10 Best Cheap Sneakers in 2021

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Gone are the days when sneaker fans had to spend lavishly to look up-to-date. Scoring a pair of dope sneakers without squandering is much easier than most think. This is why we’ve put together a user-friendly guide to help you pick the best sneakers on the market. 

We’ve got some solid options from the bigwigs Nike and Adidas, while Reebok and Vans models also came up to snuff.

How we choose the best cheap sneakers

  • To avoid biased feedback, we used our money to purchase these cheap sneakers.
  • For authentic results, we subjected them to a whole slew of tests and comparisons.
  • We meticulously gathered reviews from the actual users of these kicks.

The results from tests and reviews help us rank shoes using CoreScore. Ranging from 1 to 100, this scoring system will give you an abstract of how the shoe went for the majority—the greater the score, the better overall performance.

Best overall

After reviewing and testing more than 400 budget-friendly sneakers on the market, we picked the Vans Authentic as the best. 

True to its name, the Vans Authentic features the vintage Vans sneaker style that we have come to love since it premiered. Its clean and straightforward aesthetic makes it one of the staple silhouettes that every sneaker lover must add to their arsenals. 

As it continues to be one of Vans’ most popular styles, we enjoyed its myriad of colorways and collaborations available on the market. From the minimalist white to a more eye-catching checkerboard, the Authentic can cater to a wide array of personalities. 

Its easy on-and-off feature is another plus. It favors those who are always rushing out the door or hate the hassle of technical lacing systems. 

Moreover, this pair is built to last. It suits daily use as Vans designed it with durable features and all-rounder style. Although upkeep may be a bit of a problem, overall, this works perfectly as your daily beater. 

Though this pair is cheap, Vans did not slash on its impressive features. The sneaker that jump started the skate culture, Vans Authentic must be your “numero uno '' when picking among the sea of cheap sneakers available on the market.

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When we tested more than a hundred cheap sneakers, Nika Tanjun quickly landed as one of the best sneakers to date. 

Molded with simplicity as its central theme, Nike Tanjun deserves way more recognition than it has been receiving since its introduction. 

It boasts its unique coziness. This sneaker provided us with a soft ride as wwe trailed along the city pavements. It’s like a pillow on our foot; we did not mind walking in it for a few more hours than usual. 

In terms of durability, this sneaker is on par with other pricier models. It stayed intact throughout, and its traction did not change even a bit. 

The toe box might be a bit tighter than our other Nike kicks, but we did not mind. We love how it cradled our feet. Plus, it provided just the right amount of ventilation. For the summer days, this is definitely my choice of footwear! 

Style-wise, the Tanjun is a winner! We worship its adaptable look! It can be paired up with heaps of attires, from day spring up until the dark hours. The Nike Tanjun is truly a must-have in any sneaker rotation.

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Best high-top

More than 400 reasonably-priced sneakers have been tested, and the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top swimmingly bagged the top spot in our best high-top sneaker models to date. 

This iconic sneaker has been on the market for a century. Amazingly, it has stayed fashionable up to this date. We are astonished to see different generations continuously wear this - kids on the playground to the professionals on their work attires, this sneaker works fashionably!

We love how adaptable its style is! We enjoyed how it quickly created a statement on our overall ensembles. Wear this with your tattered jeans or with your wedding trousers! 

With regards to its comfort, this is a cut above the rest! Despite its basic sneaker features, we were amused as it kept our feet comfortable throughout the day. Strolling, skating, or working out, this sneaker does wonders to our feet!

Its durability is another outstanding feature. We can vouch that after wearing this sneaker incalculable times, it remained intact and undamaged. 

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Top may be cheap on its price but not cheap on its features. It is brimming with exciting elements that make it another noteworthy sneaker worth including in your collection.

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Following heaps of tests and comparisons of more than a hundred pairs of high-top models, we concluded that the Vans Sk8-Hi is among the best affordable high-top sneakers on the market.

The Sk8-Hi is indisputably one of the most iconic models from the Vans. From the skate-sphere to the punk subcultures, this quickly landed as one of the most fashionable high-tops in the lifestyle world. 

We dig the versatility of the Vans sk8-Hi. Its sleek and minimalist silhouette can be easily paired up with loads of outfits. From jeans to tracksuit, this kick works immensely well. 

This sneaker also offers just the right amount of coziness. It has a padded collar and thin insoles that are suitable for walking around the town.

Despite its tall collar, this sneaker is surprisingly breathable! Thanks to its thin canvas, airflow is possible in this high-top model. With this, walking through rain showers is not advised as its thin upper absorbs water quickly. 

If you’re on a hunt for a pair that can take a beating without spending too much money, chew over the Vans Sk8-Hi, and it might suit your needs.

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Best slip-on

In search of the best affordable slip-on sneakers, we’ve tested 400 plus slip-on models. And we pick the Vans Slip-On as the best among the rest.

Everyone loves the Vans Slip-On, also dubbed as Style #98. It is so iconic and versatile! A refreshingly clean and straightforward sneaker that has been replicated countless times. 

We love that Vans offers this in an extensive range of styles and colors to suit a wide range of personalities.

Putting this sneaker on needs no effort at all! We love its quick-to-slide-in design that makes heading-out-the-door easier than usual. Taking it off also is as easy as putting it on—no need to bend down. 

Don’t worry about its secure fit, as Vans provided it with elastic goring to clutch your feet comfortably and snugly. A suitable pair for your all-day city ventures. 

With regards to its comfort, this pair is an A-lister! As soon as you break it in, the coziness will last the entire day. With its time-tested quality and flair, the Vans Slip-On is definitely a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. 

Beyond doubt, you can hardly go wrong when you pick the Vans Slip-On.

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Following a series of comparisons and tests, the DC Villain 2 landed as one of the best slip-on cheap sneakers available on the market. 

Inconsistent with its name, this sneaker is a goodie when it comes to a heap of features. We love how it comfortably cradled our feet as we roamed around the streets. It is very airy and does not give a dragging-down sensation. 

Style-wise, we enjoyed its versatility. It looks effortlessly trendy when paired with numerous attires. Dressing up for work to dressing down for a laidback weekend errand, this shoe gave us nothing but great style.

This moccasin-inspired sneaker is made with various materials. Pick among the corduroy, suede, nubuck, and canvas; there is undoubtedly a piece that will match your personality.  

We enjoyed the ease of slipping this sneaker on. We did not have any troubles as we slipped our feet into this soft-lined sneaker. 

On top of this, DC sells this at a budget-friendly range. You get to enjoy all these exciting and striking features with a budget under $90.

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Best tennis

We’ve put several inexpensive tennis sneakers to test, and we hand-picked the Nike Court Vision Low as the best on our list. 

Beautifully designed, this sneaker has stayed true to its tennis roots. It is spotless and straightforward, making it one of the most versatile pieces you could ever have. From jeans to trousers, from minis to long skirts, the Court Vision Low looks perfectly fashionable. 

We dig its slim profile. Unlike Air Force 1, this gives an illusion that we have skinny feet. However, its width was sacrificed a bit. We found this pair a tad narrower than the usual Nike models. 

With reference to its comfort, this is unmistakably a keeper! It stayed comfy the entire time it was on our feet. We actually don’t mind walking in these kicks for another kilometer or two. 

Its durability is another noteworthy feature. It stayed undamaged after wearing it several times.

Classic, trendy, and lasting. The Nike court Vision Low is truly a gem among the plethora of cheap sneakers available.

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More than 40 low-priced tennis sneakers have undergone a series of tests and comparisons, and we selected the Adidas Daily 3.0 as one of the bests. 

True to its name, this sneaker will make your daily beating fun and exciting! A genuine all-rounder sneaker, it boasts an adaptable style that can quickly match any attire for various occasions. Thanks to its gender-neutral hues and minimalist aesthetics.

We were also amazed by its lightness. We felt instant comfort the second we slid our foot into this sneaker. It felt so airy and did not lug our feet down as we walked along the streets. 

For the summer, this sneaker is undeniably highly recommended. It provided our feet enough ventilation to keep them from turning sweaty. Thanks to its canvas upper, this kick kept everything cool, literally and figuratively. 

Its durability, meanwhile, may not be on a par with other hardcore skate sneakers, but this sneaker works wonders if you plan to do light street skating drills. 

Sport the Adidas Daily 3.0 day-to-day and be amazed by its impressive features.

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Best sporty

In search of the best sporty cheap sneakers, we’ve subjected over a hundred pairs of sneakers to a series of tests and comparisons. We have concluded that the best sporty kick in a budget range is the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 3.0.

Slip-on fanatics, hold your horses as this model suits your taste! Its stretchy one-piece upper makes it easy to slide your foot in. Rushing out the door is breezier!

It is one of the most breathable pairs we have tried! We’ve worn this during the humid days, and our feet felt cool and dry throughout the time. 

Underfoot, it feels so soft and cushy. We enjoyed our springy ride as we paved the city streets.

Conforming with its name, this sneaker is incredibly lightweight! With Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 3, we walked faster and comfier. 

This minimalist sneaker is the best pair to consider if you’re thinking of adding an all-rounder to your collection. From the streets to the tracks, slip this sneaker on to experience premium comfort without the need to hurt your budget.

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After checking over a hundred pairs of cheap sneakers, we hailed the Reebok Classic Nylon as one of the best among the sporty models.

Released in the ‘80s, we love how Reebok kept all its vintage vibe. From the overlays down to the wedge midsole. This sneaker just begs attention! If you’re eyeing to flaunt an authentic throwback style, this sneaker must be in your attire.

This model is bursting with comfort that day-long walking feels so easy and fun. You can even personalize it for a more individualized style.

Like its Reebok running folks, this sneaker is extremely lightweight. It made our walks faster and felt more comfortable even after using it the entire day. 

Beneath, we adore how it stayed grippy after wearing it numerous times. Walking on skiddy surfaces has never been a problem with the Classic Nylon. 

We are also impressed by its overall style. It seamlessly matched almost all our attire for practically all informal activities. From work to training, from jeans to sweatpants, this kick downright gave us nothing but style and comfort.

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