Nike Free Metcon 5 review

Jonathan Hinojosa
Jonathan Hinojosa on Jan 27, 2022

Expected release date: Sep 2022

Expected price: $120

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With the never-ending quest of providing individuals variety and options to match their preferences, training shoe brands are always cooking up their next collection of shoes.

For the Free Metcon shoe collection from Nike, the brand took two of its most prominent footwear lines and blended them. These two ranges are the Free and the Metcon

The Nike Metcon shoes have been preferred by many CrossFit athletes for their hard-wearing and uber stable construction. At the same time, Nike Free trainers are known for their flexibility and natural running motion.

The Free Metcon shoe range fused these elements to address one of the most requested demands from CrossFit enthusiasts - shoes that can do a little bit of everything.

Previous versions of Nike Free Metcon 5 have been awarded:

Jonathan Hinojosa
Jonathan Hinojosa

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