Who should buy the Jordan Zion 2

This basketball shoe from the Jordan brand is a good match for the following:

  • bigger players with aggressive play styles
  • guards who appreciate a lot of court feel for their offensive drives
  • wearers with narrow to normal-sized feet

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Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from Jordan

Some potentials of the Zion 2 cannot be unleashed if its wearer is on the lighter side. Hence, lighter players who value quickness and minimal-feeling uppers are not the targets of this shoe. They are better off with the Nike KD 15 or the Air Jordan XXXVI. The KD 15 is also a good pick for those who want outsoles that resist dust.

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Players who love a lot of cushioning are also advised to look past this shoe. They are better off with the Nike LeBron 19

A strong grip, especially for side-to-side movements

"Really good; they really dig into the court well," an expert says about the traction, especially when doing lateral movements. He continues that this gives him a lot of confidence, so he is able to respond much more quickly and move much faster despite this shoe's apparent heaviness and bulkiness.

Jordan Zion 2 zion 2 outsole

Another expert is so impressed that he had nothing else to say but: "It just sticks." He then proceeds to give the traction a 10 out of 10.

Dust is an issue

While the traction truly works, an expert warns that the outsole is a "no bueno" on dust. It does pick up a lot, so wiping is heavily needed.

The Zion 2 offers excellent containment

"The best part of the sneaker!" This is how one expert describes the support that the Jordan Zion 2 gives. Another agrees and says that the upper, with its several layers of durable materials, is simply designed to "contain a ton of speed, a ton of force." He then describes how the ankle area is padded so it delivers "tremendous support" back there. He also takes note of the heel counter, which he describes as "the thickest and most supportive" he has ever encountered.

Jordan Zion 2 zion 2 support

It must be noted here that the materials are initially stiff. Fortunately, they do get better in time and as more games are played. Players just have to be patient as they bide the break-in period for this one.

The forefoot strap allows for fit adjustments

The Jordan Zion is equipped with a strap. According to one player, this provides good lockdown and support in the midfoot-forefoot area. Another reviewer is more appreciative of this feature. He says that it allows him to "dial in how much support and fit" is desired. He continues that the snugger the fit is made, the more capable he is to be faster with his moves.

Tremendous court feel from the Zion 2, anyone?

A reviewer reports that the court feel is "real solid", especially in the forefoot area. Because of that, he is more in control of his movements and he is able to move faster.

Be ready to give up some compression

 Admittedly, the Zion 2 is not so much for cushioning as it is for court feel. An expert even reports that the cushioning system once "felt like cardboard."

Jordan Zion 2 zion 2 heel

The heavier the wearer, the bouncier the midsole

An expert says that this shoe is meant for bigger players, adding that the more that the midsole is pressed by the wearer's weight, the more energy return it provides. 

The Zion 2 fits true to size

Experts recommend going true to size, especially if you have narrow to medium feet. They say that those with wide feet can go at least half a size up.

Jordan Zion 2 zion 2 fit

Again, it must be noted that the shoe is initially "very very snug" and a bit uncomfortable. It seriously has to be broken in.

The Jordan Zion 2 can be played outdoors

This basketball shoe from Jordan is sturdy enough to be used outdoors. Its outsole rubber is described by one expert as "really hard" and "pretty impressive." He adds that this shoe "grips fantastic" on asphalt. 

He just wants wearers to note, though, that the middle portion of the outsole is made of a softer rubber than the one used for the sides, so it is the first to bottom out.

This shoe looks like a lifestyle sneaker

Because of the multiple layers of colored supportive materials in the upper, this shoe truly looks like a basketball-inspired lifestyle shoe. Thus, the Jordan Zion 2 is as much a fashion item as it is a performance tool on the court.

Jordan Zion 2 zion 2 casual

Facts / Specs

Weight: 13.3oz
Top: Mid
Signature: Zion Williamson
Features: Ankle support / Outdoor
Colorways: Blue / Purple / Black / White
SKUs: DO9071003 / DO9073410 / DO9161107 / DO9161467 / DV3462212

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