards to its style, this sure is a winner! We just love how the Swoosh kept the classic spirit while refreshing it with modern hints. Its wide array of hues definitely made a significant impact on our regular daily outfits.

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It was an easy task to include the Jordan True Flight on our list of best retro sneakers. After careful assessments, we have found numerous reasons why it must be added to our best list. 

Among the Jordan series, the True Flight is one of the many that offers superb coziness! As soon as we slipped our feet into its cushy collar, we instantly felt its comfort. We enjoyed how its tall collar embraced our ankles. A match made in heaven, indeed!

When it comes to durability, we have no other words but a pure compliment. It stayed undamaged and grippy after donning it for unaccounted times.

As you strut the streets during the summer, this sneaker can be your footwear! Sweaty feet are not going to be a problem as this sneaker offers an ample amount of ventilation. 

A proven crowd pleaser, wearing the True Flight will surely amp up your predictable outfit. We dig its throwback style with chunkiness that works perfectly for the dad sneaker trend. 

A sneaker that can take you to places, snag a pair of Jordan True Flight for an authentic retro style getup.

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Best chunky shoe

After scrutinizing hundreds of chunky high-top sneakers, the Jordan Mars 270 quickly bagged our top pick for the best chunky high-top shoe list.

We revel in its uniqueness. We were captivated by its one-off style that was conceived from fusing four different Jordan models. Its kind is so different, which is why it can quickly refresh our constant everyday look.

It stayed authentic to Jordan’s well-known quality. We can guarantee its top-notch make! We are actually thinking of repurchasing as this can be a good investment. 

Walking in this kick gave happiness to our feet. We relish how relaxing it is, and some of our foot pain was even relieved. It may look stiff, but we swear by its coziness that will make city strolling easy and fun.

Thanks to its high-top profile, this sneaker provided an extraordinary amount of ankle support. Ankle twists will never be a problem with Mars 270. 

The Jordan Mars 270 is the best pair to get if you’re looking for a chunky pair of high-top models. This sneaker is bursting with so many features that will make your street style flashy and homey. 

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After strings of assessments, we concluded the Fila MB is one of the best chunky high-top models available on the market after testing over 200 high-top models. 

We felt total contentment on its beefed-up profile! It is so chunky yet stylish. We were thrilled how it quickly turned our familiar style look extra snazzy. Its retro flair is an attention magnet. It’s hard not to be noticed when the Fila MBs are on your feet!

Comfort-wise, it is a darling! It offers a considerable amount of coziness that hitting the road daily has never been a problem. Its ankle support is phenomenal! We did not worry a bit about foot rolling while wearing this sneaker. 

Don’t be intimidated by its chunkiness, as this pair is amazingly lightweight! Zero dragging down our feet feeling as we stroll around the town. 

Found at the price range that is below $100, the Fila MB is truly a gem! Despite its affordable price range, it still offers a generous amount of comfort and style. 

The Fila MB comes with practical features that make this another noteworthy pair to be added to your sneaker collection.

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