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Adidas weightlifting shoes

In the 1970s, Adidas introduced its first pair of weightlifting shoes. It featured a nailed heel, which is a far cry from the design of current Adidas lifters. Now, TPU or a firm foam is used for the wedge.

Adidas weightlifting shoes feature leather, faux leather, PU, or mesh for their upper. Each material offers a different level of locked-in experience.

For first-time buyers, check out RunRepeat’s weightlifting shoes buying guide here. You will learn more about this particular style of training footwear and its benefits. 

Why buy Adidas lifters

Adidas weightlifting shoes are available in varying heel height. It’s tricky to transition from cushioned workout shoes to stiff trainers. Beginners would do well in choosing one with a lower heel (15 - 20 mm). This gives wearers a chance to acclimate. On the other hand, Olympic powerlifters often want models with higher heels. 

Lifters, in general, are limited in their function. They are too stiff and heavy to be used for other types of exercise. If you’re looking for trainers that are light and flexible, and have responsive cushioning, Adidas workout shoes would suit you better. 

RunRepeat keeps it simple

Adidas lifters are quite pricey, costing about $150 to $200. On the upside, our partner retailers offer sales and discounts that can bring down the cost significantly. You can purchase a pair for as low as $20.

Aside from lowering cost, RunRepeat also makes it easy for shoppers to filter shoes. You can use the search bar or utilize the filters for trimming down the choices.