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  1. Nike Romaleos 4
    Any color
    Nike Romaleos 4 - Black (CD3463010)
    Nike Romaleos 4 - White (CD3463101)
    Nike Romaleos 4 - Total Orange/Black (CD3463801)
    Nike Romaleos 4 - Marina/Kumquat/Siren Red (CD3463493)
    $200 $115 Save 43%
  2. Nike Savaleos
    Any color
    Nike Savaleos - Black (CV5708010)
    Nike Savaleos - White (CV5708100)
    Nike Savaleos - Grey (CV5708083)
    $120 $85 Save 29%
  3. Nike Romaleos 3
    Any color
    Nike Romaleos 3 - White (852933100)
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  • Weightlifting
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From medium-sized toebox, high-drop silhouettes, and budget-friendly options, our collection of reviews of Nike weightlifting shoes has it all. The reviews compiled on this page are based on our experiences sporting the shoes combined with numerical data gathered during our lab testing.