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    Nike Lebron 19 - Dutch Blue/Pomegranate/Lime Gl (DC9339400)
    Nike Lebron 19 - Black/University Gold Noir (CZ0203002)
    Nike Lebron 19 - Multicolor/Multicolor (DH8459900)
    Nike Lebron 19 - White (CZ0203100)
    Nike Lebron 19 - Grey/Green (DC9339001)
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    Nike Zoom Freak 3 - Black/Black/Light Photo Blue/White (DA0694001)
    Nike Zoom Freak 3 - White Black Clear Emerald 101 (DA0694101)
    Nike Zoom Freak 3 - Bright Crimson/White/Black (DA7845600)
    Nike Zoom Freak 3 - Grau (DA0694006)
    Nike Zoom Freak 3 - Green (DC9364300)
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Nike Basketball shoes

Nike leads the basketball shoe industry with its successful signature lines for players LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Paul George, and Kobe Bryant. Other brands are nowhere near Nike when it comes to market share. In 2019, it added Giannis Antetokounmpo to its roster of greats with the release of his much coveted Zoom Freak 1.

Notable Nike signature basketball shoes

LeBron James is not called the King for nothing. In addition to his main signature line, which released the 17th LeBrons in 2019, he has at least two more collections. One is the Soldier line that produces shoes that are more affordable. The other series is called the Ambassadors, which are shoes that are aimed at LeBron James’s Asian fans.

Another well searched series of signature shoes is that of Kyrie Irving. His main line had made its sixth major release in 2019. Like LeBron James, he also has a line of takedown models called the Flytrap. By late 2019, this line had launched the third Flytrap shoe.

Kobe Bryant is another player that Nike honors. He retired in 2016, but that did not stop him from producing more shoes. Some of his post-retirement releases are still wiped out from the shelves the moment they are put on sale. He even started  a new line of basketball shoes called the Protros, which are practically retro shoes that are infused with new basketball shoe technologies to make them more reliable on the court. 

Basketball performance or sneakers style? Take both

Nike basketball shoes double as fashionable sneakers for off-court affairs. Nike makes sure that their products come in interesting colorways that reference both NBA and popular culture. Some colorways even have political allusions (e.g. Black History Month colorways). 

Our detailed guide on basketball shoes does not omit style as one of the major considerations in choosing basketball shoes from Nike or any other brand.