Who should buy the Jordan Luka 1

The Jordan Luka 1 is going to be a nice match for the following:

  • nimble athletes and guards who play very much like Luka Doncic himself
  • athletes who play mostly indoors
  • ballers who are more forgiving of cheaper shoes

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from the Jordan brand

The Jordan Luka 1 is not for you if you are a fan of the fanciest and flashiest. With the materials being described as "not premium" and "pretty cheap," then this shoe has no leg to stand especially against heavy favorites Air Jordan 36 and the Nike LeBron 19

Outdoor hoopers are not going to have fun in this shoe as well. They are better off with the Nike Cosmic Unity, which consistently gets praises for its outdoor playability and really nice looks.

A grip that you can trust

Two experts report that the Jordan Luka 1 has "pretty good" and "freaking amazing" traction. They say that they do not have problems with quicks cuts and turns. They are really able to stop on a dime on a clean indoor court.

Another detail-oriented reviewer agrees, and he even declares that the outsole's performance is "tremendous for getting a ton of grip" on indoor courts. He even goes further and says that this shoe simply has the best traction on the hardwood. 

The Luka 1 is sensitive to dust

One of the reviewers, however, notices that the outsole really attracts quite a lot of dust. Wiping is really necessary if we are to consistently have a nice grip all throughout the game.

Heat it as you ride it

Another important thing to note is the outsole's seeming sensitivity to heat. An expert points out that the sole bites much more effectively in higher temperatures. You can liken it to an engine that needs some warming up. Once warmed up, the shoe becomes more nimble and agile, and the reviewer reports being able to move freely in it.

Just do NOT take the shoe outdoors

To the touch, the outsole rubber feels malleable and the pattern is not that deeply engraved. Because of this, a player says that he absolutely does not use this shoe in his outdoor basketball sessions.

Feel some nice cushioning in the Luka 1

An avid reviewer shares that the Jordan Luka 1 has "nice cushioning right off the bat," further saying that it feels quite soft and this contributes greatly to the whole experience of comfort. While it is not as prominent as other shoes like the Nike LeBrons, another expert agrees that compression is really there, especially in the rear area where heel strikes hit the hardest obviously.

Jordan Luka 1 means energy return

The Jordan Luka 1 is a guard, so it should not be surprising that his signature is biased toward the guard's movements. An expert says that it's not really that foam that does most of the trick, it's actually the shank inserted in the midsole. This shank is simply "giving so much diving board effect," making the wearer jump higher and his runs much more energized. This expert says that this ability for an "efficient push-off" makes this shoe such a valuable pick, especially since it comes with beastly traction. 

The Luka 1 wraps around the foot comfortably

The materials are nothing premium, but they sure get the job done. A player reports that this shoe feels comfortable straight out of the box. He says that it feels already broken in on his first wear! Another expert says that the materials are "super duper thin" and this enables it to conform to his foot extremely well. 

This one's true to size

There is not much to worry about when it comes to fit because the Jordan Luka 1 is true to size, and an expert says that it has a "really secure snug fit." 

Don't worry about support and lockdown

Support and lockdown are not sources of concern as far as the Jordan Luka 1 is concerned. Aside from the responsive upper material that allows it to have "tremendous containment side-to-side," the shoe also has a fairly wide base that helps keep the foot in place, especially during more aggressive movements.

There definitely is torsional rigidity

The stability of the wearer's steps is surely not forgotten. After subjecting it to manual twist tests, a reviewer concludes that the shoe is "very firm, very stiff" so twists can be safely avoided. 

Facts / Specs

Weight: 12.1oz
Top: Low
Signature: Luka Doncic
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Jordan Luka
Colorways: White
SKUs: DN1772104

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