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Mid-top basketball shoes

Mid-top basketball shoes offer the best of both worlds. Cut right at the ankle, they are less restrictive than high-tops and more supportive than low-top basketball sneakers. Because they are lighter than conventional high-top basketball shoes, they provide players with increased speed so that they can run and react faster. Because of this, mid-top basketball shoes are preferred by most players. It is a versatile shoe style that is ideal for quick, explosive, and even powerful players.

Basketball mid-tops from the stars

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Due to their popularity, mid-top basketball shoes are found in the basketball shoe rosters of all brands. Adidas, for example, produces mid-tops for athletes Damian Lillard and Derrick Rose. The brand also has non-signture mid-top offers such as the Adidas Explosive Bounce

Not to be outdone, Nike also releases signature mid-tops for NBA stars LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. The Swoosh also produces the same for Kevin Durant. Nike subsidiary Jordan has mid-tops for the legend Michael Jordan himself. For those who are fashionable, the Jordan brand offers mid-tops that are inspired by Russell Westbrook's storytelling and on-court brilliance.