Our verdict


Because of its high energy return and reliable lockdown, the Zoom SuperRep 4 from Nike becomes a suitable partner for HIIT and other exercises that have explosiveness at their core. Given the high levels of comfort that this shoe delivers, this Nike trainer never loses its utility even beyond the four walls of the gym. It is a multi-purpose shoe for the price of one, and it is perfectly suitable for those who are almost always on the go.


  • Lots of all-around comfort
  • Support and lockdown are superb
  • Stable for moderate lifting
  • Well-pronounced heel plushness
  • Truly helpful spring back
  • High-quality construction
  • Featherlight feel
  • Trendy and catchy look


  • Not for narrow-footers
  • Laces get easily undone

Who should buy the Nike Zoom SuperRep 4

This training shoe from Nike is suitable for the following:

  • fitness enthusiasts who go for HIIT or include HIIT-inspired exercises in their programs
  • active individuals who seek shoes that they can use not only for workouts but also in casual settings
  • wearers who want shoes that are so light they feel almost bare
  • gymgoers who have normal-sized and even slightly wide feet

Who should NOT buy this training shoe from Nike

The Nike Zoom SuperRep 4 is described to be more on the roomier side, so those with narrow feet won't find so much joy in this. The Legend Essential 2 from Nike may suit them better. If they are willing to go and try training shoes from other brands, the Speed TR and the Flexagon from Reebok are pretty good shoes that are truly worth the try.

One reviewer points out that the laces were quite an annoyance because they easily get untied. The Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 is not reported to have a similar issue.

SuperRep 4: A pleasant surprise

"These blew my expectations out of the park," says one very happy wearer. Two other fitness enthusiasts call this Nike model a "bomb shoe" and an "incredible sneaker." These reviews tell us that although this shoe isn't as hyped up as others, the Nike Zoom SuperRep 4 still does not hold back when it comes to performance; it is capable of pleasantly surprising even the most discerning fitness enthusiast.  

BIG on comfort

The Nike Zoom SuperRep 4 just feels so nice that it earns the following comments from gymgoers:

  • "pretty comfy shoe overall"
  • "nothing but comfortable"
  • "perfectly comfortable"

One reviewer even dares to declare this Nike model as "one of the most comfortable shoes" she has ever worn. The softness and breathability of the materials and the just-enough plushness of the midsole really do the trick this time.

Support? Check! Stability? Check!

Two commenters share that this gym shoe offers "a lot of stability" and "lots of support." Other exercisers believe that this shoe provides a "marvelous" and "solid base" of support. Because of all this, the SuperRep is considered by them as good for moderate weight-lifting and many explosive exercises such as box jumps and jump squats.

One reviewer, however, cautions that the laces easily get undone. Good thing that a quick double-knot solves this problem. If doing the double-know proves to be too much of a hassle, replacing the laces altogether is also an option.

Plushness overload

A wearer shares that the rear area feels "phenomenal." She adds that the heel feels like it's being cradled by a cushy heel cup. For another exerciser, having this kind of cushioning is a "super plus," especially when she wears the Nike Zoom SuperRep 4 when NOT in the gym.

Unrelenting springiness

Two gymgoers report that this shoe makes them experience what a "good spring"  and "supported bounce" feels like. "[It feels like there's a] built-in spring in my feet!" exclaims another one. Because of this, doing sprints while wearing the SuperRep 4 from Nike is not going to be a problem.

Nike SuperRep 4: Quality you can trust

A purchaser takes note of the "incredibly high quality" of this shoe from Nike. It's also difficult to find quality-related complaints.

Quite roomy, suits wider feet

Though some comments say that the SuperRep 4 fits "nicely" and "perfectly," a good number of wearers warn that this shoe is slightly on the roomier side. Gym rats with narrower feet are advised to go down one full size or just go for a more suitable training shoe altogether.

The SuperRep 4 feels barely there

"[They feel] so light I forget that they're on," says one amazed wearer about the SuperRep 4 shoes.  Another exerciser points out that because this shoe is very light, mountain climbers and burpees are a lot easier to execute.

Fall in love with its looks

Several exercisers find aesthetic value in the Nike Zoom SuperRep 4. The following are just some of the praise this shoe gets from them:

  • "super cute and sporty"
  • "cutting-edge style"
  • "very cool-looking"

Because of how pleasant this Nike trainer looks, many wearers do not have qualms about using this shoe at work and other non-training contexts.