7 Best Puma Basketball Shoes in 2022

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7 Best Puma Basketball Shoes in 2022

Nike (together with its subsidiary Jordan) and Adidas have long been the most dominant players in the basketball shoe market. However, this did not stop Puma from re-entering the game in 2018 after around twenty years of producing only lifestyle sneakers and running shoes among others.

Puma's grand re-entry was with a rightful nod to its great basketball past. The company produced a new and aptly modernized version of the Clyde Court Disrupt, which of course was a direct pick from Clyde Frazier's arsenal.

Since then, Puma has produced a handful of kicks, each with its own strength. We get acquainted with the most outstanding among them here.

How we determine the best Puma basketball shoes

Picking the best Puma basketball shoes requires serious testing; the company has poured years of research and development into each product that all perform so well. We always make sure that each Puma shoe gets used in more than two games before a verdict or final assessment is made.

To further ensure the objectivity of our picks, we do the following:

  • See to it that each product is bought using our own cash to avoid bias
  • Also consider the inputs and experiences of other testers with the shoe to make our reviews more comprehensive



Best Puma basketball shoes overall

Since the Clyde Court Disrupt, Puma Hoops's Clyde line has been dishing out worthy alternatives to the usually pricier and more popular Adidas and Nike kicks that flood the market. The Puma Clyde All-Pro is assessed to be even better than, or at least comparable to, the Nike Kobe 9, which critics say is among the greatest basketball shoes. The All-Pro's bad points are either easy to remedy or just because of personal preference.
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The collaboration between musician J. Cole and Puma seems to have paid off because of the positive feedback that the RS Dreamer is getting. The features added to the shoe work together to deliver comfort, support, and overall good performance on the court. The shoe's agreeable aesthetics add to its value. Given all those, it's safe to say that the Puma RS Dreamer is a must-buy item!
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Best low top Puma basketball shoes

The reviews seem to tell us that the Puma Court Rider is better used as a sneaker rather than a performance basketball shoe. There are basketball shoes that are better suited for on-court action, and they are similarly priced or only slightly more expensive. A good example if the Embiid 1 from Under Armour.
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The Puma Clyde hardwood has you covered on all fronts. The rubber outsole provides full coverage, no matter the court condition. The shoe's knitted upper also offers comfortable support that won't weigh you down. Puma basketball has an instant classic with the Clyde Hardwood. These low-top basketball sneakers not only perform well, but they also look amazing.
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Best white Puma basketball shoes

The 80s-inspired Sky Dreamer from Puma proves that performance basketball shoes can also be beautiful. Its attractive silhouette is packed with ProFoam cushioning and other technologies that make it such a comfortable and effective partner off and on the court.
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Best mid top Puma basketball shoes

The fact that there are just a few Puma Dreamer 2 reviews available is an indication that this shoe is one that can easily be overlooked. It may be good, but it does not create enough buzz to be interesting. It does not help that Puma is also a new player in the basketball market. Hence, this shoe is as risky as it is promising as far as performance is concerned.
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Best black Puma basketball shoes

The Puma Legacy has everything you need in a basketball sneaker. These high-tops provide solid support with its engineered knit mesh upper and ankle webbing. The combination of IGNITE and NRGY foams offer adequate cushioning while the high-abrasion outsole delivers durable traction. Overall, the Puma Legacy delivers no-nonsense performance at a budget-friendly price. However, there are better options (such as the Nike PG 4 and Adidas Harden Vol.4) that you can get at around the same price point or even at a discount.
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What are the cheapest Puma basketball shoes in 2022?

  1. Puma Legacy - from $45
  2. Puma Clyde Hardwood - from $70
  3. Puma Court Rider - from $90
  4. Puma RS-Dreamer - from $90
  5. Puma Clyde All-Pro - from $125
  6. Puma Fusion Nitro Spectra - from $145

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