10 Best Nike Lebron Basketball Shoes (Buyer's Guide)

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LeBron James isn’t called ‘The King’ for nothing. His signature basketball shoes dominate the market as much as he dominates the court. 

How we come up with the top 10

The best Nike Lebron basketball shoes are ranked according to their CoreScore. A corescore is an aggregate numerical assessment that is based on reviews by players, expert reviewers, and even ordinary users.

Are LeBron shoes right for you?

Signature shoes are designed to suit the very specific needs of the players that they are named after. Consequently, Nike LeBron shoes are perfect for you if you have LeBron James’s physical characteristics and playing style.

Player profile

Tall and huge, James is easily among the league’s most standout players:




250 lbs

Position Played


Playing style

In spite of his size, James is still quite flexible on the court. He assumes positions normally occupied by smaller players such as Stephen Curry. Yet, his playing style is much more aggressive, mowing down defenders rather than gliding through them. This requires much more brute force, and less of the shiftiness and agility common in smaller players.

The different Nike LeBron collections

James has at least three lines of Nike signature shoes available in the United States.




Key Characteristics

Nike LeBron

LeBron James’s main line; every release usually bears a new Nike technology

  • Heavy
  • Technologically up-to-date
  • Premium materials
  • Pricey

Nike LeBron Soldier

A line of LeBron shoes that focus on lockdown and support.

  • Heavy
  • Supportive
  • Usually with strap
  • Slightly cheaper than the Nike LeBrons

Nike LeBron Witness

This is LeBron James’s line of more affordable takedown models

  • Lighter
  • Cheaper than all other LeBron shoes

Styling with the best LeBron shoes

Nike LeBron basketball shoes are as pretty as they are high-performing. They are of use even when you are off the court.

Low, mid, or high? Pick what you want.

James is usually seen donning high-tops or mid-tops on the court. Even if he does not wear them in his games, Nike LeBrons are still available in low-top versions. In fact, some of his other shoes debuted as among the league’s most anticipated low-tops. The LeBron Witness 3 is a good example.

Know your color

LeBron shoes are available in hundreds if not thousands of colorways. However, there are a few that regularly get referenced: 

Black History Month. James is known for his activism. His signature lines pay homage to the triumphs of people of color through the Black History Month (BHM) colorways. Shoes for Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Paul George are also given the  BHM treatment.

St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. James regularly pays his respects to his alma mater through green SVSM iterations.

James’s current team. The NBA team that James plays for automatically gets a special colorway, which usually features that team’s characteristic hues.


LeBron shoes: Are they worth their price?

It’s no secret that the best LeBron shoes are also among the priciest basketball shoes in the market. They are up there with Michael Jordan’s sneakers

So that buyers get their money’s worth when they get LeBron’s shoes, Nike makes sure that it is equipped with highly advanced shoe technologies. Some of these techs are used only on LeBron sneakers.

Techs used only on LeBron basketball shoes


Innovated from Flyknit, Battleknit becomes increasingly stiff at the midfoot where stability is most needed. This is used in the LeBron 15.

Battleknit 2.0

For the LeBron 16, Battleknit gets an upgrade. Its tensile strength is increased to provide even more lateral support.


First used on the LeBron 17, Knitposite is basically Flyknit infused with heat-molded yarn that makes it more durable and supportive.


    Now, are you ready to buy nike lebron basketball shoes?

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