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  1. Any color
    Air Jordan Legacy 312 - Black, Rush Blue, Brilliant Orange (AV3922048)
    Air Jordan Legacy 312 - Black/Black/Fire Red (AV3922060)
    Air Jordan Legacy 312 - White (AQ4160107)
    Air Jordan Legacy 312 - White/Midnight Navy-ginger (AQ4160140)
    Air Jordan Legacy 312 - Black/White (AV3922001)
    $150 $99 Save 34%
  2. Any color
    Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 - Black Mtlc Gold White (CD3003001)
    Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 - Parachute Beige/Rage Green-fossil-black (CD3003200)
    Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 - White (CD3003103)
    Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 - Black (CD3003006)
    Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 - Pink (CD3003600)
    Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 - Orange (CK6611800)
    $130 $81 Save 38%
  3. Any color
    Air Jordan 3 Retro - Grey (136064006)
    Air Jordan 3 Retro - White (CJ0939100)
    Air Jordan 3 Retro - Black (CK4348007)
    Air Jordan 3 Retro - Black (CV3583003)
    Air Jordan 3 Retro - Red (CK5692600)
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buy jordan basketball shoes for men and women

Jordan basketball shoes

Jordan is of course named after the basketball legend Michael Jordan. He was a Nike athlete with his own line of signature shoes, but his brand grew strong enough that it became a company of its own that produces lines of shoes and other sports apparel. 

Mike and the OG Jordan basketball shoes

Michael Jordan is already retired, but this doesn't stop the Jordan Brand from releasing shoes in his honor. In addition to releasing a brand new Air Jordan model every season, many of his older releases are brought back as retros. Though many of these sneakers are sold only for their cultural and aesthetic significance, some still do make it on the court. Among the most notable is Air Jordan 13 that Kawhi Leonard wore in 2016, and it was in a never-before-seen colorway. 

The other Jordan Personalities

Besides Michael Jordan, the Jordan brand also produces signature shoes for basketball stars Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul. The brand had also released shoes for Carmelo Anthony until 2017. 

Though they don't have official signature models yet, Blake Griffin and Kemba Walker also represent Jordan. They are sometimes honored with special editions of some of the brand's most notable non-signature releases. In fact, Blake Griffin has been associated so closely with the Jordan SuperFly collection that some regard the series as his unofficial line.

Jordan also outfitted and produced special edition shoes for Kawhi Leonard until his transfer to New Balance in 2018.