buy shoes for jumping rope for men and women

Shoes for jumping rope

A good training program incorporates a little of everything: there should be cardio in there, a little lifting, some calisthenics, and a splash of plyometrics. A good workout shoe, therefore, is equipped with features that support all of these exercises.

Since jumping rope is among the most common plyometric exercises, it’s fair to expect that there are a lot of training shoes that are suited for it. We put together all the shoes for jumping rope that we could find.

How RunRepeat can help you find the most suitable jumping rope shoes

Given their number, choosing the right jumping rope shoes can be such a chore. We want to help you with this burden. Hence, we scour the internet for all reviews about a jumping rope shoe and summarize them for you.

What you get to read is a compressed but still highly informative shoe profile. We also come up with a CoreScore for each product. This is practically the weighted average of all the individual ratings that we get our hands on.