Who should buy the Nike Cosmic Unity 2

This basketball shoe from Nike is perfectly suitable for the following:

  • versatile ballers who want a cushioning system that offers a bit of everything
  • players who look for premium shoes that are sold for much less
  • wearers who do not have wide feet
  • hoopers who sometimes take their games on outdoor courts

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from Nike

The Nike Cosmic Unity 2 is described to be narrow, so it's definitely not for those with wider feet. These players are better off with shoes that are made for bigger guys like the Nike LeBron 19

Those who want more support can also go for the LeBron 19, but the Nike LeBron Soldier 14 is an even better pick. 

Those who do not want to spend a lot to break in their shoes are better served by the Nike KD 15. This basketball shoe is said to require very little to no break-in time.

Bite that you can rely on

According to an expert, the outsole still has to be warmed up or broken in "just a tiny bit" before traction becomes "really really good" and "almost top-tier." He shares further that on clean courts, the bite is "absolutely amazing." Another expert considers traction as the Nike Cosmic Unity 2's best feature.

Be mindful of dust, though

On dirtier courts, traction is still dependable; however, experts say that there is still a need for a few quick and easy wipes if consistency is desired.

You MAY take the Nike Cosmic Unity 2 outdoors

An expert says that while the Nike Cosmic Unity 2 is "not the best option" for outdoor usage, it still "won't be a terrible choice." The materials are durable enough to take occasional beatings on harsher outdoor courts.

Heel-to-toe transition is smooth

An expert observes that his every step is very smooth because of the nice curve shape on both the rear and front ends of the shoe. "Not super clunky or anything," he says of the Cosmic Unity 2's overall structure.

A good combo of court feel and bounce

An expert points to the cushioning system as one of the highlights of the Nike Cosmic Unity 2, saying that it is actually "pretty bouncy." But the shoe is not just about energy return. Another avid reviewer shares that while the energized Zoom is the "star of the show," the foam carrier is "a great supporting act."  To be more specific, he says that the Zoom is responsible for "a ton of responsive cushion" but the carrier foam makes the experience better through its role in "retaining a ton of court feel."

There's even some impact protection there!

A player shares that the Nike Cosmic Unity 2 has a drop-in insole that delivers "great step-in comfort" and "a lot of compression." This makes wearing the shoe such a comfortable experience. This add-on feature also protects the wearer from impact during landings and hard strikes.

Cosmic Unity 2: Quality and comfort

Though it's a little stiff initially, an avid reviewer says that the upper feels "very very soft" and "super comfortable" once the shoe is broken in. He adds that the feel of the materials is not cheap at all. "The quality is absolutely amazing," he says.

Wide-footers, stay away!

One expert describes the Cosmic Unity 2 from Nike as an "outrageously narrow" basketball shoe. Another says that he had to go at least half a size up to get the fit that works best for him. Given these, it is safe for players with wide feet to make the same size adjustments or just go for another shoe altogether.

Foot containment needs improvement

Aside from being too narrow at times, a reviewer shares that the comfortable materials in the upper are "too flexible, too unstable" to provide a truly dependable lockdown. Lighter and shiftier players may be able to find to workaround, but it's better to expect a less-than-stellar support experience. "Don't expect anything," says another expert about the ankle support that the Cosmic Unity 2 provides.

Feel light with the Cosmic Unity 2

The Cosmic Unity 2 from Nike weighs only 12.1 oz or 343 grams, which is a little more than an ounce lighter than our 13.5 or 383 grams average. Those who are looking for lighter kicks are not going to be disappointed.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 12.1oz
Top: Low
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Nike Cosmic Unity
Features: Outdoor
Colorways: Black / White / Red
SKUs: DH1537002 / DH1537100 / DH1537101 / DH1537601

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