9 Best Shoes For Jumping Rope in 2022

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9 Best Shoes For Jumping Rope in 2022

There are loads of training shoes for jumping rope to choose from. And there are also loads of features to consider to get the right pair. 

It can be tedious, which is exactly the reason why this list exists. 

We’ve gathered the ten best shoes for jumping rope from across brands and categories to make your selection process a breeze.

How we test the best shoes for jumping rope

All the shoes on this list go through a series of tests before earning their spot. We also purchase them with our own money to avoid brand loyalty and bias. 

Each training shoe for jumping rope gets at least 30 to 50 miles of test runs before we give our feedback. And to give you a data-driven, objective review, we test each shoe in our independent shoe testing facility. Here we conduct the following: 

  • Cut each model open and examine what’s inside
  • Measure each part of the shoe in 30 different parameters 
  • Calculate their CoreScore via thousands of expert and user reviews.

Best Shoes for jumping rope overall

If you want higher leaps minus the bulk, we can’t recommend the Reebok Speed TR enough. 

It’s responsive and light, you can bounce with no sweat. Even better, it’s supportive as hell. There’s enough firmness in the Speed TR, you don’t have to worry about losing your step. 

Taking it up a notch, the upper fits like a glove. It’s almost like a second skin, it keeps our feet locked in place from the first jump to the last. 

And if you want to feel comfortable while skipping rope, you can count on the Reebok Speed TR. Apart from its soft and supportive wrap, it’s also very breathable. Even when we were wearing thick socks, it never felt hot. 

Worried about shock during landing? The Speed TR from Reebok will eat everything up. Its cushion absorbs all the impact, our feet and legs never feel strained. 

Ultimately, the Reebok Speed TR ticks all our boxes for an excellent jump rope shoe. Going down to the nitty-gritties, we’re happy to report there’s not one thing about it that we don’t like. 

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Like a true Metcon, it’s an excellent shoe for gym training. But as a jumping rope shoe, it’s even better. 

The Nike React Metcon Turbo doesn’t skimp on cushion. Translation: It’s one insanely comfy and protective shoe. 

There’s no denying - skipping rope is a demanding workout. But because of the comfort the Metcon Turbo delivered, our feet didn’t feel beat-up. 

Comfort is driven a step further by the shoe’s upper. It’s well-ventilated, our feet can feel the air pass through it. Not once did the shoe warm our feet up. 

Stable is also one of the best features of the Nike React Metcon Turbo. It fits snug, we never had any missteps. 

Metcons have always been popular for being so light. And with the Metcon Turbo, it’s even lighter! Seriously, it disappeared as we sprang into action. 

For gym-goers who want to put comfort at the forefront while jumping rope, the Nike React Metcon Turbo is a no-brainer. 

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Shoes for jumping rope with best grip

Slips are out of the question in the New Balance Minimus Prevail. Packed with a Vibram outsole, we weren’t expecting any less. 

The Minimus Prevail is, hands down, the grippiest jump rope shoe we’ve ever tested. Even on slippery gym surfaces, our jumps remained steady. 

We also attribute our stable footing to the shoe’s firmer midsole. Our feet remained centered from lace-up to the end. Not once did they roll far to the sides. 

Add in the shoe’s secure lockdown, falling and missteps are a thing of the past. 

Traction and support aside, if there’s one more thing about the Minimus Prevail that we can’t move past, it’s the excellent ground feel it offers. There’s not too much cushion that blocks out the surface beneath. We can still feel everything below, allowing us to control our movements better. 

It also kills it in the weight arena. It barely has any bulk, we completely forgot about it. 

Last but definitely not least, the New Balance Minimus Prevail nails comfort. Apart from its cozy foam, it also has a very light and breathable upper.

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During rope climbs, the Inov-8 F-Lite 235 v3 aced our tests. And when we put it through our regular skipping rope sessions, it was a surefire champ in traction. Seriously, it sticks like glue. 

Its traction may have wowed us, but we were in for another surprise with its lightness. It keeps weight at an absolute minimum, we were able to jump without inhibitions. 

It trims it down in weight, but never in protection. It has sufficient cushion, we never had to nurse aching feet and legs. It ate up all the impact, we were able to focus on our jumps.

The F-Lite 235 v3 also crushes the competition when it comes to stability. It’s a touch firm and wraps like a sock, we never ran into issues like wobbling and slipping. If anything, we were surefooted AF! 

The Inov-8 F-Lite 235 v3 understands the assignment when it comes to grip. And in respect of performance, it doesn’t hold back.

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Best Shoes for jumping rope for wide feet

Like a true Altra, the Solstice XT is insanely roomy up front. The toe box is so wide, feeling constricted is the last thing you’ll experience in this shoe. 

Apart from its roomy fit, it also blew our minds with its extremely light design. It hardly has any weight, it never dragged our feet down. 

Supportive is also one of the defining features of the Solstice XT. Although it's mighty cushy, it still does a great job in keeping the feet steady. And for those who want to have a natural-feeling shoe, you will appreciate the Solstice’s low-to-the-ground design. It allows a better sensation for better feedback. 

Stability is taken up a notch with the shoe’s grippy traction. On gym mats, concrete, grass, laminated hardwood, and track, it clings. 

And if you want a shoe that lasts, the Altra Solstice is a tank. After putting it through the wringer, it still hasn’t worn down. It almost has no scratch! 

If you’re a jumper with wide feet and you’re looking for support, comfort, and traction combined, don’t pass up on the Altra Solstice XT.

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Shoes for jumping rope with best comfort

Almost all gym-goers agree that the Nike SpeedRep is big on comfort. And when we put it to the test, it won us over. 

The SpeedRep has a soft cushion that does not sacrifice support. Even better, it doesn’t load up on the feet. It may be big on comfort, but it sure does keep weight at an absolute minimum. 

And if you want to experience a lively sensation when skipping, it couldn’t get bouncier than this. Apart from keeping the feet pampered, the midsole also highlights energy return. So if you want  to jump rope higher and faster than ever, you can’t go wrong with the Nike SpeedRep. 

Want to make the most out of your gym trainer? This shoe does that! For only $85, you can have one shoe for everything. It’s just as great at cross-training, speed workout, and HIIT as it is in skipping rope. 

Like a true Nike, the SpeedRep fuses style and function fantastically. With its design and colorways, you can look good while upping your performance.

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It’s so flexible and cushioned, we didn’t have to break it in. If you want a shoe that’s ready to perform straight from the box, there’s no better choice than the Nike Varsity Compete TR 3. 

Comfort aside, one of the many things we loved about the Varsity Compete TR is its solid lockdown. From the rear to the midfoot, it’s perfectly snug. We never ran into any issues with wobbling and slips. 

At 10 oz, this shoe is insanely light. It’s even lighter than most training shoes (10.5 oz). It didn’t drag us down, allowing us to leap higher than ever. 

Great footing is also easy to achieve with the Nike Varsity Compete TR. Its outsole has micro treads that grab on to all types of surfaces. 

To top it all off, the Varsity Compete TR from Nike is priced affordably. For only $70, you get a shoe that will keep your feet comfy from the first jump to the last.

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Best budget Shoes for jumping rope

It only retails for $65 but the Nike Flex Control 4 has the makings of an expensive shoe. 

Comfort is where this shoe shines. It moves along with the feet, it never feels hard nor too harsh. Even more, it’s very supportive. You don’t have to worry about your feet rolling far to the sides. 

Weight (or the lack thereof) is also one of the key elements of the Nike Flex Control. It’s so light, we barely noticed it. 

The shoe’s grip also takes its performance up a notch. It latches onto paved surfaces and gym floors so well, slips should be the least of your worries. 

On top of it all, it’s an eye candy. With its style and colorways, looking good in the gym doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Overall, if you want a shoe that won’t break the bank, but will certainly make jumping rope easy and enjoyable, the Nike Flex Control 4 will do the job.

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Friendly to the wallet and friendly to the feet - the Reebok Flexagon Force 2.0 was one of the most affordable trainers we’ve put on, but it never disappointed us. 

For only $60, it’s very comfortable. We never ended up having tired feet and legs. If anything, it made skipping rope a piece of cake. 

Want a shoe that can last long? This is IT. It’s made with sturdy materials, we barely put a dent to it even after multiple uses. 

Even more, it’s versatile. Whether you’re jumping rope, cross-training, doing HIIT, or working out at the gym, this can meet the bill. 

If you’re looking for an insanely affordable and multi-functional trainer, we can’t recommend the Reebok Flexagon Fore 2.0 enough. What’s more is it’s loaded in an extremely light package that won’t weigh you down.

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What are the cheapest Shoes for jumping rope in 2022?

  1. Reebok Flexagon Force 2.0 - from $37
  2. Reebok Speed TR - from $55
  3. Nike Varsity Compete TR 3 - from $70
  4. New Balance Minimus Prevail - from $86
  5. Inov-8 F-Lite 235 v3 - from $98
  6. Nike React Metcon Turbo - from $105
  7. Altra Solstice XT - from $110

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