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  1. Any color
    Puma Suede Classic - Red (18164901)
    Puma Suede Classic - Pomegranate-puma White (36534765)
    Puma Suede Classic - Charcoal Gray-puma B (36534754)
    Puma Suede Classic - Black (36534739)
    Puma Suede Classic - Caribbean Sea (36963401)
    Puma Suede Classic - Black (35263403)
    $65 $20 Save 69%
  2. Any color
    Puma LQDCELL Optic Sheer - Gray Violet Puma Black (19256002)
    Puma LQDCELL Optic Sheer - High Rise Rhubarb Sulphur (19256005)
    Puma LQDCELL Optic Sheer - Puma Blk Rose Turq (19256006)
    $110 $43 Save 61%
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buy puma sneakers for men and women

Puma sneakers

Being in the industry for over 70 years, Puma already has a vast pool of sneakers selection. If you are looking for a Puma sneaker but do not know where to start, we can help you choose the right pair.

Puma shoes for men and women

If you are looking for Puma trainers, you are on the right page! Here at RunRepeat, we offer you a variety of Puma shoes for both genders at a sweet price.

For fanatics, you might want to grab some of their iconic models. We have a collection of the Puma Suede, of which the primary model used to be a track and field shoe. Today, it has become an inspiration model for many Puma sneakers. 

We also offer the Clyde line. The primary silhouette of this product line was the first custom basketball sneaker. In the present, it is one of the brand’s models that bridge performance and style.

You can also choose from our different styles like the Puma Platform, Puma Slip-On, or Puma Low Top. We also have some of Puma’s popular retro sneakers like the Puma RS-X and the Puma Thunder Spectra.

If you are not sure which style you want, you can choose based on color. We have the versatile white Puma sneakers and black Puma shoes that go with many attires. However, if you are going for a bold look, Puma red shoes look fiery on the streets.

200+ Puma trainers in RunRepeat

We continue to provide you with an updated list of Puma sneakers by following the latest releases. If this assortment makes you dizzy, you can probably start by checking out our filters to narrow down the choices.

In the end, not only will you be able to find the right pair for you, but you can also grab it at the best deal thanks to our partner retailers.