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Air Jordan basketball shoes

Signature basketball shoe collections are only often as good as the person they are made for. If that athlete becomes successful, then business and cultural success won't also be elusive for their shoes. This is what happened with the Air Jordan basketball shoes, which is a series of signature shoes designed for the legend Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan retired numerous times, the final one was in 2003. Yet, his signature series has never skipped a year. There is always a new Air Jordan from 1984 up until 2021, and it appears that the end is not going to be anytime soon. This proves that even retirement can never put a dent in Michael Jordan's influence not only in basketball but also in pop culture.

Getting Air Jordan shoes for less

Like many signature shoes produced by Nike and its subsidiary Jordan, Air Jordans usually come with high prices. This alienates some fans, especially those who are on a strict budget.

Fortunately, even Air Jordans don't stay expensive forever. Waiting it out is one trick that works if you want discounts. Basketball shoes, especially those that come from signature series, are often sold with significant markdowns a few weeks before their replacement is released.

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