Our verdict

While we found working out in the Reebok Nano X2 great, we don't really think it is ideal for outdoor use. The Nano X2 TR Adventure fixes this by becoming the first-ever outdoor-ready Nano. We found that this shoe sufficiently supports, anchors, and protects. Workout enthusiasts can now enjoy nature all that they want, even at night!


  • Extremely durable for the outdoors
  • Dependable outdoor traction
  • Comfortable upper
  • Reliably protective
  • Functional versatility
  • Great support
  • True-to-size fit
  • Has reflective components


  • Not for niche exercises
  • Clunky and heavy

Audience verdict


Who should buy the Reebok Nano X2 TR Adventure

This Reebok training shoe is suitable for the following:

  • fitness enthusiasts who want to take their workouts beyond the four walls of the gym
  • outdoor exercisers who extend their workout until the evening
  • athletes who want training shoes that are as versatile as they are


Who should NOT buy this training shoe from Reebok

Just because it's geared toward the outdoors doesn't mean that the Reebok Nano X2 Adventure is already fit for all outdoor exercises. It's definitely not a running shoe, so for those who want to do longer trail runs, we suggest looking for actual trail running shoes.

Because of the rigidity of its solid base and the resulting weight gain, we learned that this shoe is also not great for fitness enthusiasts who want to do agility exercises. They are better off with the original Reebok Nano X2. If willing to try the other brands, the Nike Metcon 8 is a great pick.


Worry-free outdoor workouts with the Nano X2 Adventure

We confirmed that this training shoe holds up exceptionally well outdoors. We were confident that the shoe wasn’t going to break down too quickly even if we beat the shoe up quite aggressively.

The solid base is not the only thing that deserves credit but also the reinforced ripstop nylon used in the upper for this awesome sturdiness.

The upper durability of this trainer can easily beat some of the trail running and hiking shoes. Our Dremel test is a joke to the Nano X2 TR. Where most shoes get a dent or even a hole, this Reebok shoe ended up with a scratch.

Here is what the same test (equal force and speed applied) did to the unprotected mesh on the Reebok Nano X1.


Looking at the microscope shot of the upper fabric, it becomes obvious why the Nano X2 TR is capable of such wear resistance. The threads look like barbwires!


A close-up shot of the Reebok Nano X2 TR upper

For comparison, here is the upper on the original Reebok Nano X2. It also did well on our Dremel test but has a noticeably more exposed structure than the TR.

reebok nano x2 upper under microscope

A close-up shot of the Reebok Nano X2 upper

Enjoy a comfortable wraparound

In spite of its high level of durability, we realized that the nylon upper is still void of the typical stiffness. Instead, wearing this shoe feels super comfortable.


A little stuffy though

Unfortunately, you cannot get all those durability benefits from a shoe without paying for them. And in the case of the Nano X2 TR, the price is its breathability.

Reebok Nano X2 TR (left) vs. Reebok Nano X2 (right)

As you can see, neither smoke nor light can pass through the sturdy layers of this ripstop fabric. Thus, we rated the shoe's breathability as 2 out of 5, where 1 is the least breathable.

Grip won't be a problem for the lugged outsole

The outsole of the Reebok Nano X2 is lugged, and we noticed that it's able to grip pretty well even on surfaces with sand and loose gravel. We don't have issues when we use this shoe on light to moderate terrains. It even performed better than we imagined on uneven rocks.


For comparison, here is the lug depth on the indoor Nano X2.


The base is solidly protective, but it can get clunky

As expected of any shoe that is made for the outdoors, the base of the Reebok Nano X2 Adventure is firm and fairly protective. Due to this, we felt protected against sharper rocks when wearing this.

We checked two parameters that are directly connected to the shoe's outsole sturdiness: its thickness and hardness. The rubber layer is 4.4 mm thick, which is the thickest on our training shoe roster so far (the average is 3.9 mm).


This rubber compound is also quite hard. Using a durometer, we found it to be firmer than 90% of our lab-tested training shoes. Harder outsoles usually take longer to wear out.


However, we are aware that the firmness might be too much for some wearers.

Based on our measurements, the Nano X2 TR is indeed very firm in the heel. However, it still has enough softness and flexibility in the forefoot for moving and exercising comfortably.


Checking the heel portion of the midsole with a durometer, we found that it is 18% firmer than the average of our lab-tested training shoes.


But in the forefoot, the foam is much more forgiving and is even 12% softer than the average.

Disclaimer: We take a total of four durometer measurements and find the average. The photos above show only one of the measurements.

Now when it comes to flexibility, the Nano X2 TR has plenty of flex in the forefoot. We found it by bending the shoe to a 90-degree angle and measuring resistance with a gauge. The result shows that the TR Adventure is 30% more flexible than the average of lab-tested trainers.

Torsional flex, on the other hand, is a totally different story. It is not that easy to twist the shoe. On a 1-5 scale, where 5 is the stiffest, we rated the Nano X2 TR as 3. This means that there is a good amount of support where it's actually needed.

It's a hefty boy

We couldn't help but notice that the solid base adds a few more ounces to the shoe's weight.

True enough, the X2 Adventure registers a whopping 345g, which is heavier than the original X2's 307g.

The Reebok Nano X2 TR Adventure is great for cross-training (and more)

We used this Reebok trainer for various exercises. Apart from workouts, we have also used the shoe for biking and sprinting. What we found out is that this shoe transitions perfectly from biking to gym workouts.


...but not for any niche exercise

As is the case with any trainer that tries to be suitable for as many exercises as possible, the Reebok Nano X2 is a jack of all trades but a master of none. We don't consider this shoe to really be for more technical terrains. We found that this trainer is not for more serious lifting as well. We also don't advise using it for running longer distances. It is better to use more specialized shoes for these activities.

No need to worry about foot containment

We observed that Nano X2 delivers superb support, which we appreciate more when dynamic movements are involved.

The shoe's firm heel hold is a major contributing factor to the shoe's support. We assessed its stiffness as 3 out of 5 (where 5 is the stiffest).

Fit is not going to be a problem

Even our testers who admittedly have wide feet have zero complaints when it comes to the fit of the Nano X2 Adventure. We believe that going true to size is safe for most athletes and wearers.


We discovered that this Reebok shoe is among the widest of its kind (cross-trainers) and is very likely to feel at home for wide-footed athletes. Using a pair of calipers, we measured the widest part of the shoe's forefoot (100.6 mm) as well as the area around the big toe (78.3 mm). In both parameters, the trainer turned out to be a few millimeters wider than average.


The shoe has reflectors for night-time safety

We are happy that the shoe has reflective components on it. This helps with visibility when we are walking or working out at dawn or during the night.