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  1. Nike Metcon 4 - Olive Canvas/Indigo Burst/Black/Neutral Olive (AH7453342)
  2. Nike Free Metcon 4 - Iron Grey Black Grey Fog White (CT3886011)
    Any color
    Nike Free Metcon 4 - Iron Grey Black Grey Fog White (CT3886011)
    Nike Free Metcon 4 - Red (CT3886601)
    Nike Free Metcon 4 - Black (CZ0596010)
    Nike Free Metcon 4 - Red (CT3886602)
    Nike Free Metcon 4 - Black (CT3886004)
    $120 $90 Save 25%
  3. Nike Metcon 8 - Old Royal White Black Hyper Royal (DO9328400)
    Any color
    Nike Metcon 8 - Old Royal White Black Hyper Royal (DO9328400)
    Nike Metcon 8 - White (DO9328100)
    Nike Metcon 8 - Armory Navy Arctic Orange Obsidian (DO9328401)
    Nike Metcon 8 - Red (DO9328600)
    Nike Metcon 8 - Black (DO9387001)
    $130 $105 Save 19%
  4. Nike Metcon 7 - Black (CZ8281010)
  5. Nike Romaleos 4 - Black (CD3463010)
  6. Nike Metcon 6 - Black (AT3160010)
  7. Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 - Green (DC9115393)
  8. Nike Free Metcon 3 - Black/White (CJ0861010)
  9. Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 5 - Red (DM0829600)
  10. Nike Metcon 5 - Particle Grey Dk Smoke Grey Barely Volt (AQ1189017)
  11. Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 - Pro Green Multi Colour 393 (DH3392393)
  12. Nike Legend Essential 2 - Black (CQ9356001)
  13. Nike Metcon 3 - Black (852928002)
  14. Nike SuperRep Go - Black/Martian Sunrise/Gum Light Brown/Sea Glass (CJ0773002)
  15. Nike Flex Control 4 - White/Smoke Grey/Black (CD0197100)
  16. Nike Varsity Compete TR 3 - Dark Smoke Grey Black 002 (CJ0813002)
  17. Nike SuperRep Go 3 - Black Pure Platinum Anthracite White (DH3394010)
  18. Nike Savaleos - Black (CV5708010)
  19. Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge - Iron Grey/White/Pure Platinum (CU7627001)
  20. Nike SuperRep Go 2 - BLACK/WHITE (CZ0604010)
  21. Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 - Black (CW3396002)
  22. Nike Reax 8 TR - White White Pure Platinum (621716102)
  23. Nike MC Trainer 2 - Black Volt Black (DM0823002)
  24. Nike Free x Metcon - Black (AH8141003)
  25. Nike City Rep TR - Wolf Grey Black Cool Grey White (DA1352003)
  26. Nike Free x Metcon 2 - Black (AQ8306002)
  27. Nike Air Zoom SuperRep - blue (CD3460405)
  28. Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 - Coconut Milk Black 106 (CZ0608106)
  29. Nike React Metcon - Light Cream/Black-aurora Green (BQ6046203)
  30. Nike Renew Retaliation TR 3 - Wolf Grey/Smoke Grey/White/Black (DA1350004)
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Nike trainers for men and women

The Swoosh needs no introduction when it enters the gym. Apart from creating the aura of athletic dedication, the Nike logo adds the confidence of wearing a truly high-profile shoe.

Nike trainers carry the experience of many shoe generations, from the brand’s technology-packed running shoes to their world-class designer sneakers. Training shoes from Nike have soaked up the leading technologies and design solutions to offer a wide array of styles for all gym challenges.

You may lay your eyes on the comfier workout shoes for moderate gym days or jump around in a SuperRep HIIT shoe. Maybe you’ll go all out weightlifting with a pair of Nike Romaleos or test your fitness limits in Nike’s cross-trainers, also known as Metcons.

Nike Metcon

Named after the Metabolic Conditioning training method, the Nike Metcon line is intended for super-intensive, total-body training activities. That’s why Metcons are considered as Nike’s take on CrossFit shoes. 

The ultimate Metcon trainer was designed in close cooperation with the CrossFit stars Mat Fraser and Lauren Fisher. It was also based on the extensive feedback from the CrossFit community.

Price of Nike training shoes

Despite being the world’s leading manufacturer of athletic apparel, Nike keeps its pricing down to earth.

You can easily get a new no-nonsense gym shoe within the range of $60 - $80. For the more advanced purposes, you may need to spend around $100 - $130 on a pair of Nike Metcons and $200 on a Romaleos lifter.

Thus, Nike keeps on par with Adidas and Reebok, some of the strongest players in the training arena.

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