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Nike Metcon training shoes

There doesn't seem to be a sport or activity that Nike hasn't penetrated. And that's what the brand aims with the Metcons. This is Nike's answer to Reebok's dedicated CrossFit shoe line, the Nanos. But since Nike cannot legally use the CrossFit brand, it has marketed the Metcons for metabolic conditioning exercises.

What to use the Nike Metcons for

You can use the Nike Metcons for almost any type of workouts including:

  • CrossFit: it has rope protection on the midfoot section that prevents it from getting shredded during rope climbs.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Circuit training: though some prefer more cushioned workout shoes for these energy-draining activities, some prefer the midsole of the Metcons because they feel more stable but still have some flexibility at the forefoot for burpees, planks, or mountain climbers.
  • Weightlifting: the flat outsole of this Nike CrossFit shoe firmly plants the feet during deadlifts, front squats, power cleans, push jerks, and power snatches. 
  • Running: the lack of a bouncy midsole makes it unsuitable for long-distance running, but it can be used for sprints or short runs.

The Metcon edge

Whether you're a beginner in CrossFit or someone who has spent over a decade with this training regiment, the Nike Metcons is made for you. It is equipped with features like a rope guard to help with climbing, the Hyperlift wedge for weight training, a grippy outsole for agile movements, and a breathable top that won't leave your feet soaked in sweat.

Nike Metcon training shoes are priced at $130 to $160, but you can get a pair for only $45 here on RunRepeat. We've got over 200 partner retailers that offer sales and discounts at any given time.