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    New Balance TRNR - Black/Gold Metallic (MXTRNRCK)
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    New Balance TRNR - Black/Gum (MXTRNRLK)
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    Nike SpeedRep - Midnight Navy/Black/White (CU3579400)
    Nike SpeedRep - Black White (CU3579002)
    Nike SpeedRep - Grigio Nero (CU3579001)
    Nike SpeedRep - Black (CU3579003)
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HIIT shoes

HIIT shoes may seem like any other training shoes, but they are constructed to provide more cushioning since high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, involves a lot of jumping and bouncing around. If you’re wearing the wrong workout trainers, you may feel discomfort in your foot or knees even before you’re done with your routine.

HIIT shoes can be used by both beginners and long-time practitioners of this workout regimen. They are designed to keep the wearer comfortable and assist in maintaining proper form.

What you will find in HIIT shoes

Flexible forefoot: When you’re doing burpees, mountain climbers, or planks, you need your toes to make proper contact with the floor. So, you need workout shoes that can bend at the front.

Generous cushioning: Pop squats, high knees, star jumps, you want something to absorb impact when you land. Look for extra features at the forefoot of the shoe like air pods that reduces shock.

Flat heel: During squats, squat pulses, lunges, you need to feel stable on your feet, so you don’t lose your balance. The key is to go for HIIT shoes with a relatively flat heel so your feet are firmly planted to the floor.

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