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    Nike Kyrie 7 - Black/Arctic Punch/Opti Yellow (CQ9326005)
    Nike Kyrie 7 - Stadium Green Volt Total Orange Black (CQ9326300)
    Nike Kyrie 7 - Black/Team Orange/White (CQ9326003)
    Nike Kyrie 7 - Pale Ivory/Chlorine Blue-Black (CZ0141100)
    Nike Kyrie 7 - Lilac/Melon Tint/Indigo Burst (CQ9326501)
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Men's basketball shoes

Basketball is a sport that started with men, and it continues to be mainly associated with men even until today. Because of this, it should not come as a surprise that basketball shoes are designed and marketed with the unique needs of male athletes in mind. Big brands like Nike and Adidas have male hoopers like LeBron James and James Harden as major references for their most prized signature collections.

Of course, just because shoes were designed primarily for men doesn't really mean that they cannot be used by women. It's quite on the contrary; most of these designs also come in women's sizes. 

Getting the right basketball shoes for men

Besides Nike and Adidas, the basketball shoe market also has other significant players. Worthy of mention are Jordan and Under Armour. With this, it's easy for any buyer to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of basketball shoe options that they have. Which one should be picked?

Here at RunRepeat, we make the selection process a lot easier by creating concise performance summaries of each shoe within our radar. These summaries are based on the opinions of our own team of expert reviewers. We also take into account the inputs of other athletes and reviewers from outside the company. This way, we are able to come up with a more balanced and objective report about a shoe's performance.