Our verdict

When it comes to training shoes, implementing innovations is a risk. Fortunately for the Under Armour SlipSpeed, we really appreciated the innovative convertible heel and the toggle lacing system! It's not a surprise that this shoe has become a ubiquitous presence not only in the gym but also on basketball courts, running tracks, and other contexts.


  • Secure and easy-to-adjust laces
  • One-of-a-kind collapsible heel
  • Dependable spring back
  • Stable for moderate lifting
  • Feels super lightweight
  • High levels of comfort
  • Can be used beyond the gym
  • Fashionable design


  • Not for wide feet
  • Not for intense and heavy training

Audience verdict


Who should buy the Under Armour SlipSpeed

Because of the BOA toggle lacing system, the SlipSpeed is a good match for those wearers who do not like sitting or bending over just to tie their laces, especially in the middle of their workout sessions. Aside from them, the following are also going to be happy with this innovative trainer from Under Armour:

  • fitness enthusiasts who like training shoes that they can also use in casual contexts
  • gym-goers whose workout regimens are more generic and less niche-specific
  • wearers who appreciate getting a shoe and a slip-on in one

Who should NOT buy this training shoe from Under Armour

Wide-footers would not be easily pleased with the fit of this Under Armour training shoe model. They can either size up or go for more wide-foot-friendly models such as the Reebok Nano X2 TR Adventure

While the SlipSpeed is great for workouts of light to moderate intensities, it's not a good pick for heavy lifting and other forms of more intense exercises. The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 might be a better pick for them.

Shoe? Slide? Get both with the SlipSpeed

The heel area of the Under Armour SlipSpeed is actually collapsible and it can be transformed into a slider. We found it to be very convenient for getting the shoe on quickly. For sure, this is the highlight of this model!

Make easy adjustments with the BOA lacing system

Taking the place of traditional laces, the BOA toggle lacing system allowed us to make fit adjustments on the go. Not only was it quick but also quite precise because the knob turns in 1-mm increments. It was indeed something else in terms of fine-tuning the shoe's fit.

This ain't for heavy training

The innovative design of this UA shoe made it super light, comfortable, and a breeze to put on. However, it also made the shoe unsuitable for more intense exercises. 

Enjoy reliable propulsions

Nevertheless, this shoe did feel bouncy and was quite suitable for high jumps, box jumps, and other plyometric exercises. There was some decent energy return in the midsole.

Stability is not a problem

We also found the shoe to be stable enough for light to moderate weightlifting. And it even proved to be stable for multi-directional movements.

The SlipSpeed feels light

This Under Armour shoe is super lightweight! In fact, we found it light enough to be worn the whole day comfortably.

For the gym and a lot more

It is a do-everything shoe. We found it suitable for light runs, walking, shopping, and a mix of other sporty and mundane activities.

However, this shoe starts to falter when the exercises become a bit niche-specific, such as speed training, long-distance running, or heavy lifting.

Many sizes available, none specifically for wide feet

This shoe has many size options. However, this shoe still does not accommodate those with wide feet.

Gymming in style? Not a problem!

We applaud Under Armour for the visual aspect of this trainer. It is a looker at the gym and works for casual wear just as fine.