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Weightlifting shoes

Weightlifting shoes are easy to spot, they have a very flat outsole, usually a strap or two on the midfoot, and the heel is very well defined. These trainers are also called lifters, lifting shoes, Olympic lifting shoes, and squat shoes.

The construction of lifting shoes is not without purpose. The flat bottom helps with stability, the high heel makes it easier to squat, and the straps securely lock the foot.

If this is your first time purchasing lifters, we recommend the guide on choosing the right pair of weightlifting shoes.

Leading brands of lifting shoes

Some of the most recognizable brands in the weightlifting world include Adidas, Nike, and Inov-8. Each brand implements their take on what makes these trainers suitable for weight training.

Adidas weightlifting shoes are easy to spot with their iconic Three Stripe logo. They either use solid foam or TPU for the heel, materials that don’t easily compress.

Despite being the only weightlifting option from Reebok, the Legacy Lifter is one of the most stable professional options, highly recommended by the athletes.

The Romaleos is Nike’s flagship weightlifting shoe. They use a TPU heel that cups the back of the foot for steadiness, while the flared bottom provides a stable base when lifting heavy.

Inov-8 Fastlift lifting shoes are quite easy to spot. Instead of a solid piece of foam in the heel, they use pillars. Also, some models employ a BOA closure instead of laces and straps.

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